Cait Wills

Storyteller with intent. Leader with purpose. Collaborator with creativity.


I have almost two decades of experience as a strategic communications professional, and am known for my attention to detail, my ability to meet deadlines and my unwavering faith in the almighty gods of grammar and punctuation. I am a loud and proud word nerd.

I am also an inquisitive facilitative leader. That means I'm often the person at the table asking the questions that no-one else has considered. Finding the answers to those questions and relaying information in a meaningful way are also facets of the field of communications in which I excel.

I believe in collaboration and, in order to achieve those results, I have developed a reputation for hearing competing priorities, developing solutions and assuring that all parties are satisfied with the results.

I am well-rounded; I am loyal and I enjoy the balancing act of multiple time-sensitive projects.



Thompson Okanagan
Building a community one brew at a time - Thompson Okanagan

It's not very often that a business is validated by a stranger who has no input or buy-in to your plan, but for Susi Foerg, an ah-ha moment helped coalesce everything she envisioned for her dream. Four years ago, Foerg was on a weekend trip to the Sunshine coast when she stopped by Persephone Brewing Company for a pint.

Thompson Okanagan
Ask the Expert - Thompson Okanagan

Why is the Thompson Okanagan so beautiful in fall? Like the other three seasons, the region has a swath of lakes, mountains and vistas that are breathtaking, but in autumn the foliage really stands out. We wanted to know why, so we went to an expert.

Using everyday objects to see people's needs

Think about it: if you had to assign your identity to an object you hold dear, what would it be? A cap you wore as a child? A favourite mix tape, or perhaps a cookbook you inherited and plan to pass down to your child when the time comes?

Connecting the community

In 1920, the University of Alberta purchased a 380-acre piece of land south of its main campus. For $53,000 the university's footprint increased and became what has been, for 97 years and counting, a place where important agricultural research has been conducted.

Remarkable Results

On Sept. 25 the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences will celebrate four of the faculty's alumni who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions with a 2017 University of Alberta alumni award.

Seeing is believing

A new documentary, Food Evolution looks at both the human reaction and the science around genetically engineered foods.

Outstanding in the field

It's hot. It's dusty, and it's halfway through three intense weeks for 84 environmental conservation science (ENCS) and forestry students in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta.

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences magazine
Teaching across the spectrum

Cheryl Sadowski, associate professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, is also a professor who specializes in geriatrics, and is a working pharmacist in an area clinic, so her knowledge of this issue is first hand.

FoMD News
MD/PhD program combines research excellence with clinical care

Getting into the MD/PhD program is not easy: successful applications must already be accepted into the medical program—no easy undertaking—and the student then needs to be prepared to complete the first two years of medical school before entering the PhD program, before returning back into the medical milieu.

Alberta diabetes research receives funding boost
Alberta diabetes research receives funding boost

(Edmonton) Diabetes research at the University of Alberta received an injection of funding today, thanks to a new collaboration with Johnson & Johnson that will allow researchers across Campus Alberta to come together to fight Type I and Type II diabetes. The competitive fund, announced by D.

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

A Rhodes Scholar must, by definition, be well rounded. To meet the strict selection criteria of this "world's most prestigious" scholarship based at Oxford University, applicants must personify the ideals of academic achievement and strength of character, laid out by Cecil John Rhodes, the benefactor of the scholarship's establishment in 1902.

Magazines and print

Greenhouse magazine
Issue no. 11

The spring 2018 issue of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences alumni magazine.

Greenhouse magazine
Eye in the Sky

Drone technology research helps precision ranching develop new tools for success

Greenhouse magazine
Clean Energy

The future is now, but what are we doing to promote clean energy across Alberta industries?

Faculty of ALES magazine
Greenhouse, Fall 2017 edition

The fall 2017 issue of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences alumni magazine.

Greenhouse magazine
The Strategic Plan edition

This special edition of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences magazine focuses on the faculty's strategic plan.

UAlberta Medicine
Vol 1, Iss 2

UAlberta Medicine is the inagural issue of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentisty's publication that speaks to students, faculty, alumni and government stakeholders. I conceived of it, I built it and I managed every inch of its publication.

Your workplace magazine
Coaching with impact

Karyn Garossino had an epiphany while sitting in her car during her daily commute. She was living in Toronto and training with Team Canada—Garossino is a former competitive figure skater, national champion and Olympian.

WE magazine
Speaking up

It started with feeling tired all the time. That's not unusual; busy professionals often feel like they need to catch up on their sleep. But as the days and weeks passed for NancyMcCalder, her fatigue didn't better; it got worse.

Leap Magazine
Wheel Life

Sometimes you can't win for trying. Layne Mitchell, who has been riding to and from work for the last three years as a means to keep fit and save money, came face-to-face with a cyclist’s worst nightmare when a vehicle turning into a parking lot didn’t see him and hit him square on.

Leap Magazine
Accelerate Progress

Michael Czaja’s life over the last year reads like a series of unrelated incidents that have converged for a greater cause. Michael, 18, has been an avid go-kart and legends car racer for almost a decade. Legends car racing involves a scale replica of an early model car – in Czaja’s case, a 1934 Ford. He decided on a whim earlier this spring to design a car prototype and he coloured it pink as a joke. When he posted it online, his friends loved it and he started thinking about Nascar charity...