El Santos

Associate Creative Director


My name is Elrica Gosiengfiao Santos, but you can call me El. I'm currently working as Associate Creative Director for Evident, a local PR and integrated marketing firm in the Philippines.

This is my long-form writing portfolio. If you want to see my advertising/copywriting work, please visit my Behance profile at: https://www.behance.net/elgosh

I'm currently open to project-based/freelance writing work. If want to get in touch, please contact me via LinkedIn or by emailing me at [email protected]


Company Blog Posts (2020-2022)

Online Articles (2021)

Four Ways to be a Good Neighbor | Nurtura

Narra Park Residences offers not just high quality and well-designed homes. Here, you can find a great community that looks out for one another. To create and maintain this kind of community, it's important for all residents to do their part as a good neighbor.

Creative Ways to Celebrate Christmas at Narra Park Residences | Nurtura

Christmas is an important time of the year for every Filipino family. That's why many of us start preparing for the holiday season as soon as the -ber months begin! The pandemic has definitely changed the way we plan our holiday celebrations, but it shouldn't stop the Christmas cheer.

Why Real Estate is a Good Investment for OFWs Right Now | Nurtura

Having a home to call your own is a dream that many Filipinos have. Whether this was your goal when you started your career as an OFW or not, real estate is a worthy goal and sound investment, especially if you have a family in the Philippines.

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy during Environmental Health Month | Nurtura

Environmental Health Month is all about keeping our environment clean and healthy, so that we can stay healthy too! Living in a community that has large, open spaces with lots of greenery offers many health benefits that can help you and your family live longer and happier.

Why Ready for Occupancy Units are Perfect for Starting Families | Nurtura

If you've been thinking about buying a new home for your family, you've likely come across the terms "pre-selling" and "ready-for-occupancy" (RFO). When you opt for a pre-selling unit, you pay for it even before it's even constructed. When you opt for an RFO unit, you're paying for a house or apartment that's already finished.

Feature Writing (2019)

Mantle Magazine
The Quest for the Fluffiest Japanese Pancakes

When you go to Osaka, there is one thing that you absolutely must do: EAT. The real reason Osaka became known as "Japan's Kitchen" was that it was the central port area where goods were distributed for export and local sale, but the variety of delicious food the city has to offer has redefined the meaning of the title over the decades.

Mantle Magazine
Cyberpunk: Stuck in a weird funk?

" Cyberpunk is now," goes the popular adage. Just one look at the long list of recent works in the cyberpunk genre is enough proof. We had Blade Runner 2049 and Ghost in the Shell in 2017, Ready Player One and Altered Carbon in 2018, and Alita: Battle Angel in 2019.

Mantle Magazine
Getting Back in the Mood for Love - Mantle Magazine

It has been nearly twenty years since Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love was released, and three years since I saw it for the first time. Having never seen a Wong Kar-wai film in my life, I had no idea what to expect.

Fact Sheets (2019)

Investing in Women
Eliminating Discriminatory Workplace Practices

Discrimination against women in the workplace is a persistent structural and social issue that can start as early as the hiring process. This gender-based discrimination results in lost opportunities for women and global losses in wealth, especially in East Asia and the Pacific.

Video Content (2013)

Company Blog Posts (2013-2014)

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. Blog
Pizza at the Oscars: A Fine Demonstration of Brand Loyalty

This year's Academy Awards had its fair share of memorable moments, but for the people at Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria, there was probably nothing more memorable than Ellen DeGeneres ordering their pizzas for the hungry Oscar stars.

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. Blog
Ecommerce SEO: Common Content Problems and How to Fix Them

Ecommerce websites run into a lot of content problems, especially when it comes to their product pages. A single website can host thousands of product pages, and this makes it prone to content issues such as thin content and duplicate content.

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. Blog
Rebranding Lessons from Yahoo

Despite the mostly negative feedback they received, Yahoo’s logo redesign offers us a lot of lessons about rebranding.

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. Blog
Three Tips to Help You Create Great Microcopy

Writing microcopy requires more effort than you might realize. Here are a few tips to help you or your copywriters create better, more user-friendly microcopy.

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. Blog
Appealing to Feelings: Tips on Putting Emotion into Your Online Video Campaign

The focus of online marketing has shifted from creating content solely for search engines and their algorithms to producing digital content that appeals to human beings. All aspects of your online campaign, even your video advertising, should appeal to your viewers’ emotions.

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. Blog
Understanding the True Nature of Online Influencers

A survey about influence marketing among marketing and PR professionals conducted in February 2013 revealed that 55% of those that used social scoring platforms found them ineffective at identifying influencers.

Press Releases (2010-2011)

1888 PressRelease.com
YG.com Launches Rift Database

YG.com Launches Rift Database, YG.com releases the Rift database, the newest addition to their extensive game database network.

1888 PressRelease.com
YG.com Launches WoW Forum Archives

YG.com Launches WoW Forum Archives, YG.com provides WoW players with a way to revisit the old WoW forums.