Muhammad Aldalou

Journalist & Editor

United Kingdom

A proficient news reporter, experienced business journalist, passionate writer and sub editor. I have spent the last four years writing for - and managing - two digital business and lifestyle publications and frequently contributing in-depth industry articles to monthly B2B and B2C magazines.



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Disruptive Finance

Will crowd investing be an economic game changer?


Pretty faces aren't enough for brands anymore

Pretty faces aren't enough for brands anymore Why brands insist on giving celebrities new fancy titles. "I can't define advertising anymore. We used to be able to sum it up with billboards and ads, but it's now just a mishmash of new elements.

Yes, we can: Dubai residents -

Yes, we can: Dubai residents Dubai competing against three other cities to host the World Expo 2020 has been a rather prominent and arguably unavoidable subject these past few months - one that continues to be on everybody's mind and lips.