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Jennifer Moore

Freelance Writer

I am a sophomore English and Political Science major at Fitchburg State University. My niche lies within politics, as well as shorter pieces like poems, essays, short stories, and articles in the creative non-fiction/fiction genres. I also manage a political blog:

Stephanie Slepian

Journalist, Storyteller, Editor, and Social Media Expert

Passionate storyteller and seasoned reporter with vast experience in producing content for digital and print news, as well as social media platforms. Excellent interviewing skills with the ability to turn around powerful, meaningful, and heartfelt conversational prose. A love of researching and digging deep, looking for the human experience in the details. Adept at planning campaigns, managing multiple projects that raise awareness and builds the brand of an organization. Deep connection to local elected officials, non-profits, the business community, cultural and veteran’s organizations. Resourceful, innovative and passionate about empathetically listening to people's stories. Below you will find 10 stories written by Stephanie. For more clips, please contact her at [email protected].


Sonja Roberts

Communications Strategist

An experienced and methodical communications professional, with more than 20 years of experience and a proven record in planning, management and leadership, who consistently displays resilience with challenges and changes in complex environments. Works independently and equally as well, in team settings. Interacts effectively with all levels of management and staff and cultivates excellent internal and external relationships. Consistently uses sound judgment in finding solutions, works with ease on several projects simultaneously and completes tasks in an efficient, accurate and timely manner. Adept experience in complex decision-making and is regarded as an excellent listener and quick learner, who is frequently sought for marketing and communications guidance. Enthusiastically committed to professional growth and excellence in the work environment.


Seleba Ouattara

Content Strategist and Social Media Expert

Hi, I’m Seleba — a seasoned storyteller and results-driven creative strategist. With almost ten years of experience — and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Francisco — I bear extensive knowledge in speaking to a brand’s vision, and executing with unique, first-of-their-kind ideas. My ideas can be spotted across digital platforms for brands of all sizes and verticals, like Pinterest, Luxardo USA, and Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water — in addition to my own personal channels that I manage in my free time.


Jessica Born

I am an inquisitive, resourceful leader committed to creativity and inventive approaches to writing, editing, and communication.


Sammi Cohen

Marketing Content Writer & Vintage Style Blogger

I'm a trained actor and singer, brand marketing content specialist, and vintage-inspired style blogger with a penchant for puns. For the last 7+ years, I've specialized in creating branding and marketing content in the B2B digital marketing vertical, as well as all kinds of B2C content related to fashion and beauty, addiction and mental health, home decor and design, tech and entertainment, food and mocktails, quirky news stories, and much more. From landing page web copy and optimized blog posts to press releases, white papers, social media marketing, and visual assets, I'll help you tell your unique story in a way that truly resonates. Please note: Some third-party publications featured below do not provide bylines or require the use of a universal author profile/pseudonym. Other content has been white-labeled to maintain client privacy.


Miriam Saleh Dosse

Creative Copywriter

Experienced Creative Copywriter at Leo Burnett/Publicis, Cairo Currently lives in East Rockaway, New York The following is part of my letter of recommendation by my former boss at Leo Burnett. "[Miriam] has shown in her Copywriter role that she inspires and respects in cooperation with colleagues. She is an intelligent and respectful person, who will be an asset to any multinational work environment like Leo Burnett. Based on my observation, she clearly has the interest to excel in this field and shows the ability to achieve success." My most recent employer, attorney Daniel Buttafuoco's statement about my role at his law firm: "Miriam is a multi-lingual young lady who was tasked with significant responsibility at my firm. She assisted the marketing manager and contributed in the advertising copywriting content. She handled all of her assignments with grace and professionalism. She is highly responsible and will be an asset to any endeavor."


Brenda Harjala

Tech Writer | Site Editor | Community Manager

Hey, how do you do that thing? You know, that super simple thing that's somehow tricky to explain? I'm that explainer, that writer who simplifies and creates catchy, engaging content for your audience. I've helped build communities, train support teams, and create documentation and copy for a wide variety of digital media.

Vasilena Vasileva

Freelance B2B Marketing Writer

My name is Vasilena Vasileva, and I believe that investing in yourself is the best thing you can do! I believe in the power of knowledge and knowledge in power. I believe in the Law of Attraction (because you are here). I'm a B2B freelance writer specializing in Digital Marketing. I'm based in Bulgaria and I'll write your way to success. Here are a few things I’m extremely good at: Writing long-form copy Writing blog post & articles Can write full sales pages Writing promotional emails Writing about pages Product stories Managing your copy projects Creating a digital marketing strategy4 When I was a small child I set a goal to create my own business. To be a leader. Then my own thinking discouraged me. I had allowed the constraints to conquer my mind. It wasn't long before I managed to break the chains. No more fear, doubt, and unfulfilled goals. You are seeing the result of the battle I've won. It is evident in my work. So... what do you say? Wanna collaborate?


Kristin Adair

Freelance Content Creator

Hi, I'm Kristin! I'm a Seattle-based creative with over 10 years of experience in content creation, from copywriting to livestreaming and illustration to web design. I have spent time writing at The Next Web and the now shuttered AOL property, WoW Insider, as well as various online publications as a ghostwriter.