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Jessica Born

I am an inquisitive, resourceful leader committed to creativity and inventive approaches to writing, editing, and communication.


Saina Veigel

Copywriter - Technical Writer - Communications Specialist - Journalist

I am a bilingual Communications Specialist living and working in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region in Germany. My mother tongues are German and English. I am a trained journalist and tekom-certified Technical Writer, and am often booked or employed for longer projects. My portfolio at only showcases more recent copywriting and journalistic and/or PR work. If you are interested in my work as Technical Writer, please contact me directly for more information. Thank you.

DE Premium

Brenda Harjala

Tech Writer | Site Editor | Community Manager

Hey, how do you do that thing? You know, that super simple thing that's somehow tricky to explain? I'm that explainer, that writer who simplifies and creates catchy, engaging content for your audience. I've helped build communities, train support teams, and create documentation and copy for a wide variety of digital media.

Andre Kazimierski

Home Improvement and House Painting Expert, Chicago, IL

Andre Kazimierski is the owner of Sophia’s Cleaning Service as well as the co-founder of 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling which has locations in Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL and has expanded to a fourth location in Annapolis, Maryland. Born and raised in Brookfield, Andre’s entrepreneurial roots came from his mother Sophia, who established Sophia’s Cleaning in 1984. She was a passionate, dedicated and extremely hard-working mother. Andre started working in the business at a young age. He learned a lot from working with his mother, but most of all she taught him that the key to running a business with integrity is that you have to be a person with integrity. After Sophia’s sudden diagnosis and passing from stage 4 Colon Cancer in 2013, Andre promised his mother that he’d keep her namesake cleaning service alive long after her death. He runs Sophia’s Cleaning both as a way to remember his mom and as a tribute to her commitment to running a business with integrity. To this day, whether Andre’s crews are painting houses in Hinsdale or cleaning homes in Chicago, he dedicates a portion of every job to Cancer research in his mother’s name.

Vasilena Vasileva

Freelance B2B Marketing Writer

I believe in the power of knowledge and knowledge of power. I'm Vasilena a freelance B2B writer for hire. My expertise includes digital marketing, email marketing, blogging, and finance. When I'm not crafting the successful future of companies and entrepreneurs I'm working on my blog. My freelance career is more than a normal job. It's business and I treat it like one. Why should me? I'm a friendly person and very passionate about my craft. I work great with timelines and people. Want to work together? Have a question? You know Nike's slogan, right? So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with me. Just do it!


Kristin Adair

Freelance Content Creator

Hi, I'm Kristin! I'm a Seattle-based creative with over 10 years of experience in content creation, from copywriting to livestreaming and illustration to web design. I have spent time writing at The Next Web and the now shuttered AOL property, WoW Insider, as well as various online publications as a ghostwriter.