Sammi Cohen

Content Writer & Vintage Blogger

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I'm a trained actor and singer, SEO content writer, and vintage-inspired style blogger with a penchant for puns. I specialize in fashion, beauty and wellness, social media, home decor and design, addiction and mental health, and quirky news stories.

Inspire N Style
In America, Yoga Pants Are the New Blue Jeans

Fashion in the United States has become even more decidedly casual and versatile within recent years. For many, denim is dead; long live the yoga pant.

Busy Being Jennifer
Is Your Diet Actually to Blame For Your Breakouts?

Even if feel like you have a fairly healthy lifestyle, your skin might tell a different story. Are your favorite foods actually be to blame for your pimples? Or is that just a myth?

Engineer Your Finances
How to Afford Your Honeymoon Without Going Into Debt

Despite all odds, you've found The One you want to spend the rest of your life with. You've popped the question. They've said yes. You've started to plan the wedding. But how are you going to pay for it without going broke?

THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine - Pop Culture and Lifestyle for Families that Rock!
Petscaping Your Property: How to Make Your Yard More Dog-Friendly

The quintessential American dream involves having a house with a beautiful lawn and having man's best friend by your side. Your pup and your property can coexist in harmony, as long as you're strategic about the way you landscape.

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