Seleba Ouattara

Content Strategist and Social Media Expert

United States

Hi, I’m Seleba — a seasoned storyteller and results-driven creative strategist.

With almost ten years of experience — and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Francisco — I bear extensive knowledge in speaking to a brand’s vision, and executing with unique, first-of-their-kind ideas. My ideas can be spotted across digital platforms for brands of all sizes and verticals, like Pinterest, Luxardo USA, and Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water — in addition to my own personal channels that I manage in my free time.

Instagram | @luxardousa

That’s right... Luxardo Canned Cocktails are here to make your summer sensational. We took the best of our premium Italian liqueurs — Luxardo Aperitivo, Sour Cherry Gin, and Bitter Bianco — and infused their unique, time-honored flavors into a perfectly portable format for all your favorite #summer activities!


White Papers


Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water
Stories of the Water Obsessed | Meet Lionel

In early 2020, I assisted in concept ideation for the "Stories of the Water Obsessed | Meet Lionel" short. This video is meant to introduce Crystal Geyser customers to a key member of their team — as well as answer what goes into sourcing fresh water for manufacturing.

Social Media

Instagram | @luxardousa
No creme de violette? No problem.

Nix it completely and win big with a #Casino - a tangy, fresh variation on an #Aviation. Check the comments for the full recipe!

Instagram | @pinterestcreators
Slice it any way you want - but it's July.

And that means it's time to keep things cool with the Pinterest trends pinners are searching for, like these warm-weather ideas by @sugarandcloth. Link in bio for more.


Cool Effect
Five Ways You Can Fashionably Fight For the Planet

Fast fashion retail giants - like Forever 21, H&M, ZARA, and more - are slowing down in the global shift towards sustainability. But how can the fiscally conscious combat high emissions in the new year?

Shaving Your Head: A DIY Guide

You're well on your way towards bald acceptance, but there's one major thing you still need to tackle: owning the bald lifestyle by shaving your head.


Embracing Bald is one of the most liberating moves you can make. MANTL is here to help you #BareYourGreatness.

Paper Versus Video: How Effective Is A Video Resume?

With social platforms like LinkedIn improving their video experience for users, high-quality video content will soon become commonplace in the professional sphere. But will it also become a deciding factor in the candidate pool?

Culture Trip
University Of Hallowed Grounds

Vividly imaginative campus lore, or chilling fact? Dive into the myths and history surrounding the genealogy of the University of San Francisco.