Amy Smith

Marketing, Copywriting, Product Management

United States

Seasoned marketing professional with copywriting experience including consumer-packaged goods, a luxury home brand, and a service-oriented industry. Recent projects include creating compelling marketing copy for product packaging and database for a leading plant-based milk company, international packaging copywriting, and style guide creation.

Other experience includes writing for blogs, social media, press releases, ads, emails, flyers, and sales presentations. I assisted in packaging design and overseeing regulatory compliance for food products, along with product launch.

In my spare time, I love to play with my dogs, explore my fabulous city, workout, or watch a sunset at the beach.

Jennifer Adams
Sweet Dreams and Sleep Hacks: How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

Sleep. It seems like that word can either make you feel warm and fuzzy, visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, or it can give you mild anxiety if you're one of millions who struggle to obtain quality rest. For those who need a little help, think of bedtime as a ritual to look forward to and enjoy.

The Daily Crave

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Jennifer Adams
6 Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom

A quick bedroom refresh can be done easily and with very little budget. Because this is not a high-traffic area of your home, you can experiment with color and pattern without a huge commitment. Small changes have big impact, and a refreshed bedroom will please the senses and calm the mind.

Jennifer Adams
Etiquette 101: The Guest Room

There is a simple joy in creating a welcome space in your home for guests. A well-appointed guest room makes visitors feel appreciated. Thoughtful items and plush bedding will enhance the inviting feeling. Start a couple days ahead of time so you have time to plan and gather any needed items. Then, you can relax and enjoy your company!

The Daily Crave

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Jennifer Adams
Mother's Day Gift Guide: Give Mom the Gift of Spa-aah!

Mother's Day is a special time to honor that amazing woman in your life who loves you unconditionally, has stood by you, and-let's be real-is the reason you even exist. If your mom tells you not to do anything for Mother's Day, please do not listen to her.

Jennifer Adams
How to Throw a Backyard Summer Soirée

When summertime rolls around with its longer days and warmer temps, outdoor parties beckon us with their ease and charm. A backyard summer soiree can be a breeze when you combine your favorite indoor elements with the great outdoors to create an inviting space. You can make it as chic, rustic, or luxe as you want.

Jennifer Adams
Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Did you know that continual lack of sleep is bad for your health? It's true. As if lack of Z's isn't problem enough on its own, over time it can be detrimental in myriad ways, even increasing your vulnerability to all kinds of health issues. But don't despair!