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Vasilena Vasileva

Freelance B2B Marketing Writer

Location icon Bulgaria

I believe in the power of knowledge and knowledge of power.

I'm Vasilena a freelance B2B writer for hire. My expertise includes digital marketing, email marketing, blogging, and finance. When I'm not crafting the successful future of companies and entrepreneurs I'm working on my blog.

My freelance career is more than a normal job. It's business and I treat it like one.

Why should me?
I'm a friendly person and very passionate about my craft. I work great with timelines and people.

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You know Nike's slogan, right? So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with me. Just do it!

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How to Get Ahead in Digital Marketing with Email Marketing Funnels

A marketing funnel is a depiction of how somebody goes from possibilities to customer. An email marketing funnel refers to the same thing but is applied to email marketing. So it's all about the process of turning all odds into customers using the approach of email marketing.

Easy tips to increase ypur email open rates

here are a lot of numbers when you open your email marketing statistics.The email open rates are one of the important metrics. None of the other things matters unless your emails are getting opened. In this article, we will share how to improve your open rate.

Guest Publication
LinkedIn - The Content Market

LinkedIn is a world-leading professional networking site. It connects industry leaders, helps people find jobs, and much more. Alongside with these things the platform serves as a tool for establishing thought leadership. Currently, there are over 610 million LinkedIn users. Only 3 million of them share content every week. That’s only 0.5% of the whole LinkedIn force. Do you feel the opportunity here?

Why Your Marketing Funnels is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

A marketing funnel plays a big role in B2B sales. It is one of the steps in converting Internet users from potential customers to real clients. The idea of ​​a marketing funnel stems from the classic Marketing concept: AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action). The funnel is divided into four parts as mentioned above.

A 5-Step Online Branding Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

In our fast-paced world, we need fast-growing businesses. This means that your brand has to exist in two different worlds. The one is our world and the other is in the vast Online world. If people cannot see you and your brand in the digital world, how do you them to buy your digital products?

Top tricks the best use for increasing your paid social ROAS

If you are spending on PPC ads to drive traffic to your eCommerce website, keep in mind that getting clicks is just half the work done. Your ads' goal is to generate traffic. If they fail, they aren't very effective. Do you know how much revenue your ads make?

What the rich know about building wealth and you don't

But how do I learn to invest? There is so much material put there! Keep in mind that no one was born learned. We all make mistakes. We all have expectations and reality breaks them into pieces. How can you avoid making some big mistakes? By reading and learning from experienced people.

3 Aspiring Young Lady Entrepreneurs

People say that the new generation always surpasses the previous. This applies to the business sphere as well. In this fast-paced world, people try to keep up with it. This leads to making your income in very innovative ways. One of them is entrepreneurship. Here are 3 aspiring young lady entrepreneurs.

Blog Post
Body Image and mental health

The attitude towards our bodies has a huge impact on health (mental and physical). People with a positive image of the body are more likely to have good mental health. If we are dissatisfied and sad with our appearance, this can lead to serious disabilities and limitations.

Blog Post
People and the society

Everyone wants to be respected and valued by their relatives and friends. We strive to achieve things worthy of admiration. The desire for approval by others must have a limit anyway. One has to develop mainly for himself. You should not put others opinions and desires before yours. The goal is to do what we love to make us better.

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