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Howell Davies


Hi! I'm Howell, a 21 year old student from Cardiff, living in Southampton. Deputy Editor for The Edge.

United Kingdom

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Chris Boyette

National News Editor, CNN

As a journalist, I'm most interested in new and evolving ways to gather and share stories. It isn't just about what is said, but how it's said. I am particularly intrigued by places where technology, culture and society butt heads. I currently work as a National News Editor. I am responsible for identifying and developing domestic news stories for all CNN, television, mobile, social. My team oversees the editorial and operations of our domestic news coverage, ensures continuing coverage to continuously break news on priority stories and partners with all platforms to create written and visual content. Locally, I wrote for years at where I reported and provided commentary on art, music, news and events in the Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick neighborhoods of Brooklyn. My stories have been featured on the websites of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post, among others. If you've a lead on a compelling story- hit me up!

United States of America

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Jen Castellana

Marketer / Writer

Hi! My name is Jen. I work in online marketing. In my spare time, I enjoy freelance writing. Below are samples from a variety of writing outlets, including my tenure as an Arts Writer for Isthmus, Madison's weekly alternative paper.


Sarah Jayne Gaviola Kipling

Creative writer and literary editor

An NCTJ-accredited multimedia journalist, Sarah Jayne Kipling has written for The Evening Chronicle, The Journal, The Sunday Sun, The Northern Echo and The Teesdale Mercury. She has worked as a sub-editor for The North West Evening Mail and currently edits and proofreads literary manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction) and academic journal submissions in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Jami Jurich

Public Relations / Writer

Jami Jurich got her start in journalism at Ohio State, where she spent a year as the Editor-in-Chief of The Lantern, a full-time paid position at Ohio State's student newspaper. During this time, she was in charge of editing all content produced for the paper, both in print and online. Prior to her time as editor, she worked as both the Managing Editor for Content and a senior reporter at The Lantern, reporting and editing for the campus, arts and sports sections of the newspaper. After college, Jami changed course and spent three years teaching high school in Los Angeles before moving to New York City, where she worked as an executive assistant and spent her free time writing plays. She has spent the past two years working as the public relations assistant at Carnegie Hall in New York City, where she is responsible for proofreading all outgoing public relations correspondence, writing press releases, digitizing and coding all online press updates, and juggling any administrative tasks that might pop up day-to-day. She especially enjoys working as a project manager on the press website, thinking of creative ways to improve user experience and accessibility for all users. Jami also spent a summer in Kosovo as a news reporter for the international news agency KosovaLive, where she wrote in-depth pieces for international distribution. She loves her work so much that when she is not at her full-time job, she is often freelancing for companies by writing press releases and copy or designing social media campaigns. She also works with a dear friend as the copywriter on a lifestyle and alternative health podcast. In her free time, Jami is actively involved in political volunteer work and grassroots organizing in her community. She also loves to read, draw, watch Nora Ephron movies, and take marketing classes.


Balolas Carvalho

Journalist; Writer; Content Creator; Producer

Portuguese journalist, writer and producer focused on Human Rights, Environment and International Affairs. A Human being in progress, I assume that privilege comes as a responsibility. I have dedicated my time and education to social justice, Human rights, the Environment. I believe in the transformative power of storytelling and perceive words as ancient keys to liberation. In a world overdriven by information, it's essential to dive into the depths of the investigative process. Highly adaptative, used to explore reality and its rawness, I feel the call for human connection and for that, I'm always ready to hit the road. For three years I've been producing an independent documentary in Palestine, "Bukra", focused on the different forms of peaceful resistance to the Israeli occupation in the Jenin refugee camp. I'm currently in Berlin working as a correspondent journalist for the European awarded Luxembourg-based newspaper Contacto, as well as diving into the beauty of creation through filmmaking, event production and creative writing. A bite of context: Studied Communication Sciences and decided to focus on humanitarian journalism. After four years of experience as a freelance reporter for different publications and online media, among them P3, from Público, I moved to Boa Vista, Cabo Verde, in Africa. There I directed and restructured a Community Radio for seven months and worked as a stringer journalist for "Bloomberg". Back in Portugal, I began my studies in International Relations at the University of Lisbon, while working for two startups in Los Angeles as a communications manager and content creator. In February 2017 joined the team of Jornal i and Semanário SOL, as a reporter of Society focused on Human Rights, Health, Environment, Equality, and Alternative Lifestyles. Created the weekly segment "Generation I", dedicated to the study of the Millennial generation in Portugal and wrote the series of reports "Indo eu, indo eu", travelling through the Balkans for 31 days. Passionate about connecting people and deeply committed to self-development and spiritual research, I've also started an adventure throughout events production contributing with projects such as NLP Academy, Waking Life, Enara Fest, Primal Gathering, among others. I've produced my own gathering "Balolas Fest" and a fundraiser event in Lisbon "Yala", that attracted 630 people for a day of music, art and talks about Palestine. I've started my journalism path some years ago, so please scroll down to dive into my work :)

John Edden

Media Professional

An experienced media professional, who has worked across all number of media platforms. From reporting for local newspaper and specialising in specific areas such as sport and entertainment, to editing a national b2b trade journal, I have experience at various different levels within the media industry. These days I have crossed into the other side of the fence and am building on experience I gained whilst offering freelance PR, working with PR and Media Services organisation Bridge, in Coventry. Whatever kind of medium, industry sector or media platform, I have the experience and passion to bring results

United Kingdom

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Max Watt

Content Writer

Skilled writer with experience in journalism, copy writing, editing, and creative writing. Highly enthusiastic and motivated. Graduate of York St John University. Currently engaged in Masters level of study. Sharp eye for detail for written works.

Loren Kessell

Creative Content Associate

I am currently a social media and creative content associate for a trade association.



As far back as I can remember, writing has always been a passion of mine. Whether I was picking up a pen and plotting short stories, or creating the front cover of my own magazines I've always had a passion for reading and writing and now, I'm making a career out of it. All the work provided has been written by myself and some images may be copyrighted, so please ask for permission if you would like to use any for any reason :-) If you'd like to contact, feel free to do so at [email protected] This feels like a really long Grammy speech, but without further ado... enjoy!

United Kingdom

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