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Hi! I'm Howell, a 21 year old student from Cardiff, living in Southampton. Deputy Editor for The Edge.

'Everyone's dancing, our songs are pretty fun': an interview with HOLYCHILD

If you're a follower of energetic and innovative pop music, chances are you'll be a fan of Los Angeles duo, HOLYCHILD. Forging a way forward with their unique brand of electro-pop with a guitar thrown in for good measure, HOLYCHILD's music playfully boasts catchy hooks, intelligent beats and gleaming production.

Review: Ja'mie: Private School Girl (Season 1, episode 1)

The most manipulative, rude, obnoxious, self-centred, ignorant, conniving, abusive and vulgar character on television is back. Infamous for appearances in We Can Be Heroes, and cult series Summer Heights High, Ja'mie King has returned, and this time she's back at Hillford Girls Grammar School; A Private School Girl.

Introducing: Josef Salvat

His debut single ' This Life' emerged early last year and he has continued to become the subject of music bloggers around the world in 2013. Followed up by 'Hustler' and most recently, 'Every Night', Josef Salvat has been played on radio nationally, and looks set to release far more music in 2014.

Macaulay Culkin to perform at Southampton's Joiners

Macaulay Culkin will be bringing his band The Pizza Underground to Southampton in June. The band gained fame at the end of last year when they began to unveil some of their tracks, which are songs by the Velvet Underground that have been rewritten to revolve around pizza.

The Edge
SUSU Grad Ball headliner fails to perform

News piece on Example's cancellation at Graduation Ball. Many more spin-off stories were later published in other publications including National Student, Soton Tab and Daily Echo (Hampshire)

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