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Aaron Norton

Composition and Rhetoric Instructor at Cowley College, Freelance Writer and Journalist

Aaron is a multi-award winning journalist and writer who has worked across several different forms of media. He currently teaches writing theory and narrative studies at Cowley College.

Dmitrievskaya Olga


I'm in the creation of texts to bring useful informational to smb. Have a great and heavy experience in a field of information journalism. Know what means 'вотпрямщаз'. Well-guided in Linux and graphic apps. Ready to take full responsibility to my work and to be a tireless workaholic in case of competitive salary. Love yoga, jazz, the best man and a warm milk with cinnamon and honey in bedtime.

Russian Federation

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Erin Kim

Digital Journalist, Social Media Strategist

New York City-based entertainment and style writer and social media savvy visionary specializing in fashion.

Ashley Smalls

Social Media Professional

I am very proud to have such an extensive writing background which includes articles written for, and The Daily Collegian. Listed below are links to my work. I do hope that you enjoy.

Debra Pamplin

Freelance Writer

Since beginning my career as a freelance writer in 2008, I have had many articles published on a variety of topics. Websites such as USA Today Travel, Coldwell Banker and have run my stories. I currently freelance for My byline appears in prints such as AAA Southern Traveler, Oklahoma Today, Kentucky Monthly, AAA Midwest Traveler, Missouri Life, Golden Isles Magazine, Northwest Meeting News, Jacksonville Magazine, Desoto Magazine and Floss Magazine.

Michael Young

Instructional Designer, Teacher, Freelance Writer, and Composer

Michael is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Western Governors University with degrees in German Teaching and Instructional Design and a minor in Music. He puts his German to good use designing and teaching online German courses. He has experience in teaching both online and in physical classrooms, and does frequent freelance work in instructional design, voiceovers, copywriting, translating, and editing. Though he grew up traveling the world with his military father, he now lives in Utah with his wife, Jen, and his two sons. Michael enjoys acting in community theater, playing and writing music and spending time with his family. He played for several years with the handbell choir Bells on Temple Square and is now a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Novels: • The Hunger, Novel, Future House Publishing, 2016 • Rook: Revenge, Novel, Trifecta Books, 2015 • Nemesis: Knight, Novel, Trifecta Books, 2015 • Paladin: Pawn, Novel, Trifecta Books, 2014 • Sing We Now of Christmas, Anthology, Klingenberg Press, 2012 • Angels from Their Realms of Story, Anthology, Klingenberg Press, 2014 • Carol of The Tales, Anthology, Klingenberg Press, 2013 • The Canticle Prelude, Fantasy novel, Big World Network, 2012 • The Canticle Kingdom, Fantasy novel, Bonneville Books, 2010 • The Frozen Globe, Fantasy novel, BigWorldNetwork, 2014 • The Last Archangel, Fantasy novel, Bonneville Books, 2011 Short Stories: • Miracles of Kindness, contributor, Mark Wright, 2014 • Failure, the Key to Success, contributor, E.I. Hunter, 2014 • “Bookwyrm”, short story, Bard and Sages Quarterly, 2014 • Dark Stars, contributor, Earthbound Fiction, 2012 • Checkin’ It Twice, contributor, Rosehaven Press, 2012 • Parables for Today, contributor, Sweetwater Books, 2012 • Portrait of A Mother, inspirational pamphlet, Cedar Fort, 2011 • “Subway Survey”, short story, Allegory, Jan 2010 • “Dynamic Duos”, short story, Mindflights, 2010 Courses: • Competency High School German 1, Middlebury Interactive Languages • Competency High School German 2, Middlebury Interactive Languages • Exposure Elementary German 3-5, Middlebury Interactive Languages • German I, Lincoln Interactive • Music Appreciation, Mountain Heights Academy • Music Connections, Mountain Heights Academy • Studying for the GED, Franz Amussen • Studying for the U.S. Citizenship Exam, Franz Amussen Journalism: Regular Contributor to "The Crossroads Journal", newspaper, Eagle Mountain, UT Contributor to "Serve Daily", newspaper, Spanish Fork, UT Contributor to Walker Productions, Orem, UT Other: • “Not By Chance”, article, The New Era, July 2009 • “Werkzeuge Gottes”, article, SISSI Conference Proceedings, 2008

Fernando Figueiras

Redactor y editor de contenidos

Licenciado en Comunicación Audiovisual con experiencia en redacción, edición y administración de contenidos online.

Rosa Fattahi

Content Specialist & Owner of WordWise Creations

Leveraging the power of words to create top-notch marketing and creative content that ensures you speak volumes. Experienced in writing and editing Web Content, Blog Articles, Press Releases, Technical Documents, Whitepapers, Marketing Materials, News Articles and Reviews, and more.

Rochelle Sampy


I am a journalist/ blogger/content creator who has previously written for EMR Digital, easyJet holidays, Yahoo, the South African newspaper, Bauer Media and other B2B publications. I enjoy producing content around topics related to fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, business, politics and sport. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and bellydance.

United Kingdom

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Craig Robert Brown

Writer | Coffee Fiend

My story so far. I went into debt to earn an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Hampshire in 2011. It was worth every penny. Since then I've worked as a freelance writer covering arts, culture, food and travel for a number of different publications, like Austin Monthly, Atlas Obscura, Dispatch Magazine (RIP) and more. I also live the #adlife as a creative senior copywriter developing campaigns for just about every type of brand you can name. Go for it. There’s a lot. On top of that, and working on a novel, I’m also a co-producer for the Here’s What I’ve Heard podcast. Season 1 is out now! I’m inspired by a lot of art and photography, especially when it’s my wife's. If I'm not writing, I'm probably changing my newborn son's diapers or cuddling him, getting chased by our Great Pyrenees, reading, eating, or trying to take a nap. Below is a (very) small, possibly outdated by the time you read this, sample of my writing as a journalist and copywriter.