Rochelle Sampy


United Kingdom

I am a journalist/ blogger/content creator who has previously written for EMR Digital, easyJet holidays, Yahoo, the South African newspaper, Bauer Media and other B2B publications.

I enjoy producing content around topics related to fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, business, politics and sport. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and bellydance.



British Comedy Guide
Javier Jarquin interview

Javier Jarquin is due to perform at, the 'Friday Night Freakshow' at the London Wonderground. Here he talks about being a 'ninja' of all trades...
Public Education: The Solution for Real World Evidence Concerns

Rochelle Sampy speaks to Richard Bergström, Director General of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations about the benefits Real World Evidence can bring to healthcare and how to alleviate very valid concerns about data privacy.
The Answer To Patient Adherance Is Not One Solution, But Many

Non-adherence to treatment is a growing, multi-faceted problem meaning that a long-term, collaborative healthcare industry effort to develop a variety of rather than singular compliance solutions is the best way forward.
Clinical Trails: How Much Benefit Do Computer Models Add?

Following last week's announcement that new computer models have successfully predicted negative side effects in hundreds of current drugs, Rochelle Sampy asks whether computer modelling is any substitute for traditional patient trials...
Review: Killing Swine @ Theatro Technis

From start to finish, Killing Swine was an evocative masterpiece that tantalized the mind with its thrilling dialogue and tense atmosphere.
Review: Adrian Poyton - Life, Death and Birthdays @ The Camden Head

‘Life, Death and Birthdays’ tells the story of Adrian Poynton, a comical individual who can find any reason to celebrate every disastrous, thoughtless moment in life. Who needs an organized meticulous script when you are simply talented at creating a chaotic narrative of experiences that most of us would avoid?

Fellows And Associates LLP
Twitter For Business: Beyond Social Networking?

With its major potential for innovative communication, Twitter could be used to interact with business worldwide, especially when it's so easy to get started.


iTrigga Content Creation - For Monarch Holidays
Tantalise your taste buds in Milan and Barcelona

The Spanish and the Italians have always been passionate about gastronomy and their focus on having a healthier meal with friends or family. Due to our stress-fuelled lives, we see food as a necessity rather than something to enjoy. Get back into the culture of eating when you travel this summer to Barcelona and Milan.

easyJet Holidays
Nantes: Landing Page

If you are looking for a French holiday with a difference, then look no further. With a holiday in Nantes offering beautiful architecture, vibrant nightlife, fine dining and picturesque meadows, it is no wonder that it is city that continues to thrill and fascinate.