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Raphael Helfand

Reporter, Editor, Critic

Hello! I'm an editor at The FADER and the associate producer of The FADER Interview. I'm also a freelance writer, reporter, audio producer and photographer, and the Editor-in-Chief of a multimedia online publication called Laid Off NYC. In 2021, I interned on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show. Before that, I was working toward a Master's degree in Cultural Reporting and Criticism, which I received from New York University's Carter School of Journalism in December 2020. I lived in New Orleans for six years before I moved north, reporting on music and cultural economy. Digging into what made that city's $8 billion-a-year tourism industry tick (pre-pandemic) is what made me want to broaden the scope of my work to include deep reporting. Journalism school taught me how to report a story thoroughly and conscienciously, and helped me sharpen my writing and critical thinking skills. The Brian Lehrer show taught me what makes great radio, how to work efficiently as part of a news team, and how to write in someone else's voice—in this case, one of the most beloved voices in all of New York City. Working full time at The FADER, I've learned to break news quickly and accurately and to balance a workload that includes multiple quick posts a day, the production of The FADER Interview podcast, and frequent features—both print and audio—in addition to my responsibilities projects outside the company.

Liam Heitmann-Ryce-LeMercier

Copywriter & Proofreader | Content Creator | TEDx Speaker

A highly skilled interviewer, columnist, and public speaker with work experience in Australia, Germany and the UK. I have produced an extensive array of content for print, digital, and social since 2010, with a strong focus on LGBTQ+ issues and experiences. I am invested in lesser-told stories and amplifying those voices that are not often heard within society. Having interviewed authors, film composers, drag queens and queer activists, I have perfected the ability to distil complex and challenging life experiences into written features that are compelling, insightful, and wholly original. My affinity for succinctness is met only by my adaptability, able to flawlessly emulate the specific style guides and house styles of the numerous outlets wherein my work has been published. Time and again, I have proven myself as a writer who produces material ahead of schedule and beyond expectation. I am always open to collaborations and freelance assignments. If you feel yours is a story worth sharing, please contact me via email: [email protected]


Matthew Kent

Freelance writer/editor

Enthusiastic and passionate music journalist well-versed in covering and unearthing new artists and telling their stories.

Jennifer Carey

Former Director of Content Creators at Lonely Planet, experienced writer and editor. I live in London when I'm not travelling as much as my wallet will allow.

Adriyani Ayu

Freelance Writer

I offer you professionalism, fast delivery and quality content. Wellness professional and 8 years of writing experience, I write culture, travel, and gender content with a straight and also feature writing style. What I do: - Blog posts - Web content - Press releases - Advertorial - Journalism Contact me at [email protected] Below are selected samples of my work

Owen Morawitz

Writer and Independent Scholar

I’m a freelance writer and independent scholar with a focus on alternative music, film, culture, and media. My writing has been featured in Bandcamp, The Line of Best Fit,, SPIN, BrooklynVegan, Exclaim!, New Noise, and No Echo. I co-host and produce The Pitch of Discontent, a weekly 'music + talk' podcast on alternative music available through Spotify and as an email newsletter through Substack. I have a BA (Hons Class I) with majors in English Literature and Philosophy. My academic work has been featured in online journals and annual conferences, with book chapters to be published in forthcoming edited collections from Palgrave Macmillan, Peter Lang and Routledge Press.


Johnny appleseed

Especialista em Gestão Estratégica de Marcas Pessoais

I like to write about traveling and blogging.


Sara Peláez


Juntaletras. Escribo en sitios y escucho a The Smiths.

Mary Stone

Writer and sound engineer

I write about music, technology, brands and people. My background is in sound engineering, with over a decade of experience in live, location and studio sound mixing and editing.


Slav Kandyba

Writer-Editor-Journalist - Business Focus

Experienced reporter, with experienced investigating municipal corruption, profile writing of business personalities, and general business news and trends. In 2020, completed two marketing assistant stints, incluing one where I turned in a 90-page book manuscript in four weeks, and wrote quotes speculating about the Biden administration's cryptocurrencies policy formation, published verbatim in Forbes.