Mary Stone

Writer and sound mixer

United Kingdom

I'm currently writing about technology. Other areas of interest are theatre, music, food and culture.

My background is in sound engineering with over a decade of experience in live, location and studio sound mixing and editing.



12 of the best-produced recordings to test your speakers

(Image credit: The Beach Boys) Great production can often seem like a dark art. It can involve technical prowess, sculpting instruments into sonic bubbles of EQ, and it can also veer into mystical shamanism, gently coaxing out performances while unorthodox mic positions abound. Does a great sounding album need unearthly sound effects?

15 of the best Dolby Atmos movie scenes to test your home cinema sound

(Image credit: Universal Pictures) It's in your soundbar; it might be on your phone; soon, you may even find it in your car. Dolby Atmos is seemingly everywhere. But even if you have equipment that supports 3D audio playback, what should you watch to make sure you get the most of it?

QD-OLED TV: everything you need to know about the game-changing new TV tech

The world of flatscreen displays is dense with terminology that can seem deliberately created to mislead. From endless acronyms that look and sound deceptively similar but have totally different meanings or old technologies that get rebranded with new, more jargony monikers. Developed by Samsung, QD-OLED is one of the newest and most exciting kids on the flat panel block.

Music Writing

Galdem of Eden
DEJA - ted talk - Galdem of Eden

Combining pristine production, breezy vocals and glossy artwork, the new single from singer/songwriter DEJA , manages to brim with both irresistible charisma and sophisticated nuance. Ostensibly pure R&B pop, lyrically wry and knowing, 'ted talk' is a bright introduction to an artist who ha

Galdem of Eden
GNASHA - Eve & Glaze - Galdem of Eden

Producer and DJ Gnasha has recently dropped not one but two impressive tracks for us to feast our ears on while we live it up in isolation. Something of a wunderkind, she became hooked on electronic music after hearing 'Firestarter' at aged 6.

Galdem of Eden
International Womxn's Day - to be a womxn in music - Galdem of Eden

Galdem of Eden wanted to discuss why exactly International Women's Day/IWD is so important in relation to the music industry. While we're progressing tremendously and we think it's so important to focus on the positive, it's very important to also the remember the past and how those womxn before us

Brand news

Marketing Gazette
"Hello, I'm Louis" - Theroux shares his advice on truth and trust

During a time of civil uprising, global pandemic and financial downturn, Louis Theroux, like many of us, turned to the internet seeking assurance. Looking for answers, distraction, connection or sometimes simply to Google himself, Theroux has discovered just how imperfect the internet is. Speaking this week at an event hosted by online brand specialist Yext,...

Marketing Gazette
Smash your brand story - Top tips on maintaining a cohesive brand voice

'Event Cancelled' may be the motto of summer 2020 but XpoNorth's annual conference is going ahead virtually and providing welcome support and guidance to Scottish arts and heritage companies. Content strategist Bridget McNulty opened the two-day festival this week with a storytelling clinic for independent businesses.

Marketing Gazette
London-based distillery asks public to name its new rum brand

The rum producer formally known as Silk Road White Spiced Rum has been forced to change the name of its rum due to a conflicting EU trademark just six months after launching. As the business is still in its fledgeling stages, founder George Agate has devised a creative way to turn what could have been...

Marketing Gazette
Travel sector uncertainty forces luggage brand Antler into administration

Professional services firm KPMG has been appointed to handle the administration of Antler after the luggage manufacturer collapsed earlier this week. A total of 164 staff have been made redundant since its appointment, mainly across the company's retail departments. The majority of Antler's 199 staff members had been on furlough as part of the Government's...