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I'm Mya, I'm 20 and I am currently a third-year journalism student at London South Bank University. I would love to become a full-time journalist. I have always enjoyed writing and to do that for a living would be amazing to me.


Mason Keyser

Bilingual Content Writer I Musician I Creative

Spanish and History graduate of Virginia Tech. Fluent in Spanish with a deep interest in Latin American culture. I am experienced in creating several types of content, including creative writing, B2B, and musical improvisation. I am also experienced in translating government and business documents and writing short- and long-form content and literature-based text. I am pursuing translation and content writing opportunities in the Richmond, Virginia, area. I am also interested in remote work.


Jayson Ellis

Content & Copywriter

I'm an entrepreneur and writer with experience in marketing, operations, business development, and human relations. In my career, I've taken part in many different projects in different roles, working alongside different experts and staff alike. These experiences have taught invaluable skills essential in today's workplace. Currently, I co-own a restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm also a contributor to websites and blogs on topics ranging from lifestyle to business.

D. Quinn Foster

Content Writer & Copywriter

Bonjou (Kréyòl) everyone, my name is Quinn. I am a Content Writer, Copywriter, Copyeditor, Ethnographer, and Musician. I aim to grow brands and build professional relationships in an honest manner. My writing is prompt, fresh, eye-grabbing, diverse, entertaining, on-time, and professional. I am helpful, open-minded, and an active listener receptive to feedback. Contact Me For Services Today: [email protected]


Michael Abayomi

Freelance Writer

Film Critic, Video Game Addict, Jedi Master, MCU Scholar, Batcave Dweller, and author of the epic fantasy series, Guardians & The Lost Paradise.

Adam Aziz

Freelance writer and consultant

*Freelance writer for ESPN's Andscape formerly The Undefeated, The Toronto Star, Okayplayer, Mic,, Complex, and more. *Podcast scriptwriter and researcher *Launched one of the first online music publications (HHN) in 1996 *Created the internet's premier urban music & culture website (HHNLive) in 2006 *Has worked with Dave Chappelle, T.I., Spitkicker (Kanye West, De La Soul), Will Smith, Xzibit, and others. Email me: [email protected]

Dan Beardshall

Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

Junior copywriter with a penchant for punchiness...but please don't be put off by the "junior". 5 years of experience in the marketing industry helped me cut my teeth as a budding copywriter, ready to normalise your notes and sort out your scribbles. Give me a half-decent brief and watch me fly.


Nick Russell

Copywriter and content marketing digital native. Old hand music blogger, waste warrior and plant based advocate. Post graduate education in UX design and copywriting.

Offering: 1. Broad experience working across the digital marketing ecosystem (advertising, SEO, email, social media, PR, content production, paid editorial) 2. Strategies to understand, engage and persuade readers of all demographics. 3. Ability to follow a brief, research extensively and provide the desired result. 4. A history of producing editorial and web content for both pastime and profession. Employed by global corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon and Snapchat to the hottest start-ups across the technology, education and creative sectors. This exposure affords the ability to convert marketing objectives into compelling copy. From a young age, writing has been an innate passion. Since my early 20s I’ve been running a popular digital music platform, writing short and long-form blog posts (organic and sponsored), persuasive press releases, engaging social media copy, promotional email blasts, and compelling content. Past clients include The Arts Council, Relentless (Energy drink), Vice Magazine, UK Music, MTV, Complex Magazine and more. For an efficient, reliable and positive copy writing and content production service, let's connect. [email protected] References and more samples available upon request.

Ian Richards

Digital Content Creator/UX and Ad Copywriter/Marketing Specialist

Welcome! Thank you for visiting! My name is Ian Richards and I am a professional copywriter, marketer, strategist, blogger and UX specialist. You'll find a wide variety or my work including, blog posts, multimedia promotions, pharmaceutical and medical copy, technical pieces, digital brochures, website copy, UX/UI copy, marketing copy, email copy and social media posts including video productions- highlighted by an instagram video post receiving over 62,000 views. Throughout my life, I’ve been told that I have unique talent for making things look and sound better. Whether that means fixing the slightly flat harmony on the 3rd vocal track of the first verse in a song I’m writing, or adding a few quick-witted puns and word plays to a dry blog post that lacked continuity and the "it" factor to keep my target audience yearning for more. No matter which way I turn, there’s simply something different about my relationship with language and sound that people notice. I am a forward thinking, emotionally intelligent, tech savvy self-starter. I write strategic, outcome-driven content in a progressive style using factually relevant and audience-centered information. As a content creator and copywriter I have 10 years of experience creating riveting and outcome driven content for a widely diverse number of professional platforms and specialties. My eclectic background, marked by 5 years of direct ad agency management, UX/UI copy, social media content and strategy, pharmaceutical copy, multi-media promotional copy and website and blog content, make my ability to offer unique and innovative ideas hard to find, and that much more valuable. My sincerest gratitude to anyone who’s chosen to learn more about me; I hope it’s served its purpose. Ian Richards


Mauricio Luque


Former lawyer, I moved to Internet in 2,000. Right now (April, 2022) mainly working at (ENG) and (ESP).