Nick Russell

London based content designer, copywriter and content marketing digital native. Old hand music blogger, conscientious creator and plant based advocate. Post graduate education in copywriting and user experience design.

United Kingdom

[email protected]

1. Broad experience working across the digital ecosystem (advertising, SEO, email, social media, PR, content production, copywriting, paid editorial).
2. Strategies to understand, engage and persuade readers of all demographics.
3. Ability to follow a brief, research extensively and provide the desired result.
4. A history of commissioning and producing editorial and web content for both pastime and profession.

Employed by giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Aviva, and Snapchat as well as the hottest start-ups in the finance, technology, creative and lifestyle sectors.

From a young age, writing has been an innate passion. Since my early 20s I’ve been running a popular digital music platform (, writing short and long-form blog posts (organic and sponsored), persuasive press releases, engaging social media copy, promotional email blasts, and compelling content.

Previous clients include The Smiley Company, The Arts Council, Relentless (Energy drink), Vice Magazine, UK Music, MTV, Complex Magazine and more.

For an efficient, reliable and positive copywriting and content production experience, let's connect. References and more samples are available upon request.

Fires: the hot topic you can't ignore!

If you enjoy garden bonfires and BBQs or lighting the fireplace, it's vital to prioritise safety. Discover tips and advice for keeping safe in this article.

Roche LifeTalks Asia-Pacific September 2022

I wrote the copy for the landing page of Pharmaceutical giant Roche's panel event, about healthcare access in Asia Pacific. The event aims to provide potential solutions to global challenges in healthcare.

Groover Website
Internal guidelines document

French digital music platform Groover required me to proofread and optimize copy for readability to be shared with internal stakeholders

Unpublished Writing Task
Global housing deficit

Brief - Write a newsworthy long form blog post on the global housing deficit, specifically addressing affordability and alternatives to tackle the issue.