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Onome Omodara

Creative Writer

I am a Versatile Content Writer / freelancer with over 4 years of experience writing for variety of businesses, platforms, and media sources. Deft in creating original content based on the needs of a brand, committed to writing with integrity and assiduity. I believe that good content is an integral part of a brand’s visibility.


Karen Worrall

Freelance writer and content creator

Freelance writer for various UK and USA print and online publications and numerous websites, specializing in travel writing. I am the founder and content creator of my site which is about travel by cruise ship. I've been freelance writing since March 2017, and print clients so far include National Geographic Traveller (UK), Postcards magazine, ABTA Country by Country Guide and ASTA Worldwide Destinations Guide. Online publications include and The Planet D. As well as all the main types of articles, I have experience writing advertorials and promotional features, and making video content.


Darby Mae Wagner

Creative Strategist | Curator of Experiences

Darby is a NY-based creative and hospitality professional with a successful track record of translating abstract ideas into cogent and original content, concepts and events. She also moonlights as a writer, poet and curator of experiences, the latter via her project, GNOSES. Having worked in various industries, as a freelance as well as an employee on domestic and global teams, her diverse professional experiences continue to lend to her industrious, highly adaptable and detail-oriented work ethic. From various food and beverage establishments to small creative agencies, public education to performing arts, and more, Darby's undergraduate studies in Arts Management and French have grown exponentially beyond their spheres, bringing a unique perspective to the table not often found. Knowing brevity as well as detail, she writes to share, to expose, to inspire and to inform. The art of persuasion is a language she speaks, too. As a copywriter and brand strategist, Darby assiduously tailors her clients' needs to a body of work that reflects them in a uniquely marketable fashion. Some previous examples include: the Starfish Taylor company blog; the France-based cultural webzine, Slow Culture, serving as a contributing editor; serving as Vinyl Wine's CD, from the rebrand and design of their website and social, to their wine club, Infinite Mixtape; assisting with the 2023 rebrand of SWURL Media and being a contributing writer; and most recently, serving as &Holiday's Director of Hospitality, where she led the branding, development and management of the brand's identity and content curation. With a strong belief and penchant for building off of a previous experiences, Darby intends to continue combining her skills, experiences, and passions (in food and wine; community and education; and with music and the arts) to become a trusted consultant for individuals, businesses and various organizations rooted in forward-thinking, anti-racist and environmentally-conscious initiatives. In May of 2021, Darby launched GNOSES [noh-siz], an exploratory and collaborative creative studio and roving 'arthaus'. The following month, the first event - a multi-course dinner with an accompanying beverage pairing - took place on the rooftop of Sitopia, in Mexico City. The experience was designed in collaboration with chef Abigail Schmitt with the intention of amplifying the work of our partner, Queen Bee Honey, to whom all proceeds were donated. GNOSES draws its name and inspiration from various philosophical and empirical schools of thought and components, namely: gnosis, the Greek word for knowledge; the nose, a primary sense organ and portal to memory; and the 'metaphysical' and 'alchemical' experience as a whole. Darby describes GNOSES as "the 'hypgnostic' interplay between cultures at large, the human spirit and the natural world." Embodying the alchemical process, GNOSES is a liminal space of creation and destruction, of death and rebirth, one that traverses planes of reality and incorporeality, with an emphasis on the surreal. On a material level, GNOSES translates into bespoke artistic and epicurean experiences (and eventually, essays, poetry, mixes and interviews), that celebrate community, ancestral traditions, and local activism--all in their various forms. In partnership with The Autumn Salon since the spring of 2022, Darby has coproduced a variety of events in NYC at artist studios, personal residences, and most recently, at ArtX in the Meatpacking District, with more to come on the horizon.


Alejandra Cuberos

Escritora, guionista y redactora.

Me apasiona la escritura, en todas sus formas. Disfruto escribiendo ficción, tanto en cuentos cortos, como en grandes historias, para todo tipo de audiencias. Me deleito con el cine y la literatura, y he adquirido un gusto por crear reseñas de las obras que más me impactan.


Lorne Gillies

Freelance journalist

I am an award winning and PPA Scotland award nominated freelance magazine journalist. As a versatile writer, I have experience interviewing politicians, unpaid carers, veterans, students, recognisable names, and other members of our society. Connecting with people comes naturally to me, and I feel this connection is evident when sharing the experiences of others through the medium of words. Human interest, disability, social activism, and investigative journalism are my main areas of focus, but I have experience with culture, entertainment, food and sport. I have recently left a post as an editor of multiple niche magazines to focus on a career change.

Despina Baraki

Content Creator | Journalist

Highly motivated and skilled Content Creator and Journalist with expertise in creative writing, storytelling, editing, and copywriting. Seeking opportunities to utilize my skills and contribute to a dynamic organization in the field of content creation, journalism, or related industries.


Ambar Maresya

Content Writer

Cherish writing, reading and watching movie. Content Writer at Author & Administrator at I started this journey at my (old) personal blog:

Lauren (Klopfenstein) Miller

Communications Creative

Lauren completed a Bachelor of Arts degree through UGA's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications, a curriculum ranked among the top three journalism schools in the country. Lauren has worked in public relations for about ten years in agencies in Atlanta, New York, and Charleston. With a passion for communications, Lauren has gained valuable PR experience across several industries, such as fashion, lifestyle and entertainment, and B2B tech/enterprise. These experiences have enhanced her passion for the communication and lifestyle industries, and she aspires to continue her professional development in these areas.

David Sullivan

Content Creator

I have had various writing and editing jobs over the years for a number of print and online publications. My specialties include culture, technology, music, and food, but I enjoy the challenge of researching and gaining new knowledge when I am called on to create content on other subjects.