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Ambar Maresya

Content Writer

Cherish writing, reading and watching movie. Content Writer at Author & Administrator at I started this journey at my (old) personal blog:

Lauren Klopfenstein

Publicist | Fashionista | Artist

Lauren is a PR professional with over seven years of agency experience in New York and Atlanta. Currently, she lives in Charleston, SC and is a PR Strategist for the tech PR agency, Just Drive Media. Clients include LinkedIn and LendingPoint. Past clients include Texworld USA, The Frye Company, STK Atlanta, Abercrombie & Fitch, Vineyard Vines, To the Market, and much more. When Lauren is not at work, she is painting, drawing, doing yoga, or keeping up with trends, as she has always been passionate about the fashion industry. She is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications, a curriculum ranked among the top three journalism schools in the country. (Go Dawgs!)

Lisa Rinkus

Content writer, Editor, Proofreader

Lisa is a versatile, creative communications pro and storyteller. She has an extensive repertoire of articles she's written for digital and print media about movies, pop culture, healthcare, energy, retail and real estate, among other topics. An eagle-eyed word nerd, Lisa loves making a client's copy shine and edits reports, articles, scripts, emails, brochures, slide decks, websites and direct mail. A public relations consultant for most of her career, Lisa has a nose for what's intriguing and newsworthy, having placed dozens of articles and op/eds in local and national media outlets. She writes pithy social media posts and is a proud member of the #Twitter10, the group that took down Boston's 2024 Olympic bid. When Lisa's not writing, editing or publicizing a project, she's probably cooking or at the movies. She also enjoys ballroom dancing and skydived once. Please note that this online portfolio is representative of some of her work; there's more upon request.


Renée Guenette


For thirty-five years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and healing. As a partner, mother and elementary school teacher for many years, during the last part of my career, writing books and poetry became both a healing tool and a creative outlet. It is an absolute joy and privilege to share my works of passion, with you all. Thank you for taking the time to explore my site. Find my books, poetry and/or art work below. Listen to my music album, "Remember", as well as some of my youtube videos. If you like what you hear, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. May you be blessed with love. If you like what you see or hear, please share the link to my website, Thank you for dropping in.


Jessica Littlewood


Took a compliment from an English teacher too seriously and wound up being a writer. Currently working as a freelance writer.


Ziad Saliba

Screenwriter | Author | Content & Creative Writer

My name is Ziad Saliba and I'm a writer by trade. I have a decade's worth of experience in the States and in Lebanon and have written original content for film, television, magazines, startups, tech companies, and marketing agencies. I love what I do, and I adapt my own distinct style to any given project.


Nick Lotz


Hey there... Cleveland State film school graduate with an emphasis in screenwriting. I have a passion for music, film, and literature. My fiction work tends to be dark, cerebral, yet comedic. My journalism work tends to focus around music (but I'd like to expand more into the fine arts as well). Contact me, anytime. Nick


Lindsay Schuster


I am a recent graduate of Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana looking for full-time employment or internships that will allow me to pursue my passions. I graduated with a BA degree in English with minors in Marketing and Creative Writing. I have self-published three coming-of-age novels, two republished from 2017 and one published for the first time this year. I have written over 30 short stories, dozens of articles, and have been published twice in Grace College's literary journal Inkspot. I have also had articles published in two magazines, Women's Spectrum and Grace Connect. In addition to this, I have written many articles for The Sounding Board, Grace College's bi-weekly newspaper. While I have written campus-update articles, I primarily specialized in articles about pop culture, writing entertainment news updates, movie reviews, and album reviews. I have completed an internship at Grace Connect/BMH Books in Winona Lake, Indiana, where I created and edited content for the website. I also assisted in editing book manuscripts and the content in the quarterly magazine. 

Ben Emery

Brand Strategist - Copywriter - Content Writer

I'm a brand strategist, copywriter, and content writer working independently and within an agency, I work with brands to find their creative, authentic self and help them talk about it. I live in the woods of Maine with my wife and our four kids.


Caitlin Cook

MA in Mass Communication