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Corie Stark

Content Marketing Specialist + Writer

Content writer with over 10 years of journalism, marketing, and copywriting experience. For any additional examples, please let me know!


Hilary Billings

Contributing Writer for USA Today & Huffington Post. Video Host for Digital Content.

Writer, video host, and producer with emphasis in entertainment, travel, and humor. Previous outlet affiliations include E! News, USA Today, Huffington Post, Taste of Country, PopCrush, and Modern Luxury. Former Miss Nevada United States 2013. Has created independent social media videos that have garnered millions of views. Has a passion for developing female-centric content promoting self-development and widening perspectives.

United States of America

Dylan Garret

Senior Digital Editor, Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Senior digital editor for Wine Enthusiast magazine. Recovering bartender, beverage director and former exhausted line cook with a background in food and drink writing. Previously senior music editor for PopCultureShock. Author of numerous freelance articles, terrible unpublished novels, and pro bono bios for broke musicians.

Margaux Hardelay

Communication/ Direction Artistique/ Journalisme Musical

Media Production Assistant with excellent communication skills. Well-experienced online media and music professional. Extremely adaptable, with a background in Production, Media, Art Direction in advertising and Press relations.


Thomas Walzer

I'm a freelance writer who primarily covers music and popular culture, with a focus on the intersection of the two.


Em "E.D." Casalena

Copywriter, Editor, and Author

Through nearly seven years of full-time freelance copywriting and editing work, I’ve accumulated a massive portfolio of material. From ghostwriting to penning full marketing campaigns in a wide range of sectors, my work has directly resulted in tangible value for my clients. A few industries that I have in-depth experience in include B2B, SaaS, financial advisory, tech, legal, digital marketing, music journalism, sustainability, language education, and many more. While I have taken on a significant range of marketing projects, my proficiency lies in articles, landing pages, sales pages, blog posts, and social media marketing. I’m also a published author. I have hundreds of ghostwritten sample pieces and I would be happy to share some of them with you, in your specific niche. Let’s get in touch! Contact: [email protected]


Lexie Pitzen

Staff Writer, FSView & Florida Flambeau

Florida State University student majoring in Information, Communication, and Technology.


Jennifer Moore

Freelance Writer

I am a sophomore English and Political Science major at Fitchburg State University. My niche lies within politics, as well as shorter pieces like poems, essays, short stories, and articles in the creative non-fiction/fiction genres. I also manage a political blog:

Nicholas Niendorf

Chicago Sky beat writer, High Post Hoops

Elizabeth Estochen


Elizabeth Estochen is a writer and editor with ten years of experience in publishing. They have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies from the College of Charleston, an advanced editing certificate from the Poynter Institute and a professional certificate in copyediting from the University of California San Diego Extension. They are a 2017 alumnus of Columbia University's Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford.