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Steven Buriek

Freelance Writer

Multimedia freelance writer specializing in content creation for blogs, websites, and marketing materials. No style of writing or format is out of my expertise. I consistently create engaging (fully-optimized) content for your website and business blog to help connect and inspire readers, turning them into happy, paying customers and clients. Professional and punctual with the ability to write in any form, style or voice for widely different publications and platforms. I work with a diverse set of clients, creating web content, marketing communications, including feature articles, long-form articles, marketing copy, blogs or social media posts catering to any client's desired style or unique needs.


Jordan Smith

Headphones, Earbuds, and Audio Accessory Reviewer

Covering the best headphones, earbuds, speakers, and more for various publications. Ghost writing on a per article basis including long form guides, product roundups, and videos related to sound, music, and audio. Latest obsession: Bluetooth 5 true wireless earbuds.

United States of America

Ikechukwu Nwaguru

Comms Strategist & Digital Creator

"Professional Word Fondler". I prefer my puns intended!

Karl Saint Lucy

Culture & Lifestyle Writer

Karl Saint Lucy is a journalist in the arts and entertainment, LGBTQ+, and mental health spaces. He is published in Grindr's digital queer magazine, INTO; and Metro US, the largest free daily circulation newspaper in the U.S. A musician by training, he sold one of his musicals, F**king Identical Twins, to 20th Century Fox in 2016; and he was a finalist for the Grammy Award-winning men's vocal ensemble, Chanticleer, in 2017.

United States of America

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Mac Hubbard


I get that you're busy, so I won't make you read the thousands of pages I've written over the last few years. Here's a collection of highlights that should, at the very least, give you a sense of my range when it comes to voice and subject matter. Don't see the kind of storytelling you're looking for? Ask and you shall receive.


Ellis O'Connell

Music Programmer and Curator

Music Industry Management with Year Abroad graduate and 5+ years experience in the entertainment industry.

Corie Stark

Content Marketing Specialist + Writer

Content writer with over 11 years of journalism, marketing, and copywriting experience. For any additional examples, please let me know!


Hilary Billings

Contributing Writer for USA Today & Huffington Post. Video Host for Digital Content.

Writer, video host, and producer with emphasis in entertainment, travel, and humor. Previous outlet affiliations include E! News, USA Today, Huffington Post, Taste of Country, PopCrush, and Modern Luxury. Former Miss Nevada United States 2013. Has created independent social media videos that have garnered millions of views. Has a passion for developing female-centric content promoting self-development and widening perspectives.

United States of America

Dylan Garret

Editorial Director,

Editorial Director for Recovering bartender, beverage director and former exhausted line cook with a background in food and drink writing. Previously senior digital editor for Wine Enthusiast. Author of numerous freelance articles, terrible unpublished novels, and pro bono bios for broke musicians.

Margaux Hardelay

Communication/ Direction Artistique/ Journalisme Musical

Media Production Assistant with excellent communication skills. Well-experienced online media and music professional. Extremely adaptable, with a background in Production, Media, Art Direction in advertising and Press relations.