Karen Worrall

Freelance writer and content creator

United Kingdom

Freelance writer for various UK and USA print and online publications and numerous websites, specializing in travel writing. I am the founder and content creator of my site Cruiseshipkaren.com which is about travel by cruise ship.

I've been freelance writing since March 2017, and print clients so far include National Geographic Traveller (UK), Postcards magazine, ABTA Country by Country Guide and ASTA Worldwide Destinations Guide. Online publications include Destinationsguide.co.uk and The Planet D.

As well as all the main types of articles, I have experience writing advertorials and promotional features, and making video content.

National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Salzburgerland Annual Events: Diary 2019

Clean living and an appreciation for the arts and outdoors characterises the Austrian mentality - an approach encapsulated by Salzburg's annual events.

ABTA Country by Country Guide 2018
5 Minute Guide: The Hague

The Hague — also known as Den Haag — is arguably the Netherlands’ most refined city. It houses the Dutch Parliament, King’s Office, high courts, mansions, boulevards, immaculate green gardens, a thriving cafe culture and nightlife scene — as well as the beach at Scheveningen. It’s also just an hour away from the neon lights and bustle of Amsterdam by train.

National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Adventure: Oman's adrenaline-inducing activities

Thrill seekers flock to Oman from around the globe to experience the extreme adventures ranging from mountaineering to dune bashing in the desert, from scrambling through canyons to the more relaxed pursuit of hot air ballooning. Here are the five best outdoor adventure activities in Oman.

National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Wildlife: Where to spot Oman's big five

Despite being 82% desert, Oman is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife. Its seas, beaches, mountains and valleys provide sanctuary to a host of endangered species, from the Arabian leopard and the green and hawksbill turtle to the Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin and, of course, the camel.

National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Places: These Omani landscapes are out of this world

Travelling less than 100 miles in Oman sees transformations so great you could be on another continent. The country has gorges, cave chambers, immaculate beaches, fjords, and even its own answer to the Grand Canyon - all of which play a part in making this country a beguiling jewel in the Middle East's crown.

National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Taj Exotica: Tropical bliss in the Maldives

After arriving at Male International Airport, guests are whisked away on a seven-mile speedboat trip to the tiny Emboodhu Finolhu Island, where they'll discover the allure of multi-award winning Taj Exotica, favoured by couples as an idyllic romantic haven.

Costa Rica and the rise of eco-tourism

Costa Rica is cleverly using its bountiful natural assets to bring in tourists and educate them, while safeguarding the country's future (and rising economy) for generations to come. At just over 51,000 sq km, Costa Rica has 0.3% of Earth's land surface, while containing 5% of the world's biodiversity.

24 hours: Lima

Lima has been populated for over 1,500 years. The Pre-Incan Lima culture birthed it, then the Incans absorbed it, before Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro captured it in 1535. Lima has been one of South America's most important capital cities for half a millennia. Today, the city is thriving.