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Nathalie Farah

Freelance: Print, Web, Photo, Video

I have over 600 articles under my belt on topics as diverse as the arts (art, culture, film, music, books/literature), heritage, community and education. I've also written about business, medical, environmental, police, and general news - including the odd sports story! Nowadays though, I tend to stick to arts and culture stories. My high-quality content is always delivered during tight deadlines, receiving positive feedback from both my editors, sources and the public. I am based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Julia Jester

Researcher • TODAY Show

Work: NBC News TODAY Show, NBCU Page Program (CNBC Documentaries, MSNBC's The Last Word), Vox (Engagement Intern, Community Manager), Al Jazeera America (News Intern), Blue State Digital (Social Media Intern) Education: Georgetown University (Major - American Studies • Minors - Journalism, Government)

Filiz Taylan Yuzak

Blog Writer

Skills? • Journalism: Feature writing, pitching, research, interviewing, proofreading, editing, transcription • Technical: Advanced computer literacy (Windows, Internet and Microsoft Office programs), uploading articles and pictures on different CMSs, speed typing • Languages: Translation, English (Fluent), French (Advanced), Turkish (Native) • Miscellaneous: Capability of taking initiative, high performance while working independently and under pressure Loves to write about... • Journalism practices, life in London, films, cultural and artistic events, food and drink, lifestyle Fluent in? • English, Turkish and French

London, United Kingdom

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Sarah Title

"I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world" -Henry Luce

My name is Sarah Title. As a double major in journalism and communication I have a strong passion for writing, editing and working with others. I have had many experiences throughout college that have prepared me to enter the professional world. I am motivated, excited and dedicated to doing what I truly love. I am an enthusiastic leader who works well with others and takes suggestions and critique in stride. I appreciate and value any opportunity to write, communicate and organize. My writing interests include, but are not limited to, lifestyle, fashion, home, celebrities and entertainment. My internships and past role as editor-in-chief of my school magazine make me a qualified individual for jobs in media, journalism, publishing, broadcasting, event planning and communication.

United States

Abby Seitz

Managing Editor at The Falconer

The Falconer is the student newspaper of Fauquier High School. I am responsible for brainstorming story ideas, editing opinion and sports stories, writing content, updating our website, Tweeting news, posting pictures to Instagram, laying out pages, and preparing the paper for publishing. My work has also appeared in Young D.C., The Fauquier Times, and The Gainesville Times. My work has been recognized at state, regional, and national levels by Scholastic Art & Writing, Virginia High School League, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and Time for Kids.

Andréa Butler

Magazine Editor. Freelance Writer. Social Media Star.

My friends call me Ms. Correcto. It's true. I'm a magazine-, grammar-, and word-obsessed entrepreneurial writer, editor, publisher, and public speaker who focuses on creating positive messages for black teen girls. In addition to launching Sesi magazine, a magazine especially geared for black teen girls, I've also worked as a high school English teacher and as a senior editor at LivingSocial. I craft clever, compelling, informative content on the regular and slay errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation with a passion. I also enjoy sharing all that I've learned about starting an independent magazine by conducting hands-on workshops for groups looking to delve into the wondrous world of self-publication.

Lawrence Griffin


Worked in Williston, ND for a year and am in Florida now doing freelance writing for Orlando Weekly. I can write about anything, from business to politics to crime to feature pieces. I'm eager to work with you.

United States

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Muhammad Aldalou

Journalist & Editor

A proficient news reporter, experienced business journalist, passionate writer and sub editor. I have spent the last four years writing for - and managing - two digital business and lifestyle publications and frequently contributing in-depth industry articles to monthly B2B and B2C magazines.

United Kingdom

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Patrick Hobbs

Design Editor, principle photographer

I am responsible for the overall visual design of the print edition of The Cluster, Mercer University's student newspaper. I design graphics, visual aids and advertisements for the paper. I am an award-winning principal photographer for The Cluster. This Portfolio serves primarily to show my capabilities as a writer.

Richard Moss

Freelance Writer and Journalist

Writer, journalist, and storyteller who explores the future — and the past — of innovation, video games, and technology. Has a passion for in-depth storytelling and an insatiable curiosity about how things work. Also skilled in audio/podcast editing and production, photography, interviewing. Holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Melbourne. Author of The Secret History of Mac Gaming, published by Unbound. Info: http://secrethistoryofmacgaming.com Journalism beats: video games, technology, science, innovation, AI, VR, AR, games and tech history, game development. Always eager to discuss new writing and editing opportunities—freelance, contract, or staff. Contact via Twitter or email rich.c.moss at gmail.com. Based in Melbourne, Australia. Portfolio below is a selection of features and in-depth reporting. You can see a more all-inclusive portfolio at richardmoss.contently.com