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Helen Brady

Freelance Events and Communications Manager

Freelance Events and Communications Manager. One half of @makedodrink.

Hadi Sutanto

Social Media Strategist | Content Specialist

Hi, thanks for reaching me here. I'm a digital nomad specialize in social media strategy, content marketing, and copywriting. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me on πŸ‘‡ e. [email protected] wa. +62 87731525573


Sabrina "Bri" Carrington

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Writer/Editor

Sabrina Carrington is a Writer, Editor, and Public Figure Stylist. As a writer, she enjoys creating content on the latest Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle trends. Sabrina takes pride in keeping up with the trend reports and news, appealing to diverse audiences, and creating content in a timely fashion. As a beauty and fashion writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of creating content, Stylist layouts, Shopping Guides, Product Launches, and news/trend reporting. As a Lifestyle writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of conducting interviews; producing Movie, Television and Book reviews; writing Restaurant and Food Reviews; creating Dating & Relationship content, Home and Office Decor layouts, developing food content and recipes, etc...


Anglo Content

β˜… Welcome to the Portfolio β˜…

An experienced and professional writing service based in the UK, dedicated to helping businesses succeed with their various content projects across a wide range of sectors. I offer a highly reliable and friendly service, having successfully collaborated on thousands of content writing projects ranging from single blog posts to entire websites in need of top-class SEO content on freelancing platforms like People Per Hour and Upwork. As a top-rated copywriter for over a decade, I have helped hundreds of SMEs and family-run businesses to attract more traffic, generate more sales, boost their online presence and communicate with customers more effectively. Thanks to a solid grasp of the beautiful English language across a number of writing styles and sectors, combined with impeccable spelling and grammar, I can produce appealing and engaging text for whatever businesses require. Order your content now at: β˜… β˜…


Roopa Bains

I like my words and I cannot lie

Big words, little words, I love them all and want to make people happy when they read them. As you can see, I am currently building my profile so you can see how good I am with words and how much I love them. I hope you can help this creative, novice/budding, wordsmith kick start a career in copywriting.


Kelly Murrey

Writer/ Journalist

Ambitious writer looking to network and collaborate with amazing humans who want to be heard. I am a Senior at GCU obtaining my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcasting New Media. I am seeking a challenging but rewarding internship. Currently, I hold a 3.5 GPA and have been on the Dean’s List every semester. While in the college of Communications I have strategically focused my coursework in the following areas: Relational Communication Media Theory Broadcasting and Podcasting Digital Media and Culture


Caitlyn Somers


I am currently a 4th year English major at UCLA. I'm a senior editor for Her Campus at UCLA and also an intern for The Everygirl Media Group. Through my time at UCLA, I have learned the responsibilities of writing for a publication, collaborating on articles and ideas, and how to enhance my article with SEO keywords and photos. I am looking for a chance to build more knowledge in the journalism and editorial field. I hope to continue writing for more lifestyle publications. I am most interested and passionate about writing wellness type of content whether that be mental or physical health, relationships, or food.


Beatrice Buschittari

Fashion Communication Specialist & Press Officer

Curious, inquisitive and always restlessly striving for something different: a place, a person, a moment that truly speaks to my essence and could be worth feeling nostalgic about forever. I'm Italian, but the fact I lived between Russia and The UK for the past five years really made me realise I was hardly ever your average Italian girl. I'm very nordic at the core. I've always been drawn to beauty and well-curated aesthetics (I'm a libra, after all): it was fashion at first, but I've recently discovered a gripping need to explore the art and design universe. When I find something cool, I like to write about it, sharing it with others. Peter Do, Thebe Magugu and JPG by Glenn Martens are all I'm talking about these days. Well, that and the fact I'm currently learning how to read tarots and smell wine, so I can look pretentious and mystical when I meet new people.


Lyndol Tayler

Creative Copywriter and Content writer

Lyndol Tayler is a copywriter with experience in several fields. She has extensive SEO expertise and has written for websites such as Time Doctor, Amomama, and various other online powerhouses.


Jasmine Edwards


A Copywriter based in North Wales. Want more sales? You need better copy. I'm excited to help you communicate better with your customers and ultimately, help your business grow. What I can do for you: -Blog posts -SEO-driven website content -Product descriptions -Email copy I've achieved a First Class Honours degree in English Language at Lancaster University. I've since worked for a marketing agency and gained experience writing B2C and B2B advertising content. I've produced content for clients in the automotive industry as well as for local artisans and smaller businesses. Get in touch: [email protected] Take a look at some of my work below!