Sabrina "Bri" Carrington

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Writer/Editor

United States

Sabrina Carrington is a Writer, Editor, and Public Figure Stylist.

As a writer, she enjoys creating content on the latest Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle trends. Sabrina takes pride in keeping up with the trend reports and news, appealing to diverse audiences, and creating content in a timely fashion.

As a beauty and fashion writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of creating content, Stylist layouts, Shopping Guides, Product Launches, and news/trend reporting.

As a Lifestyle writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of conducting interviews; producing Movie, Television and Book reviews; writing Restaurant and Food Reviews; creating Dating & Relationship content, Home and Office Decor layouts, developing food content and recipes, etc...

Curvy Iconic Fashion meets Modern-Day Looks - swagher

Icons are legends, worthy of veneration, who have graced this earth with their amazing presence and contributions. In Black History, we have been blessed with some pretty outstanding icons who have paved the way for our civil rights, in entertainment, sports, medicine, innovative technology, education, and even politics.

The Curvy Fashionista
Having a Date Night? Here's 4 Foolproof Plus Size Style Tips

Hey there fashionistas! With February 14th ( Valentine's Day) just around the corner, The Curvy Fashionista wanted to bring you the best style tips for that perfect plus size Valentine's date night look! Whether it's an outfit for a date with your sweetie or with the girls, we've got you covered!

The Curvy Fashionista
Curvy Adventures: Hiking and 9 Must-Haves for Your Journey!

Okay, Fashionistas! Let's try some new and exciting adventures in 2022! I'll call this series "Curvy Adventures " - dedicated to our beautiful and curvaceous selves trying out new hobbies! Yes, hobbies! We will start with hiking and nine must-haves for your journey!

The Curvy Fashionista
Try these 4 DIY Boudoir Shoot Tips For A Major Self Love Boost

Okay, ladies! Although Valentine's Day is just around the corner ( time flies, huh?), TCF wants to encourage all of you to practice a little self-love all year round! We have all had a tough couple of years and may still be walking in the thick of it!

New Year's Reset: Step Three - Get Your House in Order in 2022 - swagher

The ol' folks would say, "Get your house in order for the new year". Order in a house can really bring a wonderful vibration and help any SwagHer Boss think clearly and be more at ease. That is why we have decided to dedicate STEP THREE of the New Year's Reset to your home.

Major Coffee
Men's Health Month Feature: Magnesium Support for Men of Color

Magnesium is something that is a hidden gem in the world of vitamins. More physicians are finding that many immune deficiencies, muscular and skeletal issues, and problems with blood pressure are due to a lack of magnesium. From old sports injuries to normal aches and pains from getting older, we all could use better skeletal and muscular support.

New Year's Reset: Step Two - Dress the Part in 2022 - swagher

When a new year hits, many people have the intention of "dressing to the nines" or "strutting their stuff" with a few items they acquired at Christmas. A few may even put on their New Year's Resolution List to "dress better" and to really make a statement.