Helen Brady

Freelance Events and Communications Manager

United Kingdom

Freelance Events and Communications Manager.
One half of @makedodrink.

Recovery Learning: Pass the Baton

Dear Secretary of State, This summer it's time to pass the education recovery baton to the nation's expert army of creative educators, to give our children a summer of creative fun, friendship and freedom wherever they live.

Getting to know Rachael Kennedy, Owner of Grönn Eco Salon

Words: Helen Brady Rachael Kennedy is the owner of Grönn, one of the only eco hair salons in Greater Manchester. Grönn is self-described as: 'North Manchester's own cosy and luxurious community-minded Eco Salon with both hair and tea made with love.' Rachael started her own micro business in 2011, working for herself but within other...

Pregnancy in lockdown: women supporting women

Words: Helen Brady Becoming a parent is often described as one of the most exciting, beautiful, life changing experiences of someone's life; terrifying, but in the best possible way. And that is when normal circumstances apply. Yet in current times, normal circumstances do not apply, and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is adding a...

A Love Letter...to the city that sleeps a completely normal amount

Helen Brady is an experienced Event Manager at Events Northern. She is a Proud Prestonian, born and bred, and is passionate about shopping small and spending local. She also co-founded Make Do Drink, a collaborative platform and workshop series that brings pop up events to Preston City Centre.

Make Do Drink; Christmas Gift Guide

We know that you'll have been inundated with gift guides and catalogues from all the big high street stores and supermarkets this festive season, but we wanted to practice what we preach and give you something a little different!

Make Do Drink; September

Things people are MAKING this month: We are kicking off September by inviting two brand new makers to the Make Do Drink fam! (So technically, these sessions aren't until October, but they've gone on sale today so it definitely counts. Plus, its our newsletter sooooooo..... :-) )

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Kendal Calling Festival Review - Events Northern

Kendal Calling Festival Review As a dedicated #eventprof that is always looking to better herself, learn from others and up my industry game, I only thought it was right and proper that I attend one of the North West's most popular music festivals to fully immerse myself in the outdoor events experience.

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8 Things We Can Do To Make Corporate Events More Sustainable

The events industry often tops the list of sectors that are the worst offenders for contribution to waste and landfill. According to a report from Event MB, an average an event attendee will discard 1.89kg of waste per day, of which 1.16kg will just go straight to landfill. So, for a 3-day, 1,000 person event, 3,840kg of landfill materials could be created. (Or the equivalent weight of 2.6 compacted cars.) That is not even considering all the other environmental impacts your event may be...

4 FYRE Lessons for Event Managers Everywhere

The much-anticipated insight into the notorious Fyre Festival went live on Netflix on Friday. Must-watch viewing for Event Managers everywhere, the trailer promised an ‘exclusive behind the scenes look at the infamous unraveling’ of the 2017 event. Fyre Festival was the brainchild of ambitious entrepreneur Billy McFarland and music mogul Ja Rule. Its unique point-of-sale was selling an Instagram dream; an island paradise in the Bahamas, private planes, luxury accommodation, headline...