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Sarrah Jane Cea-Carrascal

Creative Content Writer

I speak the voice of my clients through my words.


Shaun Harris

Beauty/Fashion PR | Digital Strategy

My editorial career is naturally pivoting into branding & marketing verticals, with an emphasis on content optimization. I am actively applying to positions in media relations & digital marketing.


Olivia Parr

Media Associate, Port City Daily

After graduating from Howard University with my BA in Political Science, I spent several years in the US Government as an intelligence analyst. The environment was stimulating and the work was larger-than-life, but the position was not a perfect fit. I wanted to write about topics that make a real-world impact. In my current position as a Media Associate for Port City Daily, I stay abreast of socioeconomic and community issues in addition to local government in Wilmington, North Carolina. When I am not writing, I am usually reading books by Gillian Flynn and Stephen King, or rewatching old episode of Game of Thrones.

United States of America

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Amanda Cox Taylor


Former TV News journalist turned writer, yogi, mom. Passionate about storytelling, the art world, writing that inspires.


Adesuwa Okoyomon

Writer, editor, and walking IMDb.



She is a passionate writer and a former professional journalist with a profound interest in social and environmental issues. Likewise, she is also addicted to writing about films, fashion, beauty, and culinary trends. Let's get in touch! Feel free to say hello through any of the social links available. Have a nice day!


Bibek Bhattacharya

Writer and Editor at Mint Lounge

I write on travel, music, culture, the arts and art history. My articles have appeared in several publications, including Mint Lounge, Outlook Traveller, National Geographic Traveller, Verve Magazine, and Business Today.

Victoria (Torie) Robinette Durham

Freelance Writer & Editor

Hi, I'm Torie. Since graduating from the School of Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2008 (Go, Heels!), I've made a career as a storyteller, brand advocate and an editor who lives for the latest version of the AP Style Book to be released. I've balanced roles managing a public relations team at Neiman Marcus; editing, producing, managing, and styling content for multiple publications across various platforms and media spaces; working on a dynamic tourism- and hospitality-driven communications team for the city of Charlotte, NC; and helping to elevate Georgia State University's national and global presence as a top public research university. My most important roles, though, are as mom to my sweet little boy, Marcus, and wife to my wonderful husband, Ross. In a world in which we often tell the same story, I specialize in finding a unique angle that hasn't yet been explored. I'd love to tell your story.

Rui Celso

Produtor de conteúdo / Assessoria de Imprensa / Assistente de Comunicação / Revisor

Bem-vindo à minha estação. Me chamo Rui Celso e venho através deste portfólio mostrar o meu trabalho. Minhas experiências vão de redator à assessoria de imprensa, bem como assistente de comunicação. Trabalho com textos para web (técnicas de SEO), mídia impressa e revisão de textos para mídia digital.

Елена Иванова

Редактор, журналист, копирайтер

Привет! Я родилась в Забайкальском крае, 2 года жила в Сибири и долгое время — на Дальнем Востоке, а потом переехала в Москву, чем очень довольна) Училась на филологическом факультете АмГУ, на кафедре журналистики. Успешно редактирую тексты авторов разной степени мастерства (в том числе непрофессиональных) и пишу интересно о самых разных вещах, больше всего люблю кинорецензии, интервью и обзоры. Дружелюбна и люблю общаться с людьми, открыта к новым знакомствам и знаниям. Хорошо ориентируюсь в разных областях знаний. Охотно учусь новому и стремлюсь не стоять на месте. Могу много, но хорошо работать, ладить с разными специалистами в команде, писать и согласовывать коммерческие тексты. Легка на подъем, инициативна. Люблю самостоятельные путешествия, историю, искусство и архитектуру, хорошие фильмы, книги и музыку, животных и бег. Склонна к перфекционизму, но в меру)