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BeatRoute Magazine

BeatRoute Magazine
Parlour Panther Follow Their Bliss

Steph Hodgins (vocals/guitar), Charles Wesley (vocals/drums), and Lee Newman (vocals/synth) are the voices behind the queer soul rock trio Parlour Panther. This Vancouver three piece has been performing together since 2014 and just released its first album, Hot Magic.

BeatRoute Magazine
Noble Son Uncovers Brutal Honesty in Every Lyric

"Sometimes when you're making something, it ends up being bigger than what you conceived it could be and takes on a life of its own," says Vancouver singer-songwriter Noble Son (also known as Adam Kirschner) about "Love You Back," a lovelorn ballad off his debut album Joy in Violence.

BeatRoute Magazine
Alex Maher Soars Through the Aether

Last year, Vancouver multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Alex Maher gave us Aether, an album that is "a statement of perseverance" and explores his journey "out of a period of great darkness after the loss of a friend... struggling against depression and drug addiction and coming out in one piece."

BeatRoute Magazine
JP Maurice Is The Future of Mom Rock

"Every album is a learning experience. Recording a song is taking it to its final resting place. As soon as an album is done, I want to start working on the next one immediately," says Vancouver singer/songwriter and producer JP Maurice.

BeatRoute Magazine
Leisure Club Will Take You On An Indie-Pop Vacation

Vancouver based five-piece, Leisure Club, make waves on their self-titled debut album. Graham Madden (guitar), Jamie Smail (vocals), Daniel Ruiz (drums), Rob Cameron (bass), and Sean Bayntun (keys) hold nothing back and with each song, they masterfully deliver a laid-back beachy indie vibe that makes you feel like you're on an exotic island, drinking Bahama Mamas, and living it up.

BeatRoute Magazine
Twin Bandit share a message of hope in the face of adversity

Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliott, the women behind Twin Bandit, are what your twintuition dreams are made of. Bringing together folk, alt-pop, and country, the duo who met in 2013 while working and volunteering at St...

Curiocity Vancouver

Eat Your Way | Vancouver

Do you spend your weekends second guessing yourself on whether or not your avocados are ripe yet, and then proceeding to mourn their loss because you waited too long? When you see your server coming towards you with your order, are you like Michael Corleone when he saw Apollónia Vitelli for the first time?

Curiocity Vancouver
4 Places To Bring Someone Who's Visiting Vancouver | Vancouver

Welcome to Vancouver. The yoga pants are Lululemon, the dresses are Aritzia, the cocktails are Caesars, and everyone drinks their organic, fair-trade, sustainable coffee out of eco-friendly cups. But Vancouver isn't just the home of Ryan Reynolds, or the city where all your favourite shows are produced, it is a gloriously eccentric city where diversity ...


The Vegan's Guide To Eating Out In Vancouver |

Healthy eating is no longer just a trend; it's a revolution. People are making more health-conscious food choices than ever before. A moment of silence for all the junk food drawers brimming with bags of Cheetos; you lived a long life, and brought joy to so many hearts and waistlines.

The 11 Most Instagrammed Restaurants in Vancouver |

The wonderful people of Vancouver sure do love their #foodporn and #brunch photos, because nothing is real until it's on Instagram. It is near impossible to scroll through your feed without seeing a thousand pictures of light bulb bubble teas, freakshakes, poke bowls, and fried chicken and waffles.

Helpful Blogging Tips from 5 Vancouver Bloggers |

Remember when everyone was buying Nikon cameras in 2012 and pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw or the impeccably dressed man that she would have dumped Mr. Big for in a New York minute? Well, fast forward to 2017 and a blogging community in which even CB with her tulle Versace gown and Dolce & Gabbana florals may not survive.

Shop 'Til You Drop In 6 of Vancouver's Best Thrift Stores |

Hey Vancouver, can we go thrift shopping? With organic fair trade coffee, bottomless mimosas at brunch, and insanely priced houses, the reality that our city is expensive is news to no one. But a thrift store isn't just a broke person's best-kept fashion secret, it can also be a haven for that one-of-a-kind piece that makes you feel like you're fresher than everyone else (and you are).

Lioness Gazette

Lioness Gazette
Charli XCX's So Called Life

The first song by Charli XCX I listened to was "Boom Clap" because I am an avid fan of all things John Green and it was a soundtrack in The Fault in Our Stars movie. But it was the feeling of being at an electropop disco party that got me hooked.

Lioness Gazette
Bjork, the Icelandic Queen of Music

I grew up listening to whatever was on MTV because those were the kind of songs that all the kids at my school had decided were cool.

Lioness Gazette
Love Songs for All Your Valentine's Day Moods

Valentine's Day is upon us yet again. If you're hanging in there and holding out for your one true love, or trying to gather up courage to text that special person that you've been eyeing for a while, what's better day than February 14 to cast caution to the wind?

VIVA Lifestyle & Travel

VIVA Lifestyle & Travel
Up-and-Coming Artists You Need to See in Vancouver

You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon a great song that no one else seems to have heard? The feeling that causes you to walk on air for days, like the musical genie you are for discovering a song which could become the new soundtrack to your super cool life.