Mark Mariano

Writer, Editor, Storyteller


Mark Mariano is an Australian-born Filipino editor, writer, host, speaker, and panellist from Doonside. Mark completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at Western Sydney University in 2017, and currently works at SBS.

Proudly queer, Mark’s editorial and contributor work spans across Mamamia, ABC, and SBS (SBS Filipino, SBS VOICES, and SBS PopAsia). He is also part of the Sweatshop Western Sydney Literacy Movement, and his debut poem collection, ‘Down From Doonside Station’, was published in 2019 in collaboration with Red Roomy Poetry.

Mark is passionate about multiculturalism, social equality, and mental health awareness. He has worked closely with organisations like Headspace, and currently volunteers as the editor for The Western. Mark has also represented Australia twice at the Harvard University Project for Asian International Relations, a conference dedicated to connecting entrepreneurial minds across the world.

Being queer when you're fat, femme and gaysian

A pig emoji. The notification dinged, and the pink caricature flashed for a moment before disappearing. His profile picture was a park bench, and his bio read 'Discreet. Into Twinks. No Asians'. He had made sure I got his message before he blocked me. 'Just ignore them, you'll find someone!'


SBS PopAsia
Survival shows: are they all winners?

With the fourth instalment of the Produce series in full swing, and over 1.3 million followers on the official Instagram, trainees from Produce X 101 have already begun to build an incredible multinational fan base. Survival programs like Produce have the power to skyrocket groups and individuals into K-pop stardom - but why doesn't it always work out?

SBS PopAsia
Now you're speaking my language!

K-pop has reached audiences all over the world, and it continues to grow thanks to the power of social media. As groups venture into markets outside of their own, is it now a requirement to have members who speak multiple languages? Or is music truly a universal language? [youtube video="lbZdH5H2690"]