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Alison Capuano

Marketing, Advertising & Design | Innovative Problem Solving | Passion for Creativity



Brian Moran

Content marketing. Corporate communications. Relationship builder.

A client-focused communication professional and relationship builder with 10+ years’ experience developing strategic communication plans and engaging content across multiple platforms that inform, educate and support an organization's business goals.

Morgan Smith

Communications Manager

My lifelong love of words and stories informed my decision to change gears and pursue a career focused on creating engaging, informative content. My personal interest in writing combined with a commitment to continued education has allowed me to successfully transition into a Communications Manager role, where I plan, manage and execute the Security Awareness program for a large Canadian telco. While in this role, I successfully helped transition the program away from policy driven language, resulting in more friendly, accessible and easy to understand content. In addition to managing program content, I've been asked to re-brand and manage the internal Security site going forward. I'm also regularly engaged to work with teams to help them create innovative, brand aligned PowerPoint presentations, designed with both horizontal and vertical logic in mind. Contact me today if you need someone with experience in creating blog posts, journalistic articles, targeted team content (posters, banner ads) and ghost writing (executive level communications, etc). Email: [email protected]



Natalie Backerman

Storyteller, Communicator, Problem solver

I am a storyteller, communicator, and problem solver who lets her passion for life, connection, and culture infuse itself into every adventure. I thrive in new experiences and value collaboration, because I believe no one stops learning, and everyone has something to teach. As a Vancouverite born and raised, my connection to the city is an asset that I know will enhance my ability to provide relatable, effective, and authentic content. I am an enthusiastic people person who loves learning. Naturally curious about what motivates people to make certain choices, I pursued a Theatre Acting and Anthropology degree from UBC.



Vancouver Canada

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Sam Happi

Hockey Writer

I write about hockey, specifically prospects and the NHL Draft. Write for and


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Finance Analyst

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Nicole VandenBerg

Journalism & Social Media (MA in Journalism, UWO, BA Honours History, WLU)

A writer, editor, blogger, photographer and social media enthusiast.



Online Writer

I am currently in my last year of University double majoring in Psychology and Communications Studies, and I am an intern at VIBE105 FM as their online writer. My career objectives are to continue writing within this online media realm and write on topics that are not brought to light within mainstream media.



Sara Kohan

Technical Writing Student at University of Waterloo

Welcome to my Technical Communications Portfolio. For the past 4 months, I've been enrolled in ENGL 210E Introduction to Technical Communications. Within this portfolio, you will find a variety of written work I've created for this course as well as from other experiences. Along with the finalized pieces, you can view my revision process for each piece by scrolling to the 'Revisions and Draft Work' section. Thank you for visiting my portfolio!