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Hania Asad

Content Specialist

That sign on the wall... those colours splashed across the building...the lyrics rolling in my head- say hello to my inspirations. An experienced storyteller, strategist & marketer - with a strong focus on meeting multi-channel KPIs for optimized copy.


Sophie Benoit

Conseillère communication et développement durable

Professionnelle des communications très polyvalente, j'ai travaillé à la gestion de divers projets : organisation d'événements commerciaux, création de contenus pour sites et médias sociaux, rédaction d'articles et d'outils de communication pour des entreprises, recherche commerciale et veille concurrentielle. Depuis quelques années, j'ai le plaisir d'effectuer des mandats en communication et en développement durable.


Alexandre L'Hour

Conseiller en communications | Médias sociaux | Création de contenu | Rédaction | Diffusion

Responsable des communications de l'Association québécoise de la production d'énergie renouvelable (AQPER), dont la mission est d’accroître la production d’énergie renouvelable de source indépendante et d’en maximiser la valorisation dans le portefeuille énergétique québécois. Collaborateur au blogue Ton Barbier, le lieu de discussion mode et tendances privilégié des gars urbains, ouverts d’esprit et actifs sur le Web. Collaborateur à diverses publications, comme National Geographic, LUXE Magazine, La Métropole – Les Échos Montréal, Le Point d'Outremont, Westmount Magazine, etc. Diplômé de l'Université de Montréal, titulaire d'un baccalauréat en Communication et Politique. En cours d'obtention d'un certificat en Gestion des entreprises aux HEC Montréal. Intérêt marqué pour les médias, la publicité, la communication, le web, l'image, le marketing et les tendances au Québec, au Canada et à l'international.

Theodora MacLeod

Journalist, MacEwan University

Having been a writer my entire life, the decision to pursue journalism was an easy one. After graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Sociology in 2017, I set my sights on completing a Bachelor of Communications in Journalism, and haven't looked back. I am a journalist who loves working with words to convey ideas and explore the world around me. I am so excited to be learning and practising the art of writing informative and compelling articles while working on editing my fiction novels in my spare time. Writing truly is my passion and I welcome every opportunity I have to strengthen my craft. I intend to explore as many areas of writing and journalism as I can to diversify my portfolio and find the area where I am best suited; for me, the most important part of being a writer is taking information and experiences and sculpting them into a piece of work that inspires emotion in readers while providing new and informative perspectives.

Nathan A. Drescher

I'm that Canadian writer

My articles appear in Marketing Edge Magazine, on Gizmogrind, and with various Medium publications. But one thing hasn’t changed in all of my life: no matter where I was or what I was doing, I love technology!

Stacie Gaetz

Writing & Editing Professional

I thrive on getting to the heart of a person’s story and telling it in a way readers have not seen before. Whether that means: • immersing myself in an experience to write the story first-hand, • spending time building trust with sources to get the ‘real deal’ or • painstakingly researching a topic so I can explain it like I invented it, I'm willing to go the extra mile and dig deep to create something that inspires, engages and connects people. I’m a journalist and editor with 14 years’ experience writing for newspapers and magazines on almost every topic from acrobats to zygotes. I have also appeared on televesion and done some voiceover work. This portfolio showcases a number of projects I have worked on recently including: • A lifestyles webpage featuring hundreds of stories written by me • Amazing Airdrie Women Awards profiles • Food features • Global News Morning Show appearances/voice work • Parenting/family articles These are only a small sample of how I can inspire, engage and connect people as a writer, editor and personality. Contact me at [email protected] to learn more.


Madeleine Chan

Freelance Writer

A recent Simon Fraser University communication graduate who enjoys critiquing and commenting on the world through writing. Also likes to express their strong thoughts and feelings on music and entertainment media. Catch them plotting the downfall of media oligopolies, along with their work in publications such as The Peak, AIPT Comics, Overachiever Magazine, and Attuned Media.

Paula Lacsena

Copywriter | Editor | Marketer

I'm a Toronto-based multifaceted writer and communications professional passionate about telling stories, creating engaging content, and building inclusive communities through words. As a writer, editor, and marketer, I have developed compelling and informative digital marketing assets for non-profits and small to medium-sized businesses across a variety of sectors, including mental health, child and youth education, beauty and wellness, and marketing and advertising. Curious to learn more? Visit the links below or contact me to start a conversation. I'm always eager to communicate and make connections!


Fully Booked

Bookish Blogger

Find the most genuine book reviews, best book lists and editorials from all genres. By avid book readers like yourself for bookworms of all genres.

Doug Watt

Financial Writer/Editor

I'm a freelance financial writer and editor with extensive experience in corporate communications and journalism. I am currently the economics editor at MT Newswires Canada, working from a home office in Ottawa. I'm also a staff editor and writer at I do some freelance writing work for Tangerine and Content Innovo. I've worked as a social media specialist at the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and as a senior writer at bond rating agency DBRS. My journalism background includes: editor at, a leading online destination for Canadian financial advisors, and reporter/editor at national newswire service the Canadian Press. Contact me at [email protected]