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Doug Watt

Financial Writer/Editor

I'm a freelance financial writer and editor with extensive experience in corporate communications and journalism. I am currently the economics editor at MT Newswires Canada, working from a home office in Ottawa. I'm also a staff editor and writer at I do some freelance writing work for Tangerine and Content Innovo. I've worked as a social media specialist at the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and as a senior writer at bond rating agency DBRS. My journalism background includes: editor at, a leading online destination for Canadian financial advisors, and reporter/editor at national newswire service the Canadian Press. Contact me at [email protected]

Kimberley Radmacher

Writer and Branded Content Developer

Offering over 19 years of communications, content development, and non-profit management experience, I capture and deliver the content branding strategies of cutting edge companies from around the globe. I draw on my extensive academic research and business background to partner with brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop click-worthy news articles, blog posts, product descriptions, social media blurbs, video scripts, and more. Whether I’m working with non-profit tech and financial companies or I’m helping disruptors explain blockchain technology to non-specialists, I act as the interface between complex ideas and everyday audiences.


Joanna Ahti

Freelance Writer and Founder of At Home with Joanna

Based in Montreal, QC, I am a blogger turned freelance writer. I have learned a lot over the six years I have been writing, and I always strive to learn even more. I truly never expected my writing to turn into a career, but I am so glad that it did. I currently work for social media marketing agencies and other companies privately who wish to get more of an audience. My articles have been used companies and brands worldwide. A post I wrote went viral on PopSugar and Love What Matters, which was incredibly humbling. My website At Home with Joanna has also grown in popularity over the past two years, and while I love being a freelance writer, I will always remember how it all began. Therefore, I spend time writing content for that too.

Cale Anthony Boudreau

Creative Writer

I'm a storyteller who writes across all mediums including: video games, blogs, short stories, scripts, and comics. Looking to collaborate on a story or project? Hit me up!

Negin Neghabat-Wolthoff

Freelance Writer, Translator, Marketer & Communications Professional, M.B.A.

--- Scroll down for work/writing samples --- My skill set includes 10+ years of work and freelance experience as a marketing and communications professional in corporate, public, higher-education, and non-for-profit organizations. In these roles, I wrote professional, effective copy for a broad variety of purposes, including print advertisements, direct mail, newsletters, case studies, feature and technical articles, interviews, brochures, and the web. I understand how to write well for each of these different purposes while creating a unifying tone that conveys an organization’s values and engages its target audience. Writing projects I have worked on include: - Company Employee Newsletter I edited, over the duration of four years, a company newsletter which was printed in magazine format and distributed to an employee pool of about 3,000 people. For this newsletter, I wrote a regular editorial column, in addition to regularly writing many of the articles and conducting all necessary interviews and other pertaining research. - Customer Newsletter For four years, I held the editor role and wrote content, including the CEO’s regular column, for the customer newletter of a previous employer. The newsletter, which was printed and distributed via direct mail to the company’s customer and potential customer base of approximately 35,000 leads, included interviews, technical articles and success stories, some of which were written by me and all of which required my editing input. - Website & Blog For over three years, I was responsible for the content and certain design elements of the public website as well as the intranet of my previous employer. I wrote website content as well as blog entries on behalf of the middle and upper management. - Success Stories / Case Studies I have conducted the necessary research and composed, as well edited, success stories and case studies on technical and non-technical content. These writing projects ranged from a few paragraphs to multiple pages and were directed to both technical and non-technical audiences. - Press Releases I wrote and issued press releases and other press information on a regular and ad-hoc basis, for over five years. These press releases were either written or edited by me, and I was single-handedly responsible for their content and accuracy. - Advertisement For both print and online advertisements, in addition to being responsible for the design aspects, I wrote the content, including technical descriptions, taglines, slogans, and headlines. - Direct Mail I have written and directed the design elements of direct mail pieces with varying purposes. Those included event invitations, mail pieces that were part of a larger image campaign, and direct mail that aimed at raising aweness or sending reminders. - Manual I have written promotional manuals for product launch events and other purposes. Some included very technical content and required a large amount of research.


Sophie Benoit

Conseillère communication et développement durable & journaliste pigiste

Professionnelle des communications très polyvalente, j'ai travaillé à la gestion de divers projets : organisation d'événements commerciaux, création de contenus pour sites et médias sociaux, rédaction d'articles et d'outils de communication, recherche commerciale et veille concurrentielle. Depuis 2 ans, j'effectue des mandats en communication et développement durable.


Deborah Rogers

Writer / Editor / Marketing & Communications Specialist

Originally from the UK, I am now based in Victoria BC. An English graduate of the University of the West of England, I have been working as a freelance writer and editor for over ten years. As a member of the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island I have worked with authors and students, editing and proofreading a variety of texts including magazine articles, website copy, fiction and academic papers, as well as writing a variety of commissioned copy. After a year as Editor-in-Chief of Seaside Magazine, I am now Editorial Director, overseeing the print magazine, social media assets and website. I also contribute two monthly columns to Seaside Magazine, which has a print run of 19,000, and a strong, loyal following. Over many years working at an advertising agency I have also written large volumes of press releases, website copy, advertising copy and marketing materials. I'm interested in authored, co-authored or ghostwriting assignments. And am willing to undertake research, or write from provided notes.


Louise Loik Writer/Journalist

[email protected]

I write stories, articles, strategies, scripts, proposals, outlines and ad copy.

Rosie Long Decter

Intern, Maisonneuve Magazine

Rosie Long Decter is a writer and musician based in Montreal. She is currently an intern at Maisonneuve Magazine and the Marketing and Publicity Assistant at Vallum: Contemporary Poetry. She attended McGill University and worked as Culture Editor at The McGill Daily and as Music Librarian at campus station CKUT Radio. She graduated in 2017 with First Class Honours in English and Political Science and has held a variety of media and arts communications positions since. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in This Magazine, Briarpatch, The 405, Cult MTL, and more. She performs regularly with her band Bodywash and loves to talk about TV and taste, preferably at the same time.


Fiona Bramzell

Freelance writer and editor

I am a Toronto-based freelancer with an insatiable curiosity and fascination about the world around me