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Stacey Hellas


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My extensive background means you get an experienced, senior writer, who is comfortable creating content for websites, blogs, white papers, and other collateral. I am an expert at communicating with both B2B and B2C audiences, as well as your current clients and prospects.

I'm a thorough researcher who ensures any and all data is sourced from reliable websites and publications. I select quotes and statistics based on the power and meaning they add to my copy.

I have the ability to write in a range of voices based on the required goal of the piece and the intended audience.

Alas, I have no head for crosswords, and word jumbles just make my brain hurt. Don't even get me started on Sudoku.

Contact me at [email protected] to discuss your copywriting needs, and let's make beautiful content together!

Haventree Bank
January, 2019
NextJob Brochures

A new product for clients with a mortgage. One voice for clients and a separate voice for the mortgage broker audience.

January, 2016
Trending Forward

SmartSimple's first white paper! An interview with three top experts in philanthropy focusing on industry trends in the coming year.

Why employers should start preparing now for Gen Z

At 35%, Millennials are officially the largest generation currently working in the US. Coming up hot on their heels is the largest, single generational cohort in the country. Generation Z, at 26% of the population, and it’s never too early to start planning for their role on the world stage.

Haventree Bank
Maritimes Launch Brochure

This brochure was created to inform mortgage brokers in Halifax that Haventree Bank is launching in the Maritimes.

Why Diversity, Inclusion, And Equity Are Essential In 21st Century Philanthropy

The "new face" of philanthropy is not really new at all. Diverse communities have not only been involved in philanthropic work for decades, they’re a critical element as we move forward. We'll be discussing why and how cultivating inclusion and equity in your organization will benefit your organization and the entire world.

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