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L Kimberly Leung

writer. communicator. human.

Location icon Canada

I'm a Toronto-based writer and content creator with a background in digital marketing and account management.

My portfolio includes:
- print editorial
- website copywriting
- SEO content creation
- blog posts
- email newsletters
- social media management
- video script editing

I've worked with niche blogs and national publications alike, local start-ups and blue chips.

Get in touch to find out how I can create compelling content to engage your clients.


Feature Articles and Editorial

Be a Virtual Volunteer

Volunteering can be very rewarding; just ask the 13 million Canadians who participate in charitable activities.

Branded Content and Digital Marketing

Blogs and Online Content

Pandemic 'Splurges' That Are Worth Every Penny

It's been said that children, the age group least likely to be seriously affected by COVID, are the ones asked to make the biggest sacrifices. And it's true; they've experienced considerable changes in their lives while having little to no control over any of it.

Make Your Dream Trip a Reality With These Tips - Makeful

If you have a bad case of wanderlust, try these tips to help cut costs without cutting into your fun. No one has to tell you that travel is expensive. From airfare to accommodations, it's no wonder you get sticker shock after pricing out your dream trip.

Ways to Cope with Social Distancing During Mat Leave

First-time moms are often taken aback at how isolating maternity leave can be. Before the baby, you may have had visions of getting the house in order and having homemade meals prepped and ready to go during your downtime. After the baby? You realize there's no such thing as downtime.

5 Easy Ways to Stay Connected with Your Family - Makeful

Here's few ways you can stay connected with your nearest and dearest when you no longer share the same roof. They cheered on your first steps, bandaged your knees, and cut the crusts off your sandwiches. They walked you to school, stood up for you, and annoyed you on vacations.

Lola Who
Gary Baseman X Coach - An Adorably Quirky Collection - Lola Who

Gary Baseman may not be a household name, but chances are, you've seen his work, maybe even in your house. From his Emmy-winning cartoon Teacher's Pet, to the weird and wonderful illustrations on the Cranium board game, Baseman makes contemporary art accessible, rather than incomprehensible.

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