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KerryLee began her career as a songwriter. Her passion to drive emotion with written words soon found engaged audiences throughout North America and Overseas.
An extensive background in sales and marketing later brought her to a career as a Copywriter. She has an outstanding track record for increasing sales. "In order to write effective content, one must understand the 'language' between buyer and seller and how to effectively engage the consumer to take the desired action".

She completed 'Radio Advertising Copywriting' training with 2 spots that were chosen for air on a major market station during her sessions.
Since, she has written online, print, radio and television content for numerous industries.

With a passion for advertising and creative word play, she has the most fun producing short, snappy content including headlines and slogans for on air, online and print ad campaigns.

Get the benefits of really cool content that sells your products and services.
Half the battle is using the right language.

Take a journey down the road of creative bliss!
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Cottonwood Cove RV Resort


advertorial for RV resort

August 2016

iLink Global Recruiting

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Jim Pattison Broadcast

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PSL Pars

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November 2016

Radiant Health Website

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blog samples


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REAL ESTATE flyer, neighborhood write-up & property ads

Septemeber 2015

Style Importers Website

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March 2016

Sarah Rushton magazine editorial

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January 2016

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January 2016


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March 2016

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September 2016

James Cameron School

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A Knight Without Armor: A 9 Step Formula For Relationship Success in Work and Life

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