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Anastasia Dvorak

Marketing Specialist/Writer/Editor/Blogger/Content Creator who loves to design, promote, build brands and rank them #1 on Google.

I am a seasoned marketer/SEO specialist/content creator who provides quality written content that's relevant, SEO-friendly, and leads to conversions. I have a degree in International Business from the University of Calgary, Web/Content Development from Mount Royal University, and a post-graduate Marketing Management Certificate from Harvard Univesity (4.0 GPA). A program of this level requires a lot of quality written work. I have over 15 years of experience writing/editing research papers, SEO targeted articles, presentations, email campaigns, various types of copywriting, website content, and blog posts.

Deborah Rogers

Writer / Editor / Marketing & Communications Specialist

Originally from the UK, I am now based in Victoria BC. An English graduate of the University of the West of England, I have been working as a freelance writer and editor for over ten years. As a member of the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island I have worked with authors and students, editing and proofreading a variety of texts including magazine articles, website copy, fiction and academic papers, as well as writing a variety of commissioned copy. After a year as Editor-in-Chief of Seaside Magazine, I am now Editorial Director, overseeing the print magazine, social media assets and website. I also contribute two monthly columns to Seaside Magazine, which has a print run of 19,000, and a strong, loyal following. Over many years working at an advertising agency I have also written large volumes of press releases, website copy, advertising copy and marketing materials. I'm interested in authored, co-authored or ghostwriting assignments. And am willing to undertake research, or write from provided notes.


Sarah Lysecki

Content & Digital Marketing Strategist | Writer & Editor

With a combined 15-plus years' experience in journalism and content marketing, I've written about technology, beauty, fashion, travel retail and healthcare verticals for online and print publications as well as corporate blogs, websites and social media channels in Canada and the UK. Outside of work, I'm also a self-confessed cycle geek. Motor heads beware.

Kaela Morin

Write. Polish. Perfect.

One of my first memories is of learning to spell. I had those old school tracing booklets, where you drew your first letters instead of writing them. I was three. It was bad. My penmanship still isn't great. But I've spent enough time around words and language to know what works, what doesn't, and how to make both much, much better.

Ashleigh Blackmore

PR Specialist, Business Communicator, Content Writer and Social Media Strategist

Ashleigh is a PR and marketing communications expert with 15 years of expertise in various roles across government, corporate, academic and non-profit sectors. She is well versed in internal communications, media relations, social media growth and community engagement.


Jessica Cunha

Journalist | Communications | Marketing

Experienced communications and marketing professional with 12 years of experience in journalism and nonprofit communications. Expert storyteller skilled in content marketing, news and feature writing, editing, multimedia, publishing and design, social media and media engagement. Contact: jcunha0024[at]gmail[dot]com

Kayla Hill

Foodie, Writer, Traveller

I'm a lover of puns, travel adventurer, and mega foodie. I enjoy laughing at my own jokes, making everyone uncomfortable at poetry night, and discovering new things. You can find me writing about plant-based food, travel, and education.


Sophia Savva

Freelance Writer and Journalist

The first words I ever spoke were "pen" and "paper." After a lucrative career selling my stories and screenplays to my friends and family for quarters throughout my youth, I am now a seasoned writer, editor, and content creator with eight years of experience in the journalism and media industries, with bylines for CBC's Canada Writes, Points in Case, carte blanche, Her Campus, The Distanziner, The Varsity, The Strand, and more. I’ve written articles on everything from the longevity of the ghost story to the psychology of the Buzzfeed quiz to the future and the past of social media. I graduated with High Distinction and Dean’s List Scholar status from the University of Toronto with a double major in English and Book & Media Studies. When I wasn’t writing, editing, or researching for an essay, I was writing, editing, or researching for a newspaper, magazine, or project. I was Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UToronto, a Staff Writer and Lead Copyeditor at The Varsity, and the Poetry Editor of the Hart House Review, where I established a reputation for having razor-sharp attention to detail, excellent judgement, and publishing honest, exciting, error-free content. My years of experience in digital marketing and copywriting has given me a valuable edge: I have a deep insight and intuition for audience data and help brands find the perfect words to get more leads, engage audiences, and drive traffic, whether it be through blog posts, emails, SEO copywriting, or social media posts. I’ve worked as a Blogger, Communications Officer, and Social Media Manager, where I helped businesses inform and captivate their target audiences and consumers by producing clean, savvy, and engaging copy, even under tight deadlines. I craft social media content in voices ranging from witty to earnest and succinctly write content on a diverse range of topics, including global affairs and mental health. When I’m not reading or writing, I like painting, playing the piano, cooking, and crafting the perfect Spotify playlist. I’m currently based in Tokyo, Japan Recent/notable articles listed below:


Ember-Vine Newey

Freelance Copywriter and Scriptwriter

Ember-Vine Newey has has over 15 years of writing experience, including over 7 years of experience in digital marketing. Ember's varied experience includes conversion focused copy and creative content for both B2B and B2C businesses including SEO and UX informed website content, landing pages, press releases, email marketing, social media and Google ads, blog posts, newsletters, print collateral, and more. Ember has a BA in Communications and an MA in Writing For The Media. She is passionate about using words to help businesses of all sizes tell their stories effectively in their own unique voice. Ember also has experience writing scripted content for independent comics, film, voice-overs, and motion graphics videos.


Ranjit Bhaskar

Freelance journalist, editor and writer

Toronto-based professional with a newcomer’s interest in all things Canadian. A former News Editor with Al Jazeera English and Content Manager with the Maytree Foundation, main forte is in planning, writing and presenting exceptional digital and print content.