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Vanessa Hojda

Writer, Editor, Content Marketer

I'm a B2B SaaS content writer and marketer at Roadmunk. Previously, I've worked as a staff writer and managing editor at Bestie, as a freelance writer for Rush Ventures Marketing, and as a digital editor and staff writer for The Toronto International Film Festival. My experiences as a journalist, editor and content marketer have allowed me to develop a keen sense of research and value-driven writing. As a marketer, I love diving into audiences and understanding the problems they face, and how content can provide value towards solving those problems.

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Kaela Morin

Write. Polish. Perfect.

One of my first memories is of learning to spell. I had those old school tracing booklets, where you drew your first letters instead of writing them. I was three. It was bad. My penmanship still isn't great. But I've spent enough time around words and language to know what works, what doesn't, and how to make both much, much better.


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Stacie Gaetz

Freelance Writing & Editing Professional

I thrive on getting to the heart of a person’s story and telling it in a way readers have not seen before. Whether that means: • immersing myself in an experience to write the story first-hand, • spending time building trust with sources to get the ‘real deal’ or • painstakingly researching a topic so I can explain it like I invented it, I'm willing to go the extra mile and dig deep to create something that inspires, engages and connects people. I’m a journalist and editor with 13 years’ experience writing for newspapers and magazines on almost every topic you can think of from acrobats to zygotes. This portfolio showcases three of the areas I excel in: • Family Articles (including written stories and TV appearances on Global News Morning Show) • Feature Stories • Food Features However, it is only a small sample of how I can inspire, engage and connect people as a writer and editor of more than a decade. I thoroughly enjoy my work as a freelancer for a number of publications in and around Calgary, AB and I am always looking for new, exciting and challenging opportunities. Contact me at [email protected] to learn more.


Paula Lacsena

Graduate Student & Writer

Ryerson University Alumna | Humber College Graduate Student I am a Toronto-based writer and communications enthusiast passionate about telling stories, creating engaging content, promoting inclusivity, and building stimulating connections through words. With a background in the digital marketing and communications industries, I have written content for various GTA-based non-profits, charities, and local businesses as a content writer, editor, social media coordinator, research assistant, and digital marketing assistant. I continue to hone and build my professional writing skills as a communications assistant at Asthma Canada, where I create engaging and educational content to help Canadians lead healthy, symptom-free lives. Curious to learn more? Visit the links below or connect with me to start a conversation.

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