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Joy Knowles

A PR/marketing hybrid who lives to write

Joy Knowles is the Marketing Content Strategist at Agility PR Solutions. Joy has been part of several internal communications teams during her career, helping to grow the companies’ client and customer bases through strategic communications, content planning and creation, social media management, and project and client management. Her education is in public relations. Joy's writing has been featured in: - PR Daily - Bulldog Reporter - She has a passion for storytelling and a penchant for problem-solving. Two of her favourite things are proper grammar and a well-formatted page.

Vanessa Hojda

Writer, Editor, Content Marketer

I'm a B2B SaaS content writer and marketer at Roadmunk. Previously, I've worked as a staff writer and managing editor at Bestie, as a freelance writer for Rush Ventures Marketing, and as a digital editor and staff writer for The Toronto International Film Festival. My experiences as a journalist, editor and content marketer have allowed me to develop a keen sense of research and value-driven writing. As a marketer, I love diving into audiences and understanding the problems they face, and how content can provide value towards solving those problems.

Alexandre L'Hour

Conseiller en communications | Médias sociaux | Création de contenu | Rédaction | Diffusion

Conseiller en communications pour le RSSMO – Réseau des services spécialisés de main-d'oeuvre, qui se distingue par la qualité des services de ses adhérents, leur caractère innovateur et la rentabilité de leurs interventions pour l’économie du Québec. Collaborateur au blogue Ton Barbier, le lieu de discussion mode et tendances privilégié des gars urbains, ouverts d’esprit et actifs sur le Web. Collaborateur à diverses publications, comme National Geographic, LUXE Magazine, La Métropole – Les Échos Montréal, Le Point d'Outremont, Westmount Magazine, etc. Diplômé de l'Université de Montréal, titulaire d'un baccalauréat en Communication et Politique. Intérêt marqué pour les médias, la publicité, la communication, le web, l'image, le marketing et les tendances au Québec, au Canada et à l'international.

Nikita Stanley

Author & Content Creator

Nikita is the national bestselling co-author of "The Rebel Mama's Handbook for (Cool) Moms" and "Get Your $hit Together: The Rebel Mama's Handbook for Financially Empowered Moms" as well as the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Rebel Mama (.com). She sometimes lends her creativity to other projects as well - usually because she wholeheartedly believes in them (or because they pay really well). For inquiries and rates, please contact [email protected]

Allison Dempster


[email protected] Award-winning, multi-platform journalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation based in Calgary, Alberta. From breaking news to investigative, sound-rich documentaries, I am a versatile, accomplished storyteller who can distill and communicate information under tight deadlines. As my portfolio demonstrates, I consistently generate original, thoughtful stories that illuminate, probe and entertain.

L Kimberly Leung

writer. communicator. human.

I'm a Toronto-based writer and content creator with a background in digital marketing and account management. My portfolio includes: - print editorial - website copywriting - SEO content creation - blog posts - email newsletters - social media management - video script editing I've worked with niche blogs and national publications alike, local start-ups and blue chips. Get in touch to find out how I can create compelling content to engage your clients.


Marco Saveriano

Freelance Writer and Editor

Marco is a freelance writer and editor from Montreal, Canada. He's an avid TV watcher, and a lifelong lover of all things pop music. When he's not writing about television, pop culture, and LGBTQ issues, you can probably find him drinking a cocktail with a face mask on. In the past, he has written for INTO, Culturess, FanSided, Confront Magazine, Blush, Proof, and The Concordian.


Cherianne Mangrobang

PR & Partnerships Practitioner. Tech Talent | Currently: Ritual. Formerly: Lalamove, Rocket Internet

Experienced Canadian permanent resident, PR & partnerships practitioner, and tech talent — currently living in Toronto University of the Philippines three-time college scholar & comm grad who’s done sales, events, marketing, & operations duties for multinational companies & 3 tech startups the past 5+ years. Has a solid track record of closing big/first-of-its-kind partnerships, exceeding targets, & being recognized as a top performer. Skilled in communicating, multitasking, thinking critically & creatively, learning/adapting quickly, and working independently & collaboratively.


Madeleine Chan


A recent Simon Fraser University communication graduate who enjoys critiquing and commenting on the world through writing. Also likes to express their strong thoughts and feelings on music and entertainment media. Catch them plotting the downfall of media oligopolies.


Negin Neghabat-Wolthoff

Freelance Writer, Translator, Marketer & Communications Professional, M.B.A.

--- Scroll down for work/writing samples --- My skill set includes 10+ years of work and freelance experience as a marketing and communications professional in corporate, public, higher-education, and non-for-profit organizations. In these roles, I wrote professional, effective copy for a broad variety of purposes, including print advertisements, direct mail, newsletters, case studies, feature and technical articles, interviews, brochures, and the web. I understand how to write well for each of these different purposes while creating a unifying tone that conveys an organization’s values and engages its target audience. Writing projects I have worked on include: - Company Employee Newsletter I edited, over the duration of four years, a company newsletter which was printed in magazine format and distributed to an employee pool of about 3,000 people. For this newsletter, I wrote a regular editorial column, in addition to regularly writing many of the articles and conducting all necessary interviews and other pertaining research. - Customer Newsletter For four years, I held the editor role and wrote content, including the CEO’s regular column, for the customer newletter of a previous employer. The newsletter, which was printed and distributed via direct mail to the company’s customer and potential customer base of approximately 35,000 leads, included interviews, technical articles and success stories, some of which were written by me and all of which required my editing input. - Website & Blog For over three years, I was responsible for the content and certain design elements of the public website as well as the intranet of my previous employer. I wrote website content as well as blog entries on behalf of the middle and upper management. - Success Stories / Case Studies I have conducted the necessary research and composed, as well edited, success stories and case studies on technical and non-technical content. These writing projects ranged from a few paragraphs to multiple pages and were directed to both technical and non-technical audiences. - Press Releases I wrote and issued press releases and other press information on a regular and ad-hoc basis, for over five years. These press releases were either written or edited by me, and I was single-handedly responsible for their content and accuracy. - Advertisement For both print and online advertisements, in addition to being responsible for the design aspects, I wrote the content, including technical descriptions, taglines, slogans, and headlines. - Direct Mail I have written and directed the design elements of direct mail pieces with varying purposes. Those included event invitations, mail pieces that were part of a larger image campaign, and direct mail that aimed at raising aweness or sending reminders. - Manual I have written promotional manuals for product launch events and other purposes. Some included very technical content and required a large amount of research.