Paula Lacsena

Communications Professional


I'm a Toronto-based multidisciplinary writer and communications professional with a passion for fostering meaningful connections and developing engaging, informative, and authentic narratives from both simple and elaborate concepts.

Purpose-driven and creative with a versatile MarCom background, I have spent the last five years supporting non-profits and small to medium-sized businesses in various capacities across fields such as healthcare, education, and hospitality; I am passionate about creating quality content that not only resonates but informs, inspires, and makes an impact.


Graduate Coursework

Google Docs
TIFA Find Your Book Campaign

A social media campaign aimed to increase TIFA's brand recognition through a series of creative initiatives (group project).

Social Media Graphics


Wide variety of graphics I created for POGO's social media accounts while working as their Communications Coordinator (August 2023-Present).

Kids Physio Group

Wide variety of graphics I created for Kids Physio Group's social media accounts while working as their Communications Manager (Sept 2021-August 2023).


Wide variety of graphics I created while volunteering and freelancing in different capacities (April 2020-December 2021).

The Web Shop

Wide variety of graphics I created for The Web Shop's social media accounts while freelancing as a Content Creator (Sept 2020-Feb 2021).

Defeat Depression

Wide variety of graphics I created for Asthma Canada's social media accounts while volunteering as a Social Media Assistant (July 2020-December 2020).

Asthma Canada

Wide variety of graphics I created for Asthma Canada's social media accounts while working as a Communications Intern (April 2020-July 2020).

Digital Copy & Content

Kids Physio Group
External Mentorship at Kids Physio Group

In this webpage written for the Kids Physio Group website, I share information about the External Mentorship Program - a pilot program offered to physiotherapists outside of our organization.

Kids Physio Group
Interim Physiotherapy - Kids Physio Group

In this webpage written for the Kids Physio Group website, I answer the various FAQs we received from families regarding Interim Physiotherapist/Physiotherapy Residents.

CRWN Creative
5 Benefits of Having a Signature Product

In this blog written for CRWN Creative, I inform entrepreneurs about the benefits of having a signature product and how it can elevate their business.

Asthma Canada | Get Help
Allergies & Asthma

I rewrote and consolidated the info for the "Allergies & Asthma" webpage on the Asthma Canada website for their redesign that was launched in July 2020.

Paula Lacsena | Wordpress
Five Canadian Vegan Beauty Brands to Try in 2020

In this listicle-style blog, I share five Canadian vegan beauty brands (cruelty-free, non-toxic, natural ingredients) that I have either tested and loved, or have heard only great things about.

Paula Lacsena | Wordpress
How Self-Care Saved My Mental Health

In this personal blog, I share my mental health journey and how incorporating self-care into my daily routine has helped me cope with my anxiety in the long-run.

The Purpose Project
Gearing Up for Back To School

In this blog written for Early Bird & Worm, I share school-friendly products for kids sold at the store ahead of the back-to-school season.

The Purpose Project
Party Planning with EBW's Balloon Bar

In this listicle-style blog for Early Bird & Worm, I share information about their well-loved balloon bar and how they can be a part of your next event.

The Purpose Project
Stripes Away: Summer Basics for Babies

In this blog written for Early Bird & Worm, I introduce Pehr Design's Stripes Away Summer Collection for babies, ages 0-12 months.

The Purpose Project
Tips on Surviving the Summer Heat

In this blog written for Early Bird & Worm, I share tips on surviving the hot, summer heat (from the clothing you wear to the fluids you drink!).

The Purpose Project
Gift Ideas + Inspo for Her

In this blog written for Early Bird & Worm, I share various gift ideas from our favourite brands at the shop.

The Purpose Project
Keepin' It "Lite" with Native Shoes

In this blog written for Early Bird & Worm, I introduce our favourite products by Native Shoes, a Vancouver-based footwear brand that emphasizes innovation, originality, and "liteness".

The Purpose Project
Practicing Self-Care Unapologetically

In this blog written for Early Bird & Worm, I inform women about the importance of instilling self-care and balance into their daily routines.

Email Marketing

Kids Physio Group
July 2022 Reminder Email: Update to Masking

Newsletter written for Kids Physio Group clinics during the summer 2022 season, sharing an important update to our masking requirements. Layout designed via MailChimp.

Hard Feelings
March 2021 Newsletter: Store & Counselling Updates

Newsletter written for Hard Feeling's March 2021 newsletter, sharing updates to store policies and counselling, as well as new arrivals and initiatives. Layout designed via MailChimp.

Asthma Canada
May 2020 Newsletter: Mother's Day + Webinar

Newsletter written for Asthma Canada's mid-May e-newsletter, encouraging the asthma community to donate for Mother's Day and promoting Dr. Alan Kaplan's webinar.

Digital Assets (Miscellaneous)

Kids Physio Group & The Running Physio
KPG x TRP Brand Style Guide

I created a brand style guide for Kids Physio Group's collaboration with The Running Physio; they collaborated to develop The Kids Running Course, which aims to support physiotherapists in addressing developmental running concerns in their practice.

Kids Physio Group
KPG Physio-Approved Gift Guide

With the support of 13 physiotherapists, I created a 5-page physio-approved gift guide as part of Kids Physio Group's gift packages for referral sources during the 2022 Holiday Season; gifts were separated by age group.

Kids Physio Group
KPG 2023 Calendar

I designed the KPG's 2023 Calendar - a personalized calendar that physiotherapists gifted to families, friends, and referral sources during the 2022 holiday season. It included a compilation of candid photos, as well as special dates specific to the organization.

Kids Physio Group
KPG Developmental Milestones Pamphlets

I created these Developmental Milestones Pamphlets for physiotherapists at Kids Physio Group to distribute to parents and relevant referral sources. These pamphlets focus on different baby and toddler-aged groups.

Kids Physio Group
KPG Social Media Brand Guide

I created Kids Physio Groups first-ever Social Media Brand Guide to help support 100+ staff members within the organization, students, and volunteers in creating content that aligns with all aspects of the KPG brand.