Paula Lacsena

Multidisciplinary Writer & Communications Manager


I'm a Toronto-based multidisciplinary writer with a passion for building engaged and informed communities through effective communications.

Purpose-driven and creative with a versatile freelance background, I have lent my skills to both local and international non-profits, start-ups, and corporations in areas such as health and wellness, children and youth education, hospitality, and marketing over the past three years.

At present, I work as a Communications Manager at Kids Physio Group, merging my growing interest in pediatric health with my long-standing love for education, community building, and storytelling.


Graduate Coursework

Social Media Content

Kids Physio Group | Instagram
Kids Physio Clubhouse Reel

Kids Physio Group (@kidsphysio) on Instagram: "We've built a community on Clubhouse and we'd love for you to join us! 🎉 Tune in BIWEEKLY on MONDAYS at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST to connect with like-minded clinicians who..."

Kids Physio Group | Instagram
Common Conditions: Scoliosis

Kids Physio Group (@kidsphysio) on Instagram: "Let’s talk about SCOLIOSIS! Scoliosis is a group of conditions that causes the spine to curve and is commonly identified during growth phases 👶🧒🌱 In children, scoliosis may be due to different..."

Kids Physio Group | Instagram
World Cerebral Palsy Day 2021

Kids Physio Group (@kidsphysio) on Instagram: "Today, we celebrate World Cerebral Palsy Day 🌍 in support of the 17 million individuals worldwide living with Cerebral Palsy (CP), their families..."

Ambedia | Instagram
Different Types of Instagram Hashtags

Ambedia (@ambedia_social) on Instagram: "🌟 Did you know there are different types of hashtags you can use on Instagram? ➡️ Swipe to learn more!"

Flexis Fitness | Instagram
Cravings & Hormones Connection

Flexis Fitness (@flexis_fitness) on Instagram: "What do our craving tells us about our hormones? 💬 Cravings aren't as..."

Hard Feelings | Instagram
HF Spring Spotify Playlist Promo

Hard Feelings (@hardfeelingsto) on Instagram: "We asked staff and counsellors to share some of their favourite songs for Spring, and turned them into a playlist to share with you — it's available..."

Ligia Leite Channel | Instagram
Daily Activations for Ease & Abundance

Ligia Leite Channel ( on Instagram: "Comment your favorite below! 💎👇⁣⁣⁣ EMBODIED is open for enrollment 💎 The 6-month Activation with weekly channeled guidance to unlock crystal clear direction⁣..."

Hard Feelings | Instagram
First Week of Spring: Bath Bomb Incentive

Hard Feelings (@hardfeelingsto) on Instagram: "It's the first week of Spring! 🌼🌷 To celebrate this new season of renewal and growth, we’re gifting a bath bomb with every order placed..."

Hard Feelings | LinkedIn
Retail Store Update & Request Form

Hard Feelings Mental Health on LinkedIn: "Did you know that sales from our store are one of the most important revenue streams in our social enterprise? When you shop at Hard Feelings, you’re fuelling our ability to support counsellors in their low-cost practices, develop partnerships, and keep our doors open. Every book and self..."

Hard Feelings | Instagram
International Women's Day Promo

Hard Feelings (@hardfeelingsto) on Instagram: "We're wishing all the extraordinary women in our community and beyond a happy and healthy International Women’s Day! You’re loved, appreciated, and truly inspiring. 💖 And don’t forget to visit our online store for 10% OFF our International Women's Day Collection! Just..."

Ligia Leite Channel | Instagram
Aligned Action Happens Through Presence

Ligia Leite Channel ( on Instagram: "Aligned action is as organic and easy as getting up to take a glass of water when you’re thirsty; it happens naturally when you’re present to what you’re feeling FIRST. Shift your focus from the next action to your inner state (which organically calls in the next most aligned..."

Between Longitudes | Instagram
Disneyland Paris: Walt Disney Studios Park

Between Longitudes (@between_longitudes) on Instagram: "Disneyland Paris is known to inspire imagination and wonder, but did you know you can also get a taste of Hollywood during your trip?⁣ 🎬 We took this photo at the Production Courtyard at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris. This area is specifically dedicated to all the show biz..."

Colors of Abstract | Instagram
Colors of Abstract Website Launch

Colors of Abstract ( on Instagram: "Hi, I’m Sharon Davis — a self-taught artist that grew up with a passion to paint. In 2019, I decided to switch gears and go from portraits to abstract. Now, I’m delighted to share my art with you through my online store, Colors of Abstract. 🎨. From unisex apparel, accessories, and home..."

Escaplore | Instagram
Exploring the Beauty Underwater

Escaplore (@escaplore) on Instagram: "There’s just as much beauty and diversity underwater as there is on land, and it’s available for you to explore! 🌎 Get outside your comfort zone; take a deep dive to admire the stunning aquatic creatures and fauna that live beneath the surface. These thrilling moments are meant to be held..."

Bri Hill Creative | Instagram
Black Friday Sale on Custom Line Drawings

Bri Hill Kastner (@bri_hill_creative) on Instagram: "I want to give you something to smile about this Black Friday Week — that’s why I'm offering 45% off on Custom Line Drawings from NOW until MONDAY! 🎉⁠ With my Custom Line Drawings, you, your loved one, partner, or friend can have their own personalized piece of.."

Little Makeup Lovers | Instagram
LML Pretend & Real Makeup Kits

Little Makeup Lovers (@tlittlemakeuplovers) on Instagram: "✨ Pamper your little one this Christmas with one of our makeup sets either pretend or our NEW real makeup! ✨⁠ Each set combines our most beloved products so that your little miss always has something pretty on hand to stay glam throughout the day..."

The Web Shop | Instagram
E-Commerce is Booming

The Web Shop (@thewebshoptci) on Instagram: "As we continue to adjust to the economical impacts of COVID-19, it’s without question that our focus is increasingly shifting to one thing: the necessity of e-commerce. 

But, what makes an effective e-commerce website? 🚀 Keyword selection: choosing relevant keywords that are fairly easy to rank for optimizes your

The Web Shop | Instagram
Jon Buscall on Content Marketing

The Web Shop (@thewebshoptci) on Instagram: "Content marketing should never be treated as a one-time campaign — it’s at the root of every effective digital marketing strategy and a constant driver of success for many, if not all, businesses. Without content, there would be a lack of..."

The Web Shop | Instagram
Smart Phone Users & Google Search Results

The Web Shop (@thewebshoptci) on Instagram: "Now that the extension of the 8 p.m. curfew is in full effect on all islands, people will be relying on the convenience of their smartphones more often than the usual standard. This is why it’s imperative to have an effective SEO strategy. An SEO..."

Country Clothesline | Instagram
Partnership with Love Masks Community Initiative

Country Clothesline (@countryclothesline) on Instagram: "In this time of uncertainty, we’re partnering with @lovemasksto to show our support to the students of families facing financial barriers due to COVID-19. Love Masks aims to increase access to masks for high school..."

Defeat Depression Canada | Instagram
Stephen Covey on Patience & Self-Growth

Defeat Depression (@defeatdepressionca) on Instagram: "Learning how to value patience is perhaps the most difficult part of the healing process, especially when you’re inevitably dealing with failures and obstacles on top of a fluctuating mental state. But what we need to acknowledge..."

Defeat Depression Canada | Instagram
What Is Depression?

Defeat Depression (@defeatdepressionca) on Instagram: "Many people casually refer to temporary feelings of sadness or grief as depression, but it’s more than having an “off” day. Depression is an overwhelming and enveloping despair, so bleak and dark that people who suffer or have suffered from it describe it as the..."

Defeat Depression Canada | Instagram
National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

Defeat Depression (@defeatdepressionca) on Instagram: "This National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, we ask you to continue to educate yourself to help reduce the alarming rate of suicides in Canada each year. You can aid in suicide prevention by recognizing the..."

Attune Writing | Instagram
Personal Branding: What Drives Attune Writing

Attune Writing (@attunewriting) on Instagram: "Words have power - they enable us to educate, advocate, build stimulating connections, and become more self-aware. Your mind’s potential is interminable, and this is what drives attune. ✨ Thank you all for supporting me on... "

Defeat Depression Canada | Instagram
Defeat Depression Campaign: Event Locations

Defeat Depression (@defeatdepressionca) on Instagram: "When you contribute to our cause — whether it be by participating at one of our events across the country or donating — you’re helping provide financial support to many organizations. Each event location supports an organization..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Action Plan for Asthma Control

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Of the millions of Canadians living with asthma, many of them do not have total control of their condition because they underestimate the severity of their symptoms. You can come prepared to manage your symptoms during this new..."

Defeat Depression Canada | Instagram
Fred Rogers on Sharing Feelings

Defeat Depression (@defeatdepressionca) on Instagram: "Mental health disorders like depression can cast a dark shadow on your life, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. Raising your voice by having mental health conversations with those you trust can help release any..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
International Day of Friendship 2020

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌼 Today marks International Day of Friendship, which stems from the idea that friendship between different people can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. In these difficult times, we encourage you to lean on..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Atopic Dermatitis & COVID-19 Patient Survey

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "The SECURE-AD Patient survey is designed to help understand how COVID-19 affects people with atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema. It is open to all people with the condition who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have..."

Defeat Depression Canada | Instagram
Mental Health Conversations Awareness

Defeat Depression (@defeatdepressionca) on Instagram: "For the many Canadians suffering from depression and other mental disorders, seeking help can be challenging because of the stigma associated with it. But they don’t have to go through it alone — you can offer your support..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma360 Patient-Powered Registry

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗If you’ve ever had any lingering questions about your asthma, you can help answer them with the Allergy & Asthma Network’s Asthma360 Patient-Powered Registry — it’s a database for those who are 18 years or older with asthma..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19: A&A Network Study

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Allergy & Asthma Network and Embleema Inc. are working together to gain insights into how COVID-19 has affected your life so that you can get the most tailored support from your community. By participating in their survey..."

Defeat Depression Canada | Instagram
Depression Does Not Discriminate

Defeat Depression (@defeatdepressionca) on Instagram: "Depression does not discriminate - it affects people of all socioeconomic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. It impacts nearly every Canadian family, reflecting 15% of Canada’s healthcare burden. YOU can help us reduce..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Heroes: Join the Fight Against Asthma

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "When you join the fight against asthma, you’re helping advance our mission by providing our community with vital asthma education, advocacy and research so that they can lead healthy, symptom-free lives. No one deserves to lose..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Self-Advocacy: Knowledge is Power

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Self-advocacy is crucial in helping you lead a healthy, symptom-free life during this “new normal” as it allows you to take an active role in managing your asthma. Through self-advocacy, you can get the support you need..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Personal Relationships: Yellow Flag (Asthma Signs)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "If your asthma is having a negative impact on your personal relationships, your asthma is poorly controlled (a yellow flag 🌕). You can take control of your asthma by regularly consulting with your healthcare provider and taking your prescribed..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Air Quality Health Index & Pollen Count

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: ☀️🌻 A high pollen count and poor air quality can trigger your asthma symptoms, so it’s important to monitor the pollen count and local Air Quality Health Index to get ahead of the hot weather and prevent your symptoms from flaring up..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Breathing Easy: Summer 2020 Essentials Guide

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "☀️ Headed outdoors for some fun in the sun? Protect yourself and reduce your exposure to outdoor asthma triggers by packing the following essential items: 🔹 A water bottle to keep you hydrated - we recommend bringing your..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
FAQ: How Can I Tell if My Asthma is Controlled?

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Your asthma is well-controlled if you: 🔹 Do not experience any breathing difficulties on most days 🔹 Do not experience symptoms when you sleep and wake up 🔹 Do not experience symptoms while exercising 🔹 Do not miss work or school..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19: Health Recommendations Resource

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "We’re working hard to provide you with the latest information about Asthma & COVID-19 to help ease any anxiety or concern you may be feeling at this time. You can view our recently updated..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Summer Prep: Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "☀️ Head into the summer prepared to tackle any symptoms that come your way! Having an Asthma Action Plan will allow you and your healthcare provider to create a personalized program to..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & Allergies: Showering Before Bed

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🚿 Something as simple as taking a quick shower before going to bed can make a huge difference in helping you manage your asthma. When you spend time outdoors during the day..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19: Asthma Management

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Respiratory viruses like COVID-19 can trigger asthma symptoms like coughing and wheezing. To protect yourself and reduce your risk, follow these steps: 🔹 Continue to take your controller..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Triggers: Dust Mites

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗Dust mites are tiny, microscopic bugs that collect on humid, dust-prone furnishings like pillows, mattresses, carpets and stuffed toys. They can trigger both asthma and allergies, so it’s important to limit your exposure to them..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & Allergy HelpLine: Advice & Support

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗Intense emotions like anxiety and fear can take a toll on your mental health and trigger your asthma, so it’s especially important to take..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Triggers: Inflammatory & Symptom

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗There are generally two types of asthma triggers: inflammatory (allergic) triggers (like pollen and pet dander) can cause inflammation..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19: Masks & Face Coverings

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Our Health Recommendations For People With Asthma resource includes crucial information about wearing non-medical masks or face..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
FAQ: What Happens During an Asthma Attack?

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗During an asthma attack, the sensitive airway linings react by becoming inflamed, swollen, and mucus filled. The muscles surrounding..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19 Resources

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "To help reduce your stress and anxiety at this time, we have created a page with various resources regarding asthma and COVID-19..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19 Symptoms Management

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗People with underlying chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes or heart disease appear to be more at risk of severe effects from COVID-19..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Second Annual Asthma Survey [2/2]

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗You still have time to participate in our second Annual Asthma Survey! The survey is open to all Canadian residents who..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Allergy Management: Immunotherapy

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Knowing how to properly deal with your allergies can spark confusion as our bodies respond to allergens differently. Luckily, we have an online..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Second Annual Asthma Survey [1/2]

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Our second Annual Asthma Survey is STILL OPEN! This survey is available in both English and French and is open to all Canadian..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Management Resources

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "We’re committed to providing you with accessible resources to help you manage your asthma during this time of uncertainty..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "These days, we're spending most of our time indoors rather than outdoors, so monitoring the air quality in your home is crucial to maintain..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Action Plan: Community Promo

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Asthma symptoms can vary depending on the time and situation. It can be difficult to know when changes in your symptoms..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Canada Member Alliance (ACMA)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "The Asthma Canada Member Alliance (ACMA) is a growing, grassroots community of Canadians..."

Story Planet | Instagram
Staff Book Pick: The Earthsea Trilogy

Story Planet (@storyplanetto) on Instagram: "Need something to read this weekend? Our facilitator, Dave, has a recommendation for you! 🎉 . "The..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & Allergy Symptoms Connection

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Allergy symptoms are triggered by a reaction from allergens such as plant pollen..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Side Effects: Yellow Flag (Asthma Signs)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌕 A yellow flag is an indication of poor asthma control. If you're experiencing negative side..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Symptom (Non-Allergic) Triggers

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "A trigger is anything that causes inflammation in the airways, causing your asthma symptoms to..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Share Your Stories/Raise Your Voices

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Asthma affects millions of people in Canada and around the world, but we're committed to fostering..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
World Asthma Day 2020 Promo

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌎 Today, we're celebrating #WorldAsthmaDay as a community to raise awareness about the significant impact asthma has in Canada..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Importance of Asthma Research

Asthma Canada shared a post on Instagram: "Research plays a crucial role in our dedication to supporting and improving the quality of life for..." * Follow their account to see 618 posts.

Asthma Canada | Instagram
World Asthma Day Social Media Toolkit

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌎🎉 Celebrate with us! World Asthma Day is Tuesday, May 5, 2020. World Asthma Day is a day for..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & Allergy HelpLine

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "If you're feeling any form of anxiety about your asthma during this unprecedented time, we're here to offer you with personalized support and advice through our Asthma & Allergy HelpLine..."

Jake's House | Instagram
Jake's House Toronto Holiday Party

Jake's House Charity (@jakeshousecharity) on Instagram: "Volunteer for Jake's House Toronto Holiday Party - it's only five weeks away!"

Jake's House | Facebook
Autism Awareness Month

"Since 1993, Canadians have been celebrating Autism Awareness Month in October. We’ve marked it as a time to inform the general public on a condition that continues to effect 1 in every 66 individuals in Canada..."

Web Content

Bizzy Bee Clothing Boutique | About
About Us

As a busy mother of two twin boys, I found it difficult to find quality, comfortable and stylish clothing to add to their closet. My frustrations led me to build a brand that reflected my personal taste and aligned with the modern aesthetic I liked to dress my kids in and that's what eventually became Bizzy Bee! I took the time to carefully curate the most one-of-a-kind pieces that can grow with your little ones from brands...

CRWN Creative | Insights
How to Have Fun with Digital Marketing Like a Champion

If your daily schedule consists of burying yourself in spreadsheets and meetings all day long, you're probably at a point where you want to put a pause on all digital marketing-related tasks for the sake of your sanity. Maybe you can't even remember why you started your business in the first place because you spend so much time on your...

CRWN Creative | Insights
5 Benefits of Having a Signature Product

When your ideal client approaches you to inquire about your products, it's often because they're unsure of where to start. You present yourself as a whiz in many areas - a jack of all trades - leaving your client to ponder, "Which one should I try first?". If you have a signature product that reflects your identity, values, and expertise...

CRWN Creative | Insights
Tools & Resources to Help You Balance Work and Life

When you've grown accustomed to the stresses that come with juggling work, family, and your social life, it can be easy to lose sight of what's really important - your well-being! A new year calls for new priorities, so why not take it as an opportunity to focus on maintaining a better work-life balance? Treat it as a clean slate. No excuses!

CRWN Creative | Insights
Finding Success Through Failure

The journey to success is challenging, but it's one always worth exploring. You're bound to bump into many obstacles along the way, but each one is an essential part of the process. Don't believe us? Take a moment to ask yourself, "How many times did I fall before I learned how to walk? How about the time when I got rejected from a career...

Asthma Canada | Get Help
Allergies & Asthma

An allergy is a multifactorial disease with both environmental and hereditary factors. It occurs when the immune system responds to allergens (environmental substances), resulting in an allergic reaction. In response to allergens, the immune system produces an antibody called immunoglobulin E (IgE), releasing chemicals like histamine into the bloodstream.

Asthma Canada | About Us

On May 30, 1973, two asthma community members met with leading Canadian physicians in the field of asthma to discuss the formation of a new Canadian organization dedicated to raising funds solely for the purpose of relieving those suffering from asthma. This organization became known as The Asthma Society of Canada (ASC).

Asthma Canada | News & Updates
10 Tips to Help You Breathe Easy in Summer 2020

With the weather changing amid gradually lifting restrictions, it's only natural that you'll want to venture outside and enjoy the hot summer sun. But it's important to know how to manage your asthma in these changing conditions to avoid asthma symptoms so that you can enjoy even...

The Purpose Project
Gearing Up for Back To School

It's that time of year again - that time when the days become shorter and the evening air becomes milder, but nonetheless pleasant; that time when we put away our lightweight summer attire in favour of warm knits and layers; that time when the kids gear up and adjust (or re-adjust) to...

The Purpose Project
A Basic Guide to Essential Oils

Self-care junkies, lovers of holistic practices, or those who simply want to learn more about them - we kindly ask you to gather 'round! We're talking all about essential oils from their origins, to their individual benefits to the role that they play in terms of helping you live a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle, and more!

The Purpose Project
Plan Toys: Sustainable Play for Growing Minds

As your child grows, their curiosity amplifies and becomes a significant in their brain development and general learning experiences; this is why finding high quality toys that foster creativity, imagination, and movement early on in...

The Purpose Project
Staying "Schooled" with The Little Homie Books

Creativity, community, culture, and fun - these are just a few of the unique elements that The Little Homie brand values and represents! Founder Jessica Chiha began her journey with The Little Homie shortly after the birth of her daughter..

The Purpose Project
5 Poems That Will Help Keep You Inspired

If you love and appreciate poetry as much as we do and you've got a few minutes to spare, let the following empowering poems by some of our favourite contemporary writers help uplift your spirits and take your mind off the stress!

The Purpose Project
DIY Galaxy Slime for Kids

The slime trend has taken over the internet by a storm as of recently and has become a popular sensory object for adults and kids alike. It's fun to make, squish, and play around with and it can even keep your kid preoccupied during those long car rides to the cottage this summer!

The Purpose Project
Party Planning with EBW's Balloon Bar

If you're a regular at The Boulevard Club or have been to one of their events, you've probably seen our balloons featured there. Along with our curated selection of baby + kids wear and home goods that you love to shop for, we also offer...

The Purpose Project
Stripes Away: Summer Basics for Babies

Oh, for the love of stripes.They're one of those patterns that we can't seem to get enough of no matter the season and it's to the extent that we basically treat them as neutrals but with a slight edge. Whether they be diagonal, horizontal or

The Purpose Project
Tips on Surviving the Summer Heat

With the weather finally reaching season-appropriate temperatures, it's no surprise that surviving the heat skyrockets to the top of our priority list - not only is it a matter of comfort, but a matter of preventing heat-related injuries..

The Purpose Project
Gift Ideas + Inspo for Her

Gift shopping can be overwhelming - whether you're meeting your loved one's baby for the first time or preparing for a reunion with your girlfriend's as it's been a really long time. You want a gift that's well intentioned, unique, and appropriate - something that has less of a probability of being matched or duplicated..

The Purpose Project
In Organic Skin Care, We Trust (Feat. K'Pure Naturals)

Our skin is by far one of the most vital parts of our bodies, but despite knowing this, we still tend to neglect caring for it properly. This is why choosing a suitable skin care regime to incorporate with our other daily, self-care rituals is beneficial in maintaining our overall well-being..

The Purpose Project
Keepin' It "Lite" with Native Shoes

Known for their "Keep It Lite" philosophy which cohesively emphasizes a formula of environmentally-friendly materials, innovation, originality, and liteness, Native Shoes are the ideal summer footwear brand for adults and kids alike.

The Purpose Project
Practicing Self-Care Unapologetically

As women, the act of instilling self-care and balance can seem somewhat far-fetched or difficult to achieve especially as we take into consideration the many routines that preoccupy our free time on a daily basis.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Hard Feelings
March 2021 Newsletter: Store & Counselling Updates

Content written for Hard Feeling's March 2021 newsletter, sharing updates to store policies and counselling, as well as new arrivals and initiatives. Layout designed via MailChimp.

Asthma Canada
May 2020 Newsletter: Mother's Day + Webinar

Content written for Asthma Canada's mid-May e-newsletter, encouraging the asthma community to donate for Mother's Day and promoting Dr. Alan Kaplan's webinar.

Personal Narratives and Blogs

Paula Lacsena | Wordpress
Five Canadian Vegan Beauty Brands to Try in 2020

I'm a sucker for vegan beauty products-it's cruelty-free, gentle, and effective for targeting your individual skin issues without the use of chemicals that strip your skin from its natural oils. I've told my loved ones before that if I didn't have aspirations of becoming a writer or communications professional, I'd probably...

Paula Lacsena | Wordpress
When Rescuing a Dog Becomes a Two-Way Street

I had an intense case of cynophobia as a child because of a traumatic experience I had with a Maltipoo. Yes, a small Maltese and Poodle hybrid. I was a meek four-year-old with a small frame, running into my mother's arms as the Maltipoo jumped at my rear, preparing to clench her teeth into my...

Paula Lacsena | Wordpress
How Self-Care Saved My Mental Health

For years, my inability to understand my anxiety was one of my biggest challenges. There were instances in school when my anxiety levels would rise even during the most silent moments-the teacher could simply be writing a sentence on the chalkboard, and it would be efficient enough...