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Paula Lacsena

Graduate Student & Writer

Location icon Canada

Ryerson University Alumna | Humber College Graduate Student

I am a Toronto-based writer and communications enthusiast passionate about telling stories, creating engaging content, promoting inclusivity, and building stimulating connections through words.

With a background in the digital marketing and communications industries, I have written content for various GTA-based non-profits, charities, and local businesses as a content writer, editor, social media coordinator, research assistant, and digital marketing assistant. I continue to hone and build my professional writing skills as a communications assistant at Asthma Canada, where I create engaging and educational content to help Canadians lead healthy, symptom-free lives.

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Graduate Coursework

Social Media Content

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19 FAQ: Management Changes

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗The current outbreak does not require you to change what is considered appropriate asthma control practices. People with asthma are advised to take their daily controller medication as..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Summer Prep: Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "☀️ Head into the summer prepared to tackle any symptoms that come your way! Having an Asthma Action Plan will allow you and your healthcare provider to create a personalized program..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & Allergies: Showering Before Bed

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🚿 Something as simple as taking a quick shower before going to bed can make a huge difference in helping you manage your asthma. When you spend time outdoors during the day..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19: Asthma Management

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Respiratory viruses like COVID-19 can trigger asthma symptoms like coughing and wheezing. To protect yourself and reduce your risk, follow these steps: 🔹 Continue to take your controller..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Missing Work & School: Red Flag (Asthma Signs)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Regularly missing work, school or other important activities is a sign that your asthma is not controlled (a red flag 🔴). If you have one or more red flags you need to seek..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Lifestyle Compromises: Yellow Flag (Asthma Signs)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "If you’re making too many lifestyle compromises, your asthma is poorly controlled (a yellow flag 🌕). You can help yourself breathe easy by regularly consulting with your healthcare provider..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
FAQ: Shortness of Breath/COVID-19

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗Asthma symptoms can flare up for a number of reasons such as seasonal allergies or viral infections. You may be experiencing asthma symptoms due to an increased exposure..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Triggers: Dust Mites

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗Dust mites are tiny, microscopic bugs that collect on humid, dust-prone furnishings like pillows, mattresses, carpets and stuffed toys. They can trigger both asthma and allergies, so it’s important to limit your exposure to them. You can prevent dust mites..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & Allergy HelpLine: Advice & Support

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗Intense emotions like anxiety and fear can take a toll on your mental health and trigger your asthma, so it’s especially important to take control of your symptoms during this unprecedented..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Triggers: Inflammatory & Symptom

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗There are generally two types of asthma triggers: inflammatory (allergic) triggers and symptom (non-allergic) triggers...."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19: Masks & Face Coverings

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Our Health Recommendations For People With Asthma resource includes crucial information about wearing non-medical masks or face..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
FAQ: What Happens During an Asthma Attack?

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗During an asthma attack, the sensitive airway linings react by becoming inflamed, swollen, and mucus filled. The muscles surrounding..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma in Children: Understanding & Managing

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Young children have small, narrow airways, making them prone to colds and certain viral infections like bronchitis. If your child..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19 Resources

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "To help reduce your stress and anxiety at this time, we have created a page with various resources regarding asthma and COVID-19..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & COVID-19 Symptoms Management

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗People with underlying chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes or heart disease appear to be more at risk of severe effects from COVID-19..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Triggers: Mould

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Mould produces spores which can trigger your asthma symptoms and cause an asthma attack. It’s present all year round with seasonal peaks in the spring and summer when the weather’s warm, humid and wet..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Second Annual Asthma Survey [2/2]

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗You still have time to participate in our second Annual Asthma Survey! The survey is open to all Canadian residents who..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Controlling Your Life: Red Flag (Asthma Signs)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "If you feel like your asthma is controlling your life, then your asthma is not controlled (a red flag 🔴). Ensure that you seek..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Medications: Red Flag (Asthma Signs)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗Relievers provide fast but short-term relief of asthma symptoms like coughing and wheezing, while controllers treat..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Allergy Management: Immunotherapy

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Knowing how to properly deal with your allergies can spark confusion as our bodies respond to allergens differently..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Second Annual Asthma Survey [1/2]

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Our second Annual Asthma Survey is STILL OPEN! This survey is available in both English and French and is open to all Canadian..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Management Resources

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "We’re committed to providing you with accessible resources to help you manage your asthma during this time of uncertainty..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Airway Remodelling Explanation

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Airway remodelling is an ongoing structural change in the airways caused by long-term inflammation..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Flare Ups: Red Flag (Asthma Signs)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🔴 A red flag is an indicator that your asthma is not controlled. If you find that you’re suffering from frequent flare ups or asthma attacks..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "These days, we're spending most of our time indoors rather than outdoors, so monitoring the air quality in your home is crucial to maintain..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
FAQ: Mild Asthma & Medications

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Mild asthma can still cause regular symptoms that can limit the quality of your life. It can also cause long-term inflammation in your..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Triggers: Chemical Fumes & Fragrances

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗Strong, chemical fumes and fragrances like laundry detergents, cleaning products, hairspray, cosmetics, paints and perfumes can trigger..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Season Allergies Awareness: Pollen

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌻🐝 Pollen is a common allergen that can trigger allergic rhinitis (aka hay fever) and asthma symptoms. It comes from various species..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Action Plan: Community Promo

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Asthma symptoms can vary depending on the time and situation. It can be difficult to know when changes in your symptoms..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Canada Member Alliance (ACMA)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "The Asthma Canada Member Alliance (ACMA) is a growing, grassroots community of Canadians impacted..."

Story Planet | Instagram
Book Rec: The Earthsea Trilogy

Story Planet (@storyplanetto) on Instagram: "Need something to read this weekend? Our facilitator, Dave, has a recommendation for you! 🎉 . "The..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & Allergy Symptoms Connection

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Allergy symptoms are triggered by a reaction from allergens such as plant pollen..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Side Effects: Yellow Flag (Asthma Signs)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌕 A yellow flag is an indication of poor asthma control. If you're experiencing negative side..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma Management & Self-Advocacy

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "You can play an active role in managing your asthma through the power of self-advocacy. It allows..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Rescue Medications (Relievers)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Relievers (aka rescue medications) are safe but, as with any medication, you should never take more..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Symptom (Non-Allergic) Triggers

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "A trigger is anything that causes inflammation in the airways, causing your asthma symptoms to..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Mother's Day 2020

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌷 Happy Mother's Day! Today, we'd like to celebrate the incredible efforts of all mothers, grandmothers and mother figures..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
FAQ: Is Asthma an Allergy?

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "❗Asthma and allergies are related, but they’re not the same thing. An allergy is a reaction to a usually harmless substance via inhalation, consumption or touch..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
AsthmaCon (Virtual Asthma Conference)

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "AsthmaCon is a virtual conference aimed at educating and empowering the asthma community to..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Share Your Stories/Raise Your Voices

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Asthma affects millions of people in Canada and around the world, but we're committed to fostering..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
World Asthma Day 2020 Promo

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌎 Today, we're celebrating #WorldAsthmaDay as a community to raise awareness about..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
World Asthma Day 2020 Promo

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌎 This #WorldAsthmaDay, we'd like to encourage the Canadian asthma community to join us..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Springtime Allergy Pollen Prevention

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "Common springtime allergens like plant pollen can trigger respiratory symptoms by increasing the..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Importance of Asthma Research

Asthma Canada shared a post on Instagram: "Research plays a crucial role in our dedication to supporting and improving the quality of life for..." * Follow their account to see 618 posts.

Asthma Canada | Instagram
World Asthma Day Social Media Toolkit

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "🌎🎉 Celebrate with us! World Asthma Day is Tuesday, May 5, 2020. World Asthma Day is a day for..."

Asthma Canada | Instagram
Asthma & Allergy HelpLine

Asthma Canada (@asthma_canada) on Instagram: "If you're feeling any form of anxiety about your asthma during this unprecedented time, we're here to offer you with personalized support and advice through our Asthma & Allergy HelpLine..."

Story Planet | Instagram
Book Rec: The Fish Eyes Trilogy

Story Planet (@storyplanetto) on Instagram: "Need something to read this weekend? Our facilitator Bilal has a recommendation for you! 🎉 The..."

Jake's House | Instagram
Call for Volunteers: Toronto Holiday Party 2019

Jake's House Charity (@jakeshousecharity) on Instagram: "Our annual Toronto Holiday Party is only six days away! This is a fun volunteer opportunity for..."

Jake's House | Instagram
Jake's House Art Workshops

Jake's House Charity (@jakeshousecharity) on Instagram: "The first day of our 8-week Art Workshop at Chaminade College School was a huge success, resulting..."

Jake's House | Instagram
Jake's House Toronto Holiday Party

Jake's House Charity (@jakeshousecharity) on Instagram: "Volunteer for Jake's House Toronto Holiday Party - it's only..."

Jake's House | Facebook
Autism Awareness Month

Since 1993, Canadians have been celebrating Autism Awareness Month in October. We’ve marked it as a time to inform the general public on a condition that continues to effect 1 in every 66 individuals in Canada...

Jake's House | Instagram
Autism Awareness Month

Jake's House Charity (@jakeshousecharity) on Instagram: "October marks #AutismAwarenessMonth-a month that Canadians...

Goals A.F CO | Instagram
Executive Pen Demo

@pm.goalsafco on Instagram: "I absolutely adore my Executive Pen from @goalsafco 👏🏼💖 Here's a demonstration of..."

Goals A.F CO | Instagram
Daily Planner Inserts

@pm.goalsafco on Instagram: "What goes well with our quality A5 planners/agendas? Our weekly + daily planner inserts of course!..."

Goals A.F CO | Instagram
Crocodile Leather Pouch

@pm.goalsafco on Instagram: "Our "Croc. Leather Pouch" is made out of 100% genuine leather and is suitable for any occasion..."

Web Content

Asthma Canada
10 Tips to Help You Breathe Easy in Summer 2020

With the weather changing amid gradually lifting restrictions, it's only natural that you'll want to venture outside and enjoy the hot summer sun. But it's important to know how to manage your asthma in these changing conditions to avoid asthma symptoms so that you can enjoy even...

The Purpose Project
Gearing Up for Back To School

It's that time of year again - that time when the days become shorter and the evening air becomes milder, but nonetheless pleasant; that time when we put away our lightweight summer attire in favour of warm knits and layers; that time when the kids gear up and adjust (or re-adjust) to...

The Purpose Project
A Basic Guide to Essential Oils

Self-care junkies, lovers of holistic practices, or those who simply want to learn more about them - we kindly ask you to gather 'round! We're talking all about essential oils from their origins, to their individual benefits to the role that they play in terms of helping you live a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle, and more!

The Purpose Project
Plan Toys: Sustainable Play for Growing Minds

As your child grows, their curiosity amplifies and becomes a significant in their brain development and general learning experiences; this is why finding high quality toys that foster creativity, imagination, and movement early on in...

The Purpose Project
Staying "Schooled" with The Little Homie Books

Creativity, community, culture, and fun - these are just a few of the unique elements that The Little Homie brand values and represents! Founder Jessica Chiha began her journey with The Little Homie shortly after the birth of her daughter..

The Purpose Project
5 Poems That Will Help Keep You Inspired

If you love and appreciate poetry as much as we do and you've got a few minutes to spare, let the following empowering poems by some of our favourite contemporary writers help uplift your spirits and take your mind off the stress!

The Purpose Project
DIY Galaxy Slime for Kids

The slime trend has taken over the internet by a storm as of recently and has become a popular sensory object for adults and kids alike. It's fun to make, squish, and play around with and it can even keep your kid preoccupied during those long car rides to the cottage this summer!

The Purpose Project
Setting Goals and Improving by the Week

When you've failed to meet a certain goal by the time it hits Sunday (we're human and it happens), there's always Monday waiting around the corner - it marks both a clean slate for you to use to your

The Purpose Project
Party Planning with EBW's Balloon Bar

If you're a regular at The Boulevard Club or have been to one of their events, you've probably seen our balloons featured there. Along with our curated selection of baby + kids wear and home goods that you love to shop for, we also offer...

The Purpose Project
Poolside-Friendly Layered Watermelon Pops

Now that summer is in full swing, we think it's necessary to welcome in the season with a simple and delicious recipe to help you and the whole family cool down during those hot days by the pool. They're refreshing and are 100% natural...

The Purpose Project
Stripes Away: Summer Basics for Babies

Oh, for the love of stripes.They're one of those patterns that we can't seem to get enough of no matter the season and it's to the extent that we basically treat them as neutrals but with a slight edge. Whether they be diagonal, horizontal or

The Purpose Project
Tips on Surviving the Summer Heat

With the weather finally reaching season-appropriate temperatures, it's no surprise that surviving the heat skyrockets to the top of our priority list - not only is it a matter of comfort, but a matter of preventing heat-related injuries..

The Purpose Project
Gift Ideas + Inspo for Her

Gift shopping can be overwhelming - whether you're meeting your loved one's baby for the first time or preparing for a reunion with your girlfriend's as it's been a really long time. You want a gift that's well intentioned, unique, and appropriate - something that has less of a probability of being matched or duplicated..

The Purpose Project
A Reminder to Exhale + Release

Exhaling is just as important as inhaling. When we're under stress, it's natural for our breathing patterns to shift into shorter, shallower breaths - this is why practicing proper, controlled breathing techniques is crucial in helping relieve and maintain the stress and tension from our mind..

The Purpose Project
In Organic Skin Care, We Trust (Feat. K'Pure Naturals)

Our skin is by far one of the most vital parts of our bodies, but despite knowing this, we still tend to neglect caring for it properly. This is why choosing a suitable skin care regime to incorporate with our other daily, self-care rituals is beneficial in maintaining our overall well-being..

The Purpose Project
The Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

It's no surprise that smoothie bowls have been on the rise in popularity lately - they're quick to prepare, use inexpensive ingredients, are rich in health benefits (as per super-food standards) and are incredibly delicious! (Feat. Hey Modest Marce)

The Purpose Project
Take Charge & Just Go For It

Sometimes, it takes a simple look in the mirror to remind yourself, "You can and you will". Like an author to a novel, we're the ones who get to dictate the many chapters of our own individual stories; the ones who are in control of the course we set ourselves on to achieve our most desires successes.

The Purpose Project
Keepin' It "Lite" with Native Shoes

Known for their "Keep It Lite" philosophy which cohesively emphasizes a formula of environmentally-friendly materials, innovation, originality, and liteness, Native Shoes are the ideal summer footwear brand for adults and kids alike.

The Purpose Project
Hey Mamas - This One's For You

"Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother" A mother raising her children is one of the most impactful and powerful things to witness and experience in life - it's not at all easy; it's a real super power.

The Purpose Project
Practicing Self-Care Unapologetically

As women, the act of instilling self-care and balance can seem somewhat far-fetched or difficult to achieve especially as we take into consideration the many routines that preoccupy our free time on a daily basis.

The Purpose Project

Founded by two mothers with similar dreams and goals, Maggie and Eve co-founded the Melbourne designed brand that is successfully known to us today for their lightweight, functional, and quality baby products.

The Purpose Project
Best of The Met Gala 2019: Mom Boss Edition

The Annual Met Gala - an anticipated night filled with glamour, creativity, and the unconventional; a night when fashion enthusiasts come together to collectively admire contemporary artistry; a night when men and women can openly express themselves in costume and slay.

Personal Essays and Blogs

Paula Lacsena | Wordpress
Five Canadian Vegan Beauty Brands to Try in 2020

I'm a sucker for vegan beauty products-it's cruelty-free, gentle, and effective for targeting your individual skin issues without the use of chemicals that strip your skin from its natural oils. I've told my loved ones before that if I didn't have aspirations of becoming a writer or communications professional, I'd probably...

Paula Lacsena | Wordpress
When Rescuing a Dog Becomes a Two-Way Street

I had an intense case of cynophobia as a child because of a traumatic experience I had with a Maltipoo. Yes, a small Maltese and Poodle hybrid. I was a meek four-year-old with a small frame, running into my mother's arms as the Maltipoo jumped at my rear, preparing to clench her teeth into my...

Paula Lacsena | Wordpress
How Self-Care Saved My Mental Health

For years, my inability to understand my anxiety was one of my biggest challenges. There were instances in school when my anxiety levels would rise even during the most silent moments-the teacher could simply be writing a sentence on the chalkboard, and it would be efficient enough...

Leaving the Past Behind: It Starts with Us

Recently, I stumbled upon a quote on Instagram I deeply resonated with. What it essentially read is that you should giving up the idolization and attachment to the "you" in the past (the "you" that existed before inevitable painful life experiences obstructed your perception of yourself) and to embrace the "you" that has adapted and reshaped itself in the present.

An Experience with Grief: How I'm Learning to Cope and Move On

​They say that losing a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges a person will experience in their lifetime. They also tell you that you will find ways to heal, and perhaps even heal or find peace completely, and that the process as a whole "gets easier" in time.

Creative Writing

A Garden

my mind is like soil planted with seeds of endless potential i nourish it every day with water to give it life for it is a garden- ​ a garden of growth - P.M


loving yourself is to love every curve on your body and every mark on your skin even on the days when they choose not to because at the end


i looked up at the night sky hoping to feel that familiar shine amongst a bed of flickering stars but i couldn't find one that resembled your smile

Thoughts That Linger

thoughts of you still linger just as your scent does on the surface of my skin if only they had evaporated and left with your whole body; i'd not have to relive them ever again.


dainty but fragile all at once i am surrounded by gloom but i dare not let it control me for it is my inner light that shines through. even the flimsiest of flowers can still bloom in the dark.


he left everything behind to be one with the angels - he felt like it was his time to spread his wings for flight they begged for him to stay; to live and fight his inner conflicts but he slipped...

You & I

you came into my life like a bolt of lightning completely aware of my vulnerability, losses, and fears; but even that wasn't enough to keep you away from me. ​

The Bitterest Pill

the bitterest pill to swallow is not the act of losing those you once loved and cared for; but it is having lost yourself and having lost your light In the process. - P.M

Like Water

i yearn to be like water - fluid but in thought and in movement cohesive with my personal bonds cleansed from all unwanted harm and essential to every soul i touch; to every soul that...

A Crown of Thorns

she wears a crown of thorns that mirror the wounds of her past. she grows with the seasons but her demons still manage to overshadow her growth.


Weary-headed, he felt as if he were carrying the weight of the world and its copious problems on his miniscule shoulders. He looked visibly indisposed; his face gaunt and far paler than his typical...


lit beneath a livid moonlight, i encounter those eyes - serene. a fixed stare, a familiar face; i try to remain composed, but my mind wanders elsewhere. i find a sense of mystery In the subtle...

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