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Heather McCroan

Recreation Coordinator

Hello! My name is Heather McCroan. I am a creative marketing guru that loves to write. I am a bit of a stickler for grammar and a slight perfectionist. My current hometown is sunny Las Vegas, Nevada and my greatest pleasure in life is traveling. I have various interests including piano, sewing, college football, and pilates, but my favorite is coaching youth competitive gymnastics.

United States of America

Kimberly (Gunning) Valentine

Writer & Editor

Business & Leadership • Social Entrepreneurship • Local Startups • Travel & Food Professionally, I have worked as a full-time editor and freelance writer for a variety of print and online publications, ranging from business to lifestyle. I have in-depth research and interviewing experience, and am always looking for unique and engaging stories to report on. I’ve also worked with executives across industries to shape and edit their writing to showcase their expertise and industry leadership. Personally, I am a traveler who's always seeking local experiences, a casual yogi, a long-distance runner and hiker, a food enthusiast, a military wife and a rescue dog mom. I'm in pursuit of a master's degree in communications and media studies from Eastern New Mexico University, and hold a bachelor's degree in journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver.


Lexi Dwyer

Writer + Editor

I'm an experienced lifestyle writer for major consumer publications who's known for submitting elegantly written, well-reported stories. I began my career as an editor at <b>Epicurious</b> and later worked as both a travel editor and contributing editor at <b>BRIDES</b> magazine. Current and past clients include <b>Google, Amazon,,, The Bump, What to Expect,, Bravo TV</b> and <b>New York</b> magazine. I've also worked as a creative consultant doing writing, editing, research and brainstorming for organizations like <b>New York University, Manifest, Greenberg Traurig, LLP</b> and <b>BMI,</b> a leading music-rights organization.


Janna Mandell

Personal Health + Skin + Wellness Journalist

Janna Mandell is a San Francisco Bay Area-based journalist covering personal health and skin. In addition to debunking myths and calling out fear-mongering, Ms. Mandell writes service articles on skin conditions and how to treat them. Previously, she was an executive on Wall Street running strategy, business development and sales for Tradeweb, an electronic trading firm's retail arm.

Stefanie Italia

Freelance writer & editor, Product Support Manager

Stefanie Italia is a writer and editor from Melbourne, Australia. She works in book publishing and has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Publishing and Communications.

Neil Simpson

Experienced journalist and writer

The bulk of my experience is all about London, from writing news and features about museums, galleries, bars and restaurants, to describing the terror of taking part in open-mic stand-up comedy. Since then, my focus has shifted to writing about the climate crisis and communicating solutions, predominantly for Extinction Rebellion and the sustainable banking campaign group that I co-founded, Bank.Green.

Belinda Kerslake

Freelance writer

A freelance writer and copywriter, specializing in travel, marketing and financial services. Based in Sydney, Australia, I've lived in countries including Vietnam, Canada, the UK and Austria, and most recently Malaysia.


Michael Blayney


As a journalist, I write fast and I write accurately, capable of providing weighty and/or whimsical material in an engaging and accessible style. As a copywriter, allow me to deliver your brand's message through compelling, authentic and optimised content. I want the reader to dream it, feel it, purchase it. Email [email protected] for more information. Enjoy selected samples of my work below.

Charisse Fourie


I was not always a writer. I used to be a teacher, teaching Grade 5 in Lavender Hill. My career path was a windy one, the path took me to private teaching, then to video production as a production manager, then to FCB as an Account Manager, then to Client Service Director in a smaller agency. After having a baby I moved to marketing where I was the Global Marketing Manager for an international volunteer organisation. There I managed a team of content creators, social media managers. In this role I had the opportunity to curate global campaigns and do crisis PR management. After 2 years, I decided a slow pace of life was something I wanted to explore. I know work part-time as a Fundraiser and Communications Manager for a local NGO. Here I get to write and strategise. I also started a small marketing consultancy where I help start-ups and NGOs with marketing strategise and build small websites. The rest of the time I spend with my daughter, exploring myself, the world and what it means to live on the outside, more focused on an inwards journey than an external one. My husband and I dream of packing it all up and moving to a small town. I know plan to document this journey as we travel through South Africa looking for this perfect home for us. My writing to date is a mixture of industry opinion articles, personal accounts of my journey as well as content created for clients. A few clippings are below.

Laura Paterson

Freelance Copywriter

I am a storytelling copywriter who specialises in the retail, lifestyle, holiday, and travel industries, with many high-profile names on my client list. I create compelling content to sell experiences ranging from the budget to the luxury. Get in touch to discuss your copy needs!