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Lauren Green

Content Marketing Manager

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BA Hons Journalism graduate. Content Marketing Manager at Flow Digital, and former Web Content Writer at Last Night of Freedom. Obsessed with the Tudor monarchy and an avid fan of Pinterest.



The take-over of augmented and the future possibilities

The vast potential to create, interact and educate with augmented reality (AR) is quickly gaining popularity. In the past, AR gained media attention for simply existing, but recently, companies have been applying the strategy to their marketing campaigns and reaping the rewards. As we move further into the digital world, the benefits of implementing AR are staggering.

Opinion: How augmented reality can revolutionise PR - Gorkana

Lauren Green, content marketing manager at Flow Digital, explores how communicators can use augmented reality (AR) to boost their earned media output. Augmented reality has been buzzing around the marketing industry for the past couple of years, but is only now picking up serious steam.

Halloween's Marketing - Most Successful Campaigns in 2017

If there's one thing we can guarantee with the start of the holiday season, it's powerful digital marketing. To create a successful marketing campaign and 'go viral,' you need good digital marketing tips and an idea of the future trends. We are outlining our favourite Halloween campaigns that have kept us up at night.

Why Brands are Using Instagram to Connect with their Audience

There's no denying the power of Instagram today. Instagram is Facebook's new Facebook, launching the career of influencers, catapulting brands to enormous heights and even allowing fans to connect with celebrities. Instagram boasts over 700 million active users - it's much more than a platform to share your breakfast these days (but we still want to see that).

7 Digital Marketing Trends to Act On Now

With January almost over, we imagine you're somewhere between frantically producing your digital marketing strategy and researching the digital marketing trends for 2018. It's not too late to establish a comprehensive marketing plan and incorporate the trends below, to stay ahead of your competitors. You better stick the kettle on...

Link Building Tips and Tricks to Improving your Content

Link building, in a nutshell, is the process of securing links back to your website. The more links you have, the more authoritative your website. Therefore, the better your site will perform in searches while building relationships and driving traffic. Links are fundamental to the existence of your brand, and the web.

Are We Ready for the Power of Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) - previous tapped the lesser known cousin of virtual reality (VR) - is changing the face of the future. All industries must take note of the possibilities of AR, as we move further into the digital world.

Digital Marketing Tools your Business Needs for 2018

There's no shortage of digital marketing tools available in just one click. However, these days, the sheer number of digital marketing tools and techniques can seem overwhelming. Each tool requires time and investment; something you may not have. We've cut it down to a handful of the industry's finest tools for you to start with.

How to Make Your Social Media a Success for 2018

We're almost ready to bid a fond farewell to 2017 (we're not sure where the time has gone either), and it's time to start planning for 2018. No, we're not getting ahead of ourselves - if you put the work in for next year, you'll reap the rewards.

Essential Tools and Beginners Guide To Keyword Research

Keyword research is hugely important when it comes to creating content for your website; we cannot stress this point enough. When you search for a product or particular service on Google, how often do you look at the second page, or even third? In most cases, you'll not look further than Google's first page.

Get your Business Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The greatest holiday for shoppers (and the worst for those who work in retail...) is around the corner, and it's time for you to prepare your brand for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday mayhem. If you haven't done so yet, we are outlining our Black Friday marketing strategy to ensure you are ahead of the competition when it comes to enticing your prospects.

Top Google Trends in the UK and Newcastle

As a country, it turns out we spend a lot of time searching for royalty. The top Google search terms for the UK have been released, and Meghan Markle is sitting pretty at the top. There are over 450,000 searches per month of the future royal bride, making her the top search according to the Google Trends data.

Digital Marketing Strategy is Essential for Business in 2018

A digital marketing strategy is essential for your business to move forward, especially in 2018. As a digital agency, we've got plenty of tips to get you planning, boosting your profile and targeting the right people. Get settled in... In 2018, online services are in huge demand.

How we conduct an SEO website audit for your business

When it comes to your business, how your website performs can make or break your brand. If you want to drive traffic to your site and expand your reach, you need to start with an SEO website audit. This first step is essential for all good digital marketing strategies.

What does the GDPR legislation mean for my business?

The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, comes into force on May 25th, 2018. The GDPR data protection is the most extensive privacy legislation change ever undertaken. The data protection legislation refers to a new set of laws, safeguarding personal data.

Local SEO Tips to Get your Business and Site Started

Firstly, you need to know what keywords to rank for. Find the search terms your customers are using, and you are already along that yellow brick road. For instance, if you're a roofing company, there are a number of keywords that prospects search for. A simple search for 'roofing company' pulls back 1,900 searches a month.

Why You Can't Ignore Dark Social For Your Business

If you're not preparing for the rise in dark social, where have you been? There are plenty of digital marketing tools and techniques, and dark social is proving to be one of the biggest for 2018. If you don't know what is dark social, let us explain.

Nightlife Newcastle

Nightlife Newcastle
Nightlife Newcastle

Blog posts, SEO and social media led by me.

Product Descriptions

I produced content for the guides, activities, venue and hotel descriptions. Please click on link to see the range of content.

Newcastle's Top Live Music Venues | Last Night of Freedom

Arena Way, Newcastle, NE4 7NA Tel: 0844 493 6666 | It has been home to everything in its long past; music, sport, comedy and business, but music is its bread and butter. Every huge name in the industry has played here - Beyoncé, David Bowie, Oasis, Coldplay, ACDC and, since 2007, it has even been the home of Premier League Darts.
Why Choose Newcastle For Your Stag Do?

It's no secret that Newcastle's nightlife reputation is steeped in glory. Our most popular destination boasts a nightlife scene that rivals any European capital - it's loud, legendary and unforgettable. The centre can be broken down into several drinking districts, all within easy walking distance of each other.
Hen's Guide to Central London Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

Soho is the biggest name on the London nightlife scene. It's like a scene from another world - a world where secret den like sex shops sit alongside gorgeous boutiques and illustrious bars. Having won Best London Club Night in the London Club and Bar Awards 2015, Cirque le Soir is synonymous with everything the bright lights of Soho stand for.
Why Choose Dublin for Your Hen Party? | Last Night of Freedom

Dublin nightlife has a rich history in Europe. As the birthplace of Guinness and the finest whiskey known to man (or woman, in this case) - it's to be expected. Whilst the cobbled streets may be famed for buskers and ale, this cosmopolitan party city - and our number two hen party destination of 2016 - has a wealth of chic cocktail bars, nestled alongside the notorious pubs.
LNOF's Ultimate Newcastle Stag Do Package

All roads lead to Revs... they do in our books. Revolution Newcastle is set right on the edge of both the Diamond Strip and Bigg Market - the former will lead you to a street of suave bars and lasses with nee coats, and the other will take you on a whirlwind of Newcastle's loudest and rowdiest clubs - and is a landmark in the centre.
Stag's Guide to South London Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

Clapham is the cool, older brother of West London. It may be laid-back, but it's certainly not sleepy. Gigalum is firmly established as the best party going in Clapham. Summer is all year round at this Ibiza-inspired garden terrace bar - with huge awnings and outdoor heaters.
Hen's Guide to West London Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

Kensington is swish, swanky and sophisticated - this is where London's elite come to play and party. Set against a backdrop of exclusive boutiques and many of the capitals most expensive homes; Kensington has a luxurious, laidback vibe during the day - and an illustrious, dark and cool edge come nightfall.
Why Choose Nottingham for Your Stag Do? | Last Night of Freedom

Starting with the most important part of your weekend, Nottingham has a whole load of areas overflowing with beers and bars. The Lace Market is the biggest, rowdiest and loudest name on Nottingham's nightlife scene. This city was once famous for its lace (would you believe...)
Hen's Guide to South London Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

Clapham is the epicentre of all things South London. It's the crazy, exciting younger sister of West London. Aquum is chic and glamour personified. This SW bar has a real trendy vibe during the day, and effortlessly flows into the place to see, and be seen in, as darkness falls.
Stag's Guide to West London Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

You can't possibly start the night in West London anywhere else but Kensington. This area is swanky and sophisticated, and has more of a relaxed vibe than say Mayfair, or the West End - but that doesn't mean it's any less glamorous, and the bars on Kensington High Street prove that.
Stag's Guide to Central London Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

Soho is an illicit district of secret dens, characterful bars and unbelievable clubs. It's a chaotic carnival, and it's shamelessly sexy. Soho is the most famous of all 'nightlife' areas in the capital - and rightly so. Cirque le Soir is Soho personified. Winners of the Best London Club Night in 2015, this place is unparalleled.
Edinburgh's Best Kept Secrets | Last Night of Freedom

You don't simply stumble upon The Devil's Advocate. This bar and restaurant is tucked away in the historical and buzzing Old Town, set in a former Victorian pump house, hidden away in Advocates Close. This building is steeped in history, and has no shortage of space.
Stag's Guide to Dublin Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

As soon as Ireland's madcap capital is mentioned, you'd be forgiven for thinking solely of the Temple Bar. This huge drinking district is the idiocentric hub of Dublin - where the bars open late and draw in punters until the next morning.
Rose Street Pub Crawl | Edinburgh | Last Night of Freedom

3-5 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR Tel: 0131 225 5276 | The Abbotsford is Edinburgh's best preserved elaborately designed and ornamented bar to have survived from the 'Golden Age' of Scottish pub design. The dark brown, Spanish-style mahogany island bar is the real star of the show - it's even a tourist attraction.
Drinking Traditions Around the World | Last Night of Freedom

Canadians have taken drinking to the extreme with this pastime. At the Sourdough Saloon, you can be initiated into a secret club if you finish the famous Sour Toe Cocktail - containing a generous helping of alcohol and, of course, an alcohol-preserved human toe.
Stag's Guide to Newcastle Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

The Diamond Strip is like the W1 of London - trendy, suave and expensive. With 'diamond' denoting its exclusivity; these upmarket and cool bars and clubs attract Newcastle's VIPs - celebrities, the Geordie Shore crew, footballers and their adoring female fans and it is the place to see and be seen.
Made in Chelsea Bar Crawl | London | Last Night of Freedom

541 King's Road, London , Chelsea, SW6 2EB Tel: 020 3397 3739 | This gastro pub boasts cuisine from all around the world; serving everything from raw Asian slaw with herbs and chilli to fragrant pan roasted duck breast.
Newcastle Quayside's Best Bars | Newcastle | Last Night of Freedom

Lower Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE1 3JE Tel: 0191 233 3733 | The bar / club is sleek, stylish and sophisticated, with VIP booths, chandeliers and plush white furniture - this is where A-list stars, including Cheryl Cole and The Saturdays, come to drink and dance the night away.
Hen's Guide to Newcastle Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

Running from the world-famous Grey's Monument, to the glorious Quayside, lies the classy and chic Grey Street to Dean Street stretch; brimming with side-to-side bars and restaurants. Overlooking Grey's Monument, the trendy boutique bar, The Botanist, is in a class of its own.
Fulham's Top Pubs | London | Last Night of Freedom

477 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HL Tel: 020 7385 4654 | Situated directly opposite Stamford Bridge, this is where Chelsea Football Club was founded in 1905. Back then, it was known as The Rising Sun, but the deal for the club was signed in a room above the pub - and the boozer is firmly imprinted on the hearts of Fulham dwellers for life.
Cardiff's Best Cocktail Bars | Cardiff | Last Night of Freedom

Greyfrairs Road, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 3DP Tel: 029 2023 3854 | This modern day coliseum has a whopping 10 bars, as well as seven themed rooms - including three awesome music rooms (the Groovy Room is party central), two cocktail bars and, we saved the best until last, a karaoke room.
Hen's Guide to Dublin Nightlife | Last Night of Freedom

The Temple Bar is the big name in Dublin. This is the seasoned, world-famous sister of the other drinking districts - it's a fantastic whirlwind of old-school boozers, live music bars and the odd late night lounge. You may struggle to find a gorgeously chic cocktail bar, but that's not why you visit the notorious Temple Bar.
Newcastle's Best Burgers | Last Night of Freedom

Starters: Dirty Skins | Freddie's Fingers | Deep Fried Gherkins | Mac n' Cheese Balls Mains: Mac The Ripper | Fat Hippo | American | Texas | Stinky Pete Nestled discreetly away from the hustle and bustle (literally, underground) of the vibrant and lively Newcastle city centre that we all know and love, lies one of our favourite burger hideouts - Fat Hippo Underground.
London Bridge Pub Crawl | London | Last Night of Freedom

Tea Trade Wharf, Shad Thames, London, SE1 2YG Tel: 020 7378 1700 | Butlers Wharf was once a thriving hub of the tea trade in London and, over the years, it's moved particularly upmarket (although, you can still get a good cup of Rosey Lee).
Music Festival Hen Party Ideas | Last Night of Freedom

2016 dates: June 22 - June - 26 You'd be forgiven for thinking of Glastonbury as soon as you hear the words 'music festival'. Glastonbury is the BIG one. This is one of the largest and longest running festivals in the UK, attracting the biggest names in the industry - from Beyoncé, to Jay Z, to Coldplay.
Top Ten Stag Party Activities for 2016 | Last Night of Freedom

Riga is not only the King of Stag Weekends, but it's also home to an impressive, Olympic-standard Bobsleigh track. Set on Sigulda, the highest hill in the city, this track is the Dogs Baltics - with 14 curves and a bridge to negotiate. It's certainly not for the faint-hearted, but life is for living.
Marbella Party Crawl | Marbella | Last Night of Freedom

Avenida Lola Flores, Marbella, 29660 Tel: 00 952 90 81 37 | Set in lively and uber-glamorous, Puerto Banus, this is where Europe's elite come to play, dance and drink under the sun. And, it is the most perfect recovery spot for you after our fantastic bar crawl.
Newcastle Cocktail Bar Crawl | Newcastle | Last Night of Freedom

Collingwood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1JF Tel: 0191 261 8901 | The famous bar retains its original 30ft ceilings, marble pillars and gorgeously classic features - it's a must stop. Firmly cemented in the heart of both the locals, and tourists alike, Revs has a whole variety of beers, spirits and, of course, cocktails.
Luxurious Hen Party Activities | Last Night of Freedom

Indulge yourself with the most important meal of the day - now with added bubbles. A hen weekend is your last big send-off into married life (we should know, we've planned a fair few in our time) and such an important occasion warrants a refreshing glass of fizz.
Football on Your Stag Weekend | Last Night of Freedom

Watching a live game of footy on your stag weekend is the ultimate way to celebrate. Seeing Messi at the Nou Camp and watching Ronaldo, once ranked as the Best Player in the World, is the dream for any Groom-to-Be - and is guaranteed to get you into the Best Man Hall of Fame.
Live Like a Local: Warsaw | Last Night of Freedom

Definitely paintball, what's not to love? I would also suggest you start the night with a party bus and vodka tasting. You can't go all the way to Warsaw without sampling the local vodka. The Metropol Hotel is super central, just opposite the iconic Palace of Culture and Science, and I can guarantee you'd have a good stay here.
Most Outrageous Hen Party Activities | Last Night of Freedom

via The Canyon Amidst the crazy carousel of 24 hour casinos, bars and clubs - it's worth taking a step back (or upwards in this case) when partying in Vegas. And, we can't think of anything more exclusive or glamorous for your hen weekend, than a private helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.
Cardiff Party Crawl | Cardiff | Last Night of Freedom

32 Saint Mary Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 1AB Tel: 029 2022 4254 | Playhouse is one of Cardiff's leading strip clubs; with the emphasis on luxury. There are plush VIP lounges, super expensive champagne, full waitress service for tables and, of course, over 50 gorgeous women performing regularly on the main stage.
Live Like a Local: Poznan | Last Night of Freedom

Go karting is always a popular choice and it's such a great laugh. However, I would definitely recommend Bobsleighing and Husky Sledging, as when are you ever going to be taking part in these activities again? The Brovaria Hotel is the perfect choice - it's slap-bang in the heart of the Old Town.
As You Like It Restaurant Review | Last Night of Freedom

As You Like It is tucked away in the ultra-stylish suburb of Jesmond. For those out of towners, Jesmond is recognised as the place to start your night out in the Toon, as it's just a short walk from Newcastle city centre.
Budget Friendly Stag Party Destinations | Last Night of Freedom

With an unbelievable reputation preceding it, Budapest is probably the cheapest destination for alcohol you'll ever visit. The price of a pint of beer in Budapest will literally blow your mind; starting at just €0.58 (47p), with premium lagers costing a whopping €1.31 (£1.06) - you'll be fighting over who's round it is next.
6 of the Best Celebrity Wedding Instagram Pictures | Last Night of Freedom

With everyone from A-list film stars to reality TV faves to supermodels tying the knot - it's been a big couple of years for celebrity weddings. Kim Kardashian wed in an Italian extravaganza, Ashley Tisdale celebrated her big day with a secret, boho themed ceremony and Lauren Conrad's picture perfect wedding left us green with envy.
9 Women You'll Encounter on Every Hen Party | Last Night of Freedom

This woman is super helpful... and a massive headache. In fact, you feel like you've known her all your life due to the Whatsapps, Facebook messages, Snapchats, phonecalls, texts, emails and faxes of every fine detail of the hen do - including curfews.
Prague Old Town Bar Crawl | Prague | Last Night of Freedom

Smetanovo nábr. 198/1, Prague, 110 00 Tel: 00420 222 220 502 | Each floor at Karlovy has its own unique style and atmosphere and, as you work your way up the levels, you'll struggle to find one bit of blood that hasn't been pumped in this place.
Top 10 Stag Party Costumes 2016 | Last Night of Freedom

Personalised T-shirts have long been our most popular accessories - and they are a staple of pretty much every stag weekend. There will definitely be T-shirts and you will have a nickname that you don't ever want your mum to find out about (or the wife), on the back of it.
Cultural Attractions in Hamburg | Last Night of Freedom

Hailed as 'The Gateway to the World', Hamburg does not disappoint. The dazzling metropolis of lively nightclubs, unique shopping districts and world-renowned attractions that make it Germany's central hub for culture. From the picturesque harbour to the notorious red light district, the revolutionary architecture to the lively beer halls, Hamburg has plenty of interests to keep you entertained throughout your trip.
WTF is an Usher? | Last Night of Freedom

So, you didn't make it as the best man (condolences, mate), but, hey - you're still an usher, right? There's just one teeny tiny problem - WTF is an usher?
Top 5 Hen Party Dance Classes | Last Night of Freedom

The 80s was the best decade. It was all lycra, neon-coloured leggings, perms, leg warmers and Sinitta - those were the days. This 80s dance class is a touch of nostalgia on your lively hen weekend - and you can do it in over 20 hen do destinations in the UK, including bonny Edinburgh and the madcap capital.
The Strangest Stag Do Requests Ever | Last Night of Freedom

We'll start as we mean to go on - and this is possibly one of our strangest requests to date. Whilst booking the Groom-to-Be's stag do, the best man enquired about hiring a fake boob (perfectly normal) for the man of the moment to milk and... drink from.
How to Deal with a Bridezilla | Last Night of Freedom

From men in suits to complimentary champers to gorgeous gowns; what's not to love about weddings? However, if, whilst planning her big day, the Bride-to-Be quickly morphs into a fire-breathing monster phoning you every night at 2am as the chair covers are the wrong shade of eggshell white and it is, just, like, totally the worst thing that could ever happen - it could soon take a sharp turn for the worse.
10 Worst Marriage Proposals | Last Night of Freedom

The days of taking your partner to a beautiful restaurant, ordering a bottle of the finest Champagne and getting down on one knee (as a string quartet plays softly in the background of course) have suddenly been replaced by flash mobs, public proposals and in many cases - runaway women.

Mel B gets a scary new rum baba hairstyle!

Previous Next Mel B debuted her strange new up-do on the first live show of America's Got Talent Mel B later posted a pic with fellow judge Heidi Klum on Instagram Mel B has recently been sporting long curly locks Mel B is known for her drastic hairstyles - in 2010 she shaved part of her head Mel B stepped out with a scary new hairstyle for the first live show of America's Got Talent this week.

Rita Ora wears sexy suspenders and thigh-high white boots on night out

Previous Next Rita Ora heads out to a friend's party in sexy suspenders Rita Ora posts a picture of her night out on Instagram Rita Ora recently arrived back in England after a romantic holiday with Calvin Harris Rita Ora is famous for her risqué outfits Rita Ora decided to show off her wild side wearing suspenders as she celebrated a friend's birthday in London last night.
Top 5 Stag Do Pranks | Last Night of Freedom

Once upon a time, a stag do was a pretty simple concept. You went out to the local, had a few (or ten) beers and ended the night taping the groom-to-be to a lamppost wearing nothing but his birthday suit.
Play with a Legend | Last Night of Freedom

This once in a lifetime experience is the stuff that childhood dreams were made of. Remember the good old days when you and the stag used to play footy with the boys, use your school jumpers as goalposts and pretend you were playing with Chris Kamara, before burying the ball in the back of the net and performing your new celebratory dance move as the crowd went wild?
The 5 Most Outrageous Celebrity Diva Requests | Last Night of Freedom

We're all familiar with the outrageous world of celebrities and their diva demands (at LNOF HQ we only drink water that runs from gold taps and is blessed by angels); from Kanye West's bumpy carpet to Mariah Carey's penchant for household pets being released into the wild, so we've taken it upon ourselves to round up some of the most elaborate and incredibly ridiculous celeb demands.
Spotlight On: Cologne's Festivals | Last Night of Freedom

Located along the picturesque Rhine River, Cologne has all of the charm you might expect from a riverside city. From the trendy harbour to the Gothic buildings to the famous carnivals, this modern meets medieval city is teeming with endless possibilities.
How to Survive the Monday after Your Stag Party | Last Night of Freedom

Lads, Monday's back. After an epic stag weekend spent paintballing, go karting, shooting and just about any other macho activity you can think of (with a few strip clubs thrown in for good measure, of course) - the thought of going back to the daily grind is enough to bring you all out into a cold sweat.
24 Hours in Poznan | Last Night of Freedom

As one of the oldest cities in Poland, Poznan has been making waves for the past several hundred years. In fact, it was here and in nearby Gniezno that the Polish state was first established.
How to Be the Perfect Bridesmaid | Last Night of Freedom

In my experience, being a bridesmaid can go one of two ways: absolutely swimmingly or life-shatteringly horrendous. My first time taking on the prestigious title was a great success (granted, I was only eight), but the second time - not so much.
8 Drunk Conversations Every Man Has | Last Night of Freedom

After ten or so pints and a round the world trip in the works, the night can become a bit of a blur - so we've rounded up what happens when lads go out for 'just a few'. It'll be eye-opening. via Lazy Sunday Mag 'Are you a good wingman?'
Ed Miliband Joins Hen Party | Last Night of Freedom

Ed Miliband's status as a fully-fledged ladies' man was established last Saturday as he gatecrashed a rowdy hen weekend in Chester. The unlikely pin-up was mobbed as he got off his tour bus and walked straight into the gaggle of hens, who whipped out their selfie sticks for some cracking snaps with the Labour Leader/Butler in the Buff.

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