Noah Dolinajec

Creative writer

United States

Trained as a mathematician (B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics), driven by a passion for conservation and wildlife science (graduate student of Fisheries and Wildlife Administration), I have spent a decade writing all kinds of stories. Some pertaining to conservation and science, others about entirely unrelated topics. But, always telling the stories which desperately need to be told.

I am available for many types of writing:
- Ghostwriting for technical articles and book content
- Grant writing
- Content creation for websites and brochures
- Blog content
- Long-form articles
- Email content & newsletters
- White papers
- Technical writing
- Press release writing

Law Offices of Marc S. Albert
Ramy Aqel - Law Offices of Marc S. Albert

Since his graduation from law school in 2014, Ramy has been dedicated to the representation of victims of personal injury and medical malpractice. Before joining the Law Offices of Marc S. Albert, Mr. Aqel honed his legal skills while interning at the New York State Supreme Court and the Kings County District Attorney's Office.

Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Laboratory
What is a scientist? - Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Laboratory

By Noah Dolinajec, MSc student, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, GEMM Lab summer intern There is something special about the Oregon Coast. It's like nowhere else in the world. When Lisa told me that gray whales are understudied on our coastline, I secretly and selfishly thought to myself, "I hope it stays that way".

3 Alaskan Ski Resorts near Fairbanks

Fairbanks, Alaska is home to three nearby ski resorts as well as heli-skiing and backcountry Nordic options. Just a 5-hour drive south of the Arctic Circle, it's easy to imagine the kind of winter wonderland Fairbanks becomes during the winter months.

Epic Skiing near Juneau, Alaska

Although difficult to reach, Juneau is a place where you come, skis or board in hand, for an extended trip. Visitors to this area come with the understanding that a single, very high-quality ski resort is within 15 minutes of the downtown area and beyond that, mountain time will be dominated by heli-skiing and backcountry options.

4 Alaskan Ski Resorts near Anchorage

Those living or spending time in Anchorage, Alaska can find themselves near 4 different ski resort areas within about an hour's drive. Home to one of the most sought-after ski resorts in the world, skiers and snowboarders alike can hit the slopes at the community-focused ski areas or large-scale ski resort.

7 Oregonian Ski Resorts Closest to Portland

Look! It's Utah! It's Colorado! Wait, it's Oregon! And it's got some of the most well-rounded ski resorts in North America. Somehow, the Cascade Range hotspot has remained an afterthought to the famous Colorado, Utah and Northern California ski areas that dominate west coast ski and snowboard culture.

The Ski Resorts within 2 hours of Truckee, California

Sitting pretty on the Northern edge of Lake Tahoe, Truckee, CA is a town that will take your breath away... not to mention give you a lifetime worth of skiing and snowboarding. "But, I thought California was all palm trees, sandy beaches, and freeways...", you might say. Well, think again!

Wild Bird Scoop
The 9 Woodpeckers of Wisconsin (Pictures) - Wild Bird Scoop

Spring has passed and summer is here. For the bird-lovers among us, observing season is in full effect. No matter where you are, there's an abundance of avian life flouting its summer brevity. From migrating raptors through the American southwest to Snowy plovers on the Pacific Coast to the midwest's mass migration of birds from the Canadian Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico (and further).

Happy Hippies in Eureka, California

The modern hippy is far cry from the origins of the word " hippy." Most times you find hippies on the road, they're more like transients and a lot less like the anarchist, peace and love, robe wearing garden lovers of the 1970s.

Spectrums Magazine
Strategies for an autism-friendly Halloween

As the leaves begin to change and the days become shorter, one holiday that many children look forward to is Halloween. It can be a joyous event where children are allowed to express themselves through costume, collect candy and enjoy the fantasies of their young molding minds.

Spectrums Magazine
Top 5 Portland-area hikes to hold attention

By Noah Dolinajec Hiking our area trails provide families and those with autism a great way to engage, be observant and take in the world around them while utilizing his or her strengths. Here are five hikes around the Portland area that offer an outdoor setting with nature-based activities to keep your child with special needs engaged.

Sports Writing

The Hockey Writers
Intoxicated: The Need for Reform in the NHL's Drug Policy |

On August, 25 th 2015, former Los Angeles Kings forward and two-time Stanley Cup victor Mike Richards was formally charged with possession of a controlled substance while entering Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued a short statement saying just that, but their stark public words meant a whole lot more to the hockey world than just the reprimanding of Richards himself.