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Freelance copywriter, content maker, blogger, playwright.

ITC Travel Group
Other Shores, Spring 2018

Other Shores - Spring 2018 'Picture This' caption by Aileen Quinn p.7 News round-up by Aileen Quinn pp. 8-11 COMO Hotels & Resorts Advertorial by Aileen Quinn pp. 52-53 Barbados hotel advertorial by Aileen Quinn pp.76-77

Inspiring Travel Company
The Brando: The Best In Eco-Luxury

If You're Looking For A Luxury Holiday To An Eco-Resort, Choose The Brando. Find Out About The Island In BBC Two Documentary 'Life Beyond The Lobby'.

Inspiring Travel Company
COMO Hotels & Resorts

An ebrochure produced for the COMO Hotels & Resorts group showcasing their signature properties and communicating the brand's identity.

The (mal)Contented Mother
In The Night Garden: 10 things we're all thinking (aren't we?)

I don't about you, but in our household each day is rounded off by sitting down to watch the much loved, and frankly bizarre, children's TV phenomenon that is In the Night Garden. Most of the time I find it oddly charming. In fact, I am generally ever-indebted to CBeebies for providing a stream of ad-free, colourful programmes...

ITC Travel Group
Other Shores, Summer/Autumn 2017

Other Shores - Summer/Autumn 2017 Editorial style articles by Aileen Quinn: pp. 8-9 pp. 16-17 Round-up style articles by Aileen Quinn: pp. 46-47 pp. 62-65 Interview by Aileen Quinn: p. 14

The (mal)Contented Mother
Dear January - a break-up note

Dear January, It's not you, it's me. Wait, what am I saying? It's definitely you. This is going to sound harsh, but seriously, everyone agrees. I just need to be honest with you, because it's not working out. It never does, does it? Every year it's the same.

The (mal)Contented Mother
8 thoughts for Mental Health Awareness Day...

Today has been Mental Health Awareness Day and there are lots of nice posts going around that are useful or informative or comforting. They make me think about a lot of stuff. What you'll read below is more a collection of slightly uncomfortable musings than a coherently constructed reflection on mental health awareness and the...

Guest post: 'In the Club' - what were your antenatal classes like? |

The BBC's new drama In the Club aired last night, and apparently it's 'Call the Midwife for the Mumsnet generation' - but did you recognise its depiction of antenatal classes? The programme must show that the relationships between mothers-to-be are about more than shared circumstances, argues MN blogger Aileen Few.

folks magazine
6 ways to support new parents

Aileen is a mother of one 'spectacularly wonderful baby boy' and a survivor of depression. She blogs about the positive moments of raising a child, as well as the challenges it brings. This post originally appeared on The (Mal)contented Mother and was republished with kind permission.

Rainbow Tours
The Secret To Saving Thousands On A Safari Holiday

Every keen traveller likes to know they're getting the best value without compromising on the quality of their experience. Safari holidays are no different but it can be a challenge knowing where to start when planning your own trip.

How to run a workshop

Workshops are a great way to help people engage with big issues and work together. If you have a well thought out plan and feel confident then nothing should stop your workshop being a great success! Get support If you've never done something like this before, or you're just a bit busy, don't feel you have to do it all alone.

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