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Меня зовут Деревянко Евгений. Имею опыт в журналистике более 5-ти лет, из которых год работал главным редактором портала о студенческом спорте Специализируюсь как на текстовом контенте (интервью, репортажи, новости, аналитика), так и на видеоматериалах (интервью, репортажи, вайны). Мои лучшие работы вы можете увидеть ниже.



Independent Journalist

Wandering journalist traveling the world by bicycle and horseback. My work focuses on adventure travel, sustainability, and grassroots environmental movements . You can find me somewhere along the Silk Road or at


Alison Lincoln

Freelance Writer, Author and Ghostwriter

With an equine science degree, Alison has taught on higher education courses in several colleges in the UK. Her book 'Equine Sports Coaching' was published in 2008 and remains on the recommended reading list for the British Horse Society's coaching qualifications. Her new book 'Be Your Own Equine Sports Coach' is due out at the end of 2021. She has extensive writing experience including external funding bids, local government report writing, business plans and distance learning packs. Currently she works as a writer, author and ghost writer, regularly contributing to Horsemart and as well as working with business owners and entrepreneurs to bring their business books to life. Her particular area of interest is science based coaching of equestrian sports including exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport psychology and coaching techniques. Her aim is to make the science of coaching accessible to all.


Juan Pablo Gatti


Católico. Narrador de Historias del deporte. Fundador de The Line Breaker y colaborador en Sphera Sports. Miembro del #FifaFanMovement. Escribí el libro Detrás del Muro 🧱. Detrás de cada deportista hay una vida y eso es lo que me interesa dar a conocer.

Elizabeth Muratore

Writer & Editor

I live, breathe, write, and talk about sports. I currently write for Rising Apple, the New York Mets site within the FanSided network, and Girl at the Game, a female-founded sports media company that promotes female voices in sports. I co-host a Mets and MLB-focused podcast, Cohen's Corner. I am also a newsletter editor for the Internet Baseball Writers' Association of America. My main baseball interests include the New York Mets, humanizing baseball players through personal stories, and the Baseball Hall of Fame. I admire women blazing trails in sports. With my work, I aim to inspire other female sports fans to find their voice and express themselves confidently. I graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. I majored in Marketing and Management with a concentration in Advertising and Digital Media and a minor in English, and I have extensive experience with writing, editing, and digital marketing. I am seeking more opportunities to share my passion about baseball through writing. I am available for freelance and full-time writing and editing, baseball-themed or otherwise. I also enjoy using my English background to work with others on their writing. If you are looking for guidance on college essay writing or brainstorming, I would love to help. You can reach me at [email protected] or via the contact link below.

Theodora MacLeod

Journalist, MacEwan University

Having been a writer my entire life, the decision to pursue journalism was an easy one. After graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Sociology in 2017, I set my sights on completing a Bachelor of Communications in Journalism, and haven't looked back. I am a journalist who loves working with words to convey ideas and explore the world around me. I am so excited to be learning and practising the art of writing informative and compelling articles while working on editing my fiction novels in my spare time. Writing truly is my passion and I welcome every opportunity I have to strengthen my craft. I intend to explore as many areas of writing and journalism as I can to diversify my portfolio and find the area where I am best suited; for me, the most important part of being a writer is taking information and experiences and sculpting them into a piece of work that inspires emotion in readers while providing new and informative perspectives.