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Six Bernardo

Content Producer by day, internet adventurer by night.

Six gives a 10 to any task given to him. A resourceful, all-around communication graduate with the love of creating and learning. Once he believes in something, whether a person, company or product. He makes sure that other people see that spark too— through media magic. A sure team player with a positive attitude and is game for anything.


Brandon Austin

Content Creator

Editor and social media manager with 7 years of experience creating engaging content and leading editorial processes. Manage social media accounts and implement strategies to engage audiences, grow followers and increase traffic. Research and analyze trends to develop and pitch the most creative content.


Matt Lechuga, MBA

Marketing Manager

University of Arizona alum. Marketing Manager at Meridian Consultants. Part-time sportswriter.

Robert Ricks

Owner, The Dollars And Sense Sports Blog. Contributor, The Cards Wire and The Jaguars Wire

If you can think it, I can write it. I have a grand love for the major sports but I can write about many things. Long articles are my speciality. Baton Rouge Community College graduate and English major. All writing inquiries: [email protected] or reach out to me on here

Danni Santana

Business Journalist

A proud video game and sports enthusiast, Danni Santana is an alum of CUNY York College and the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. He offers years of business reporting experience covering restaurants, hospitality, insurance, and sports business.

Marcos Chisholm

Freelance Writer

Marcos Chisholm is a freelance writer who covers business, sports, and more. He also creates SEO/blog content for young brands and platforms looking to establish credibility with their target audiences. His work has been featured in OTR Global, Retail Environments Magazine, Bleacher Report,, and more. Marcos is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, where he furthered his insatiable appetite for the game of basketball without losing his cravings for croquetas and pastelitos.

Matthew Reagan

Program Manager at CalMatters

Matthew Reagan is a journalist and the Program Manager for the CalMatters College Journalism Network — a collaboration between CalMatters and student journalists from across the state to produce high quality, student-centered coverage of higher education in California. Reagan also served as a Fellow and intern with CJN beginning Sept. 2020 where he covered the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on students, state higher education policy and the 2021 California recall election. Reagan is also a recent graduate of Occidental college. At Occidental he served as Editor-in-Chief and Community News editor at The Occidental, the school's independent student newspaper since 1893. He is the founding editor of the NELA Neighborhood Reporting Partnership, a co-publishing partnership with the Boulevard Sentinel to provide essential local news to the neighborhoods of Northeast Los Angeles while investing in and providing a career path for student journalists from communities underrepresented in the industry.

sade moore

Entertainment/Sports Journalist

Sade Moore is a multimedia journalist that writes and corresponds for Sheen Magazine bi-monthly national and international publication and on-camera talent and contributor for the NBA covering the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers. Her duties entailed writing editing, and interviews with high-profile athletes and celebrities she is known for her warm welcoming personality asking in-depth questions that keep viewers and readers engaged and wanting more! Sade values diversity and embraces sharing bringing people's stories to life from different perspectives.

Jerome Simpson

Athletic Trainer turned Sports Journalist

Thanks for checking out my work. I m a recent graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill. I spent my college years majoring in Exercise and Sport Science with the goal of becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer. Athletic training provided unique insight behind the curtain in the world athletes live. For the past four years, I’ve spent my time assessing and treating injured athletes. Unlike many people, I got to see a behind the scenes look into the day to day struggle to stay healthy and compete, the hours upon hours of practice, meeting room film sessions, and intense workouts in the weight room with the strength and conditioning staff. I’m thankful for the foundation I’ve gained; however, I do not want to spend the entirety of my career assessing and treating athletes, I want to tell their stories. The challenges listed above are what make athletics special and I want to chronicle those experiences. In the clips below I hope you can gain a sense of my writing style. I’ve included clips from my two previous desks with a mix of long and short-form pieces.

Brendan Kennedy

Communications Specialist, New York State Bar Association

The executive producer of the Miranda Warnings podcast, a conversation show featuring interviews with thought leaders, politicians, activists and authors. With over an 80 episode archive, Miranda Warnings has; - Broken news during the interview with Harvey Weinstein's defense counsel. - Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York recall his memories of the Jan. 6 insurrection. - Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch give some of the strongest rebukes of former FBI Director James Comey's actions in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. Our social media promotion has been the catalyst for NYSBA's growth in this space increasing engagements, followers and mentions.