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Six gives a 10 to any task given to him. A resourceful, all-around communication graduate with the love of creating and learning. Once he believes in something, whether a person, company or product. He makes sure that other people see that spark too— through media magic. A sure team player with a positive attitude and is game for anything.

Apple Event 2019: The Verdict!

September 11, 1 a.m. Philippine Time (Sept 10, 10 a.m. PT)- One of the most awaited tech-events for Apple fans and tech-geeks alike, "Apple Special Event". It's that time of the year wherein Apple announce their newest product and/or services, held in the Steve Jobs Theater at Cupertino, California.

First-ever Girls' Basketball Tournament As A Demo Sport This UAAP Season 82

All the lady hoopers in the house, raise your Kobes or Jordans, raise your ponytail, raise that arc, raise everything that can be raised because Sport in the Philippine scene is raising their game. The UAAP or University Athletic Association of the Philippines will be holding a Girls basketball tournament alongside the Boys' basketball tournament, which will be held this coming October.

FaceApp More Like Wait Up: #OldAgeChallenge, Privacy Issues

Yet again, another viral challenge has risen. The #OldAgeChallenge-- an app called, FaceApp, ravamps your "face" according to the preferred filter. As the hashtag suggests, it alters your face as if you're 50 years older. It flooded every social media users timeline with their take on the challenge, even celebrities and public figures are joining in the fun.

Filipinos Say Hey To Huawei

Huawei, for the past few years, has clawed their way up there with the big dogs. They're 4th in Mobile Vendor Market Share since May 2018. Just behind Samsung, Apple and Oppo, respectively. With all the shenanigans with Huawei and the US, the question is, what is it to the Filipino consumers?

3/21 | Live Your Life Thru These Numbers!

How about the number of times we let an opportunity pass us by? How many times have we promised ourselves to stop an old habit and start a new one? Like a new exercise routine or a promise to treat yourself better?

The Majesty of Pet Nutrition: Royal Canin

Royal Canin has been in the business for over 50 years, proving to be one of the most trusted and prestige dog and cat food out there-- as it is the most nutrition-focus pet food.

Amando Launches Its Way To You Through A Brand New Bag Line, The Pathfinder

A little space bird told Sagisag of a discovery just on the horizon, floating in the vastness of Social Media, a "bag" called Pathfinder made by a new, start-up local business, Amando. Photo by Sagisag Sagisag sought out for who was responsible for this unique looking bag and found an adventurous fresh-grad who started Amando, Adrian Paul Bilaoen.

An Open Closet to the People who are not as "Colorful" at Pride but are Brighter

This year's Pride March, hashtagged as "ResistTogether" was fitting as the LGBTQ+ Community is done being pushed back into the closet. People from all ages and backgrounds came together to celebrate, as said by an attendee, "our individuality". The event has garnered around 50,000 attendees, breaking the 25,000 guests last year.