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Lauren Eads

Freelance journalist

NCE/NCTJ trained journalist with experience working for both newspapers and magazines as a managing editor, reporter, web editor and features writer across online and print platforms. Skilled in writing content to tight deadlines, editing and proofreading copy with a shorthand speed of 100 words per minute. Significant experience in online publishing and social media with a solid grasp of media law and ethics. Communications graduate with a first class honours degree from the University of Surrey and also hold a WSET Level 4 Diploma in wines and spirits.

Rachel - Impressively Write

Freelance Writer & Editor

The areas I most enjoy writing for include technology, sustainability, travel, business, commerce, sports and education. I also have experience of creating advertising content, beauty articles and news writing. I have undertaken writing for many genres as I enjoy undertaking thorough research before starting a new piece. This means your readers can be confident in the work I provide. My undergraduate degree is in English, I have a PGCE in English and I have postgraduate qualifications in Inclusion. I keep up to date with regular CPD opportunities and I enjoy keeping up to date on all the current writing skills needed to create unique pieces in a competitive market.


Jeff Raines

Freelance Journalist, Farmer, Outdoorsman, and Entrepreneur

I am a freelance writer and carpenter currently based out of Roanoke, Va. I grew up in rural southwest Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains as an avid outdoorsman, rock climber, backpacker, and eventually traveler. I have great interest in environmental issues, organic farming, clean energy initiatives, and conservation efforts. I will never shy away from any opportunity to travel, meet new people and study new cultures. I learned Spanish over six months in 2018 studying conservation biology, setting up a hydroponic farming system, and monitoring fish populations in Costa Rica. In August 2019, I spent three weeks in Argentina through an internship with Guayakí studying yerba mate culture, fair trade practices, and biodynamic and organic farming methods. I have recently returned from a cultural immersion experience in Peru sponsored by Appalachian Gear Company. While in Peru, I spent time in rural communities observing their farming methods, visiting world heritage sites, and backpacking through the Andes. I am a creative and dedicated writer with bylines in local, national, and international publications such as the Washington Post, Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle and Chicago Tribune. My journalistic endeavors and mindset translate well into marketing, blog and social media posts. I enjoy nothing more than weaving a narrative with a purpose. I can work and write in less than ideal situations and approach stories from unconventional viewpoints, allowing me unique experiences as a reporter and writer. Outside of travel and writing, I am working on my business plan for a small farm and composting operation with an emphasis on sustainability and traditional farming methods, alongside community engagement and enrichment.


shauna power


DCU journalism student, Former deputy lifestyle editor of The College View.


Claire Kuwana

I am a sophomore at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism double majoring in journalism and economics. I currently write for InsideNU, a sports-focused publication at Northwestern, and have previously written for both NorthByNorthwestern’s magazine and online site. I serve as the lacrosse beat writer for InsideNU and traveled to cover the NCAA Final Four for women's lacrosse last year. I also have experience in multi-media storytelling and have produced multiple video and audio stories through Medill.

Luis Rivera


Licenciado de Comunicación Social, mención Corporativa de la Universidad Santa María. A lo largo de mi carrera, me he desempeñado en el aprendizaje sobre la publicidad, el mercadeo, el manejo de las redes, atención al cliente, creación de contenido para páginas web, folletos, dípticos, trípticos, planes comunicacionales para el bien común de una o varias empresas, y en la redacción de escritos para revistas, periódicos y portales informativos.


Reem Abdellatif

International Freelance Journalist & Editor

Have you ever heard someone say journalism isn't just a job, it's a way of life? Just like doctors have a responsibility to take care of their patients, journalists have a duty to deliver accurate and honest information to the public. This is why I became a storyteller. But, lately – in this ever-evolving world – I realized that the way we define ourselves must also change. That's why I started to "undefine" myself! That means I'm choosing to describe what I do in a way that better resonates with who I am. So, who am I? I am someone who believes that we shouldn't reduce ourselves to labels. That's why I am no longer a "journalist", I am someone who enjoys creating compelling content. I am no longer an "artist", I am someone who creates meaningful art. I am no longer a "messenger", I am someone who loves storytelling. I am no longer a "mentor" or a "coach", I am someone who enjoys uplifting others so that they may discover the potential that they had inside all along. This is what purposeful living looks like to me. After all, leading a meaningful life is why I became a journalist. Now, let's get back to what I know and love to do. I'm an experienced bilingual editor with a demonstrated history of working in digital and broadcast media in global settings. I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in topics that have made it to the history books – from covering the Arab Spring, gender-based violence in Egypt, to Saudi Aramco's groundbreaking IPO. I've worked as a foreign correspondent for The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal in Cairo, Egypt. My work has also been published with the Associated Press, PRI, GlobalPost, Women's Media Center, Daily News Egypt, Al Arabiya English, et al. I'm great at developing social media strategies, creating compelling content, coaching others, co-building startups, and last but not least: editing. My favorite beats: economic empowerment of women, environmental awareness, energy (in all its forms), business news (always follow the money), travel, and geopolitics. For questions, you can reach me at [email protected]

Danielle Dougall

Editor and Journalist

I am an accomplished storyteller, editor, team player, and content strategist with nearly five years of experience in the world of digital media and marketing. I thrive when I can use my skills to tell stories I am passionate about, build brands I identify with, and crush my data-driven goals by exceeding 1 million page views per month for my written content. Outside of my remote office, I am a master's degree student studying global politics at California State University Long Beach with night courses. You can find me with a nose in a book, hiking outdoors, or scanning the web for future travel deals. Contact: [email protected] EXPERIENCE Digital Media • Editing • Headline Writing • Copywriting • Copy Editing • SEO • Social Media Management • Digital Marketing • Fact Checking • Public Speaking • Problem Solving • Content Writing • Affiliate Marketing • Breaking News Reporting • Journalism SKILLS • SEO • Google Analytics • AP Style • CrowdTangle • WordPress • DSLR Photography • Adobe Lightroom • Google Suite • Facebook • Instagram • SEMRush • Asana • Planoly • Hootsuite • Research

Hadi Sutanto

Social Media Strategist | Content Specialist

Hi, thanks for reaching me here. I'm a digital nomad specialize in social media strategy, content marketing, and copywriting. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me on 👇 e. [email protected] wa. +62 87731525573


Syeftyawan Suhada

Content Writer

I write about things around me, it can be about a cat, the wind, or other people in despair.