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The areas I most enjoy writing for include technology, sustainability, travel, business, commerce, sports and education. I also have experience of creating advertising content, beauty articles and news writing. I have undertaken writing for many genres as I enjoy undertaking thorough research before starting a new piece. This means your readers can be confident in the work I provide.

My undergraduate degree is in English, I have a PGCE in English and I have postgraduate qualifications in Inclusion. I keep up to date with regular CPD opportunities and I enjoy keeping up to date on all the current writing skills needed to create unique pieces in a competitive market.

Financial Crisis Looms - How Will the Life Science Industry Cope with the Recent Downturn?

There is no doubt that the Life Science industry has been enjoying growth year on year for at least the last five years . This money has come from both public investments and private investors, both of whom have been keen to promote the continued surge in innovative technologies and products that are designed to support a better quality of life and economy.

Why Soft Skills Are an Important Consideration When Hiring

There is no doubt that choosing the best candidate for a job can be a real dilemma, especially when you have more than one person who would be great for the role. Traditionally, we look for academic qualifications, relatable experience, and other hard skills that give us the confidence to believe we have found the right person.

Upward Trajectory of Remote Hiring: How Senior Roles are Becoming Less Location Dependent

There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic will continue to reverberate for many years to come. However, one area that has positively progressed considering COVID-19 is the way we work and where we work. There are more remote workers than ever before, and many companies are looking to close or reduce their office spaces to support a better work-life balance.

Showing Candidates the Way You Want to Grow

The 'Great Resignation' is proving to be a big challenge for life science businesses all over the globe, and with more roles vacant than ever before, candidates really do have the pick of the bunch!

Keeping Newly Public Biotechs Running Successfully

The record number of Biotech companies that have gone public in recent times is not only impressive in terms of the amount of money these companies have made but also the vast number of firms that have managed to achieve public status.

Keeping Your Team Together Remotely

Teamwork is undeniably important when it comes to being successful in the life sciences sector. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were moving towards a more agile way of working. Technology was starting to be used to connect people around the world so that talented life science professionals could collaborate.

The Talent Conundrum - Everything You Wish You'd Known Before COVID-19

Prior to the pandemic, very few people would have been able to predict how the world would change. The life sciences sector is one that had to adapt quickly to a changing world as research into the COVID-19 virus, treatments, and vaccines were all needed quicker than people were used to working.

Money Isn't Everything - Knowing How to Get the Right Candidates

There's no denying that the current trends in life science recruitment mean that there are fewer candidates than ever before, making it hard for companies to recruit the best people. Rather than trying to attract the top talent with the biggest pay check, why not think outside of the box and wow them with stronger motivators.