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The areas I most enjoy writing for include technology, sustainability, travel, business, commerce, sports and education. I also have experience of creating advertising content, beauty articles and news writing. I have undertaken writing for many genres as I enjoy undertaking thorough research before starting a new piece. This means your readers can be confident in the work I provide.

My undergraduate degree is in English, I have a PGCE in English and I have postgraduate qualifications in Inclusion. I keep up to date with regular CPD opportunities and I enjoy keeping up to date on all the current writing skills needed to create unique pieces in a competitive market.

Financial Crisis Looms - How Will the Life Science Industry Cope with the Recent Downturn?

There is no doubt that the Life Science industry has been enjoying growth year on year for at least the last five years . This money has come from both public investments and private investors, both of whom have been keen to promote the continued surge in innovative technologies and products that are designed to support a better quality of life and economy.

Why Soft Skills Are an Important Consideration When Hiring

There is no doubt that choosing the best candidate for a job can be a real dilemma, especially when you have more than one person who would be great for the role. Traditionally, we look for academic qualifications, relatable experience, and other hard skills that give us the confidence to believe we have found the right person.

Upward Trajectory of Remote Hiring: How Senior Roles are Becoming Less Location Dependent

There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic will continue to reverberate for many years to come. However, one area that has positively progressed considering COVID-19 is the way we work and where we work. There are more remote workers than ever before, and many companies are looking to close or reduce their office spaces to support a better work-life balance.

Showing Candidates the Way You Want to Grow

The 'Great Resignation' is proving to be a big challenge for life science businesses all over the globe, and with more roles vacant than ever before, candidates really do have the pick of the bunch!

Keeping Newly Public Biotechs Running Successfully

The record number of Biotech companies that have gone public in recent times is not only impressive in terms of the amount of money these companies have made but also the vast number of firms that have managed to achieve public status.

Keeping Your Team Together Remotely

Teamwork is undeniably important when it comes to being successful in the life sciences sector. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were moving towards a more agile way of working. Technology was starting to be used to connect people around the world so that talented life science professionals could collaborate.

The Talent Conundrum - Everything You Wish You'd Known Before COVID-19

Prior to the pandemic, very few people would have been able to predict how the world would change. The life sciences sector is one that had to adapt quickly to a changing world as research into the COVID-19 virus, treatments, and vaccines were all needed quicker than people were used to working.

Money Isn't Everything - Knowing How to Get the Right Candidates

There's no denying that the current trends in life science recruitment mean that there are fewer candidates than ever before, making it hard for companies to recruit the best people. Rather than trying to attract the top talent with the biggest pay check, why not think outside of the box and wow them with stronger motivators.

A Rapid Decline - Has the Number of Life Science Start Ups Dropped in 2022?

One of the most talked-about topics in life science has been around the number of start ups that have come to market in the past decade, with numbers increasing on an annual basis. The same expectation was held at the start of 2022, with more start ups expected to be launched with all the excitement that accompanies it.

Health & Beauty

Dr Sian Aesthetics | Bespoke Anti Ageing Treatments in London
Top Tips for Looking Fresh Faced Every Day - Dr Sian Aesthetics

Is your skin looking dull and tired, but you don't know where to start? Don't be put off by the conflicting advice out there. Follow our tips to freshen up your skin and keep it that way every day!

Dr Sian Aesthetics | Bespoke Anti Ageing Treatments in London
4 Skincare Tips for Dry Skin - Dr Sian Aesthetics

Do you struggle with dry skin all year round or get dry patches when the weather turns cold? Dry skin doesn't have to be the bane of your life; it can be managed well if you are willing to put in the effort. Here are our top 4 tips to help you keep dry skin in check.

Science & Technology

Smart Tribe
There are many women in STEM that are ready to disrupt

There are many beautiful minds in the world who have helped to change the landscape in which we live and some of those have been exceptional women who have changed the world. With International Women's Day approaching it is a good time to talk about Women in STEM, the past, the present and the future.

Smart Tribe
The Gig Economy Lifestyle for Data Scientists | Smart Tribe

What is a Gig Economy Career? The Gig Economy is an integral part of the future of work movement and is focused on offering a better working life and work-life balance. It provides companies access to a wide range of experts without having to offer them a full-time job or traditional employment contract.

Smart Tribe
Earn money from research with science2innovation

We are proud to share our newly launched Researcher Rewards Programme with you. This programme allows you to earn money from sharing your background research. Simple as that! It is our mission to unleash science, bringing together researchers looking for data science jobs in industry and companies looking for new tech and those experts to implement it.

Smart Tribe
Find out what science2innovation can do for you today

Here at science2innovation, we are solving real-world problems with beautiful minds! We are passionate about helping to solve some of the most significant problems facing companies today. Our customers are looking for answers to everything from practical solutions, to ways to increase productivity, to the big questions that affect all of us like 'how to cure cancer'.

Smart Tribe
A fresh approach to recruitment for PhDs and companies.

Welcome to science2innovation; a place where people with the skills to change the world are introduced to the powerhouses of industry in a bid to find workable solutions to some of their most concerning issues.


London's Specialist Tuition Centre | Phi Tuition
The Benefits of STEM Education | London's Specialist Tuition Centre | Phi Tuition

STEM education is the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to create an interdisciplinary approach to learning. STEM learning is highly thought of in both education and business as it is seen as the ideal way to provide a relevant hands-on learning experience for students that prepares them for a career in this field.

London's Specialist Tuition Centre | Phi Tuition
The Role of the Teacher in the Near Distant Future | London's Specialist Tuition Centre | Phi...

Teaching is one of the oldest professions and yet has been slower in technological advancement in comparison to other roles in society. The time has come for it to catch up, but it begs the question, what will the role of teachers be in a more technologically advanced classroom?The time of traditional black and whiteboards, exercise books, lines and handwritten essays has passed and arriving in its place are computers, visualisers and online homework.


Essential Golf
Short But Exciting Career of Christel Boeljon

She may not be on the current LPGA TOUR, but Christel Boeljon is a golf pro that should remain in our minds. Where is she now? Essential Golf profiles the pro.

Essential Golf
Xander Schauffele is on His Way to the Top | Essential Golf

To hit number nine in the Official World Rankings is something special, but to do it in just four years is a thing worthy of praise. Xander Schauffele is a pro golfer with a mission to make it to the top, and at number 5 on the PGA TOUR Money List, he seems set to be set to progress even further.

Essential Golf
Who is Golf Pro Paula Creamer?

Once ranked Number Two in the world, Paula Creamer is a golf pro that has defined women's golf in America and across the globe. This seven-time Solheim veteran has had some amazing moments throughout her career, and it seems she may have some more left in her.

Essential Golf
Who is Solheim Winner Suzann Pettersen?

Suzann Pettersen, this year's Solheim cup winner, went out on a high when she sunk the winning putt at Gleneagles and then announced her retirement from golf shortly afterwards. Pettersen penned an open letter, one full of emotion, to her son that explained her spur of the moment decision to leave the sport.

Essential Golf
Georgia Hall, Golf Force to Be Reckoned With | Essential Golf

Currently standing at 41 in the world ranking, Georgia Hall is a force to be reckoned with. Turning pro just five years ago, she already has three professional wins under her belt and shows no sign of stopping yet. Let's go back to where it all began: Canford Magna Golf Club in Dorset.

Essential Golf
Who is Safeway Tour Winner Cameron Champ?

After his emotional win at the Safeway Tour in September, the golf world turned its eyes to Cameron Champ-a man with a name to reflect his recent performance. Just who is Champ? At the age of 24, he is high on the list of golfers to watch-before he turned pro in 2017, he was one of two amateur players that qualified for the U.S.

Essential Golf
Career of Cristie Kerr, 20-Time Winner on LPGA TOUR

There can be no doubt that Cristie Kerr's 20 LPGA TOUR wins prove her golf worth. But what else do we know about her? Cristie Kerr began playing golf when she was eight years old and enjoyed many amateur wins before she turned professional in 1996 and joined the LPGA TOUR in 1997.

Essential Golf
Players to Watch: Jessica Korda | Essential Golf

Going from 330th to a current ranking of 16th, Jessica Korda has been playing to win throughout her eight years on the LPGA TOUR. She is now facing competition from her little sister Nelly, making golf fans hypothesize that sibling rivalry is the current carrying forward her recent streak.

Essential Golf
The Life and Career of Player Melissa Reid

Six-time Ladies European Tour winner Melissa Reid is one of the best English players currently on the scene, ranked 109th in the Rolex Women's Rankings. She may not tower like some of the other current female players-Reid is 5'8″-but this hasn't stopped her from achieving success.

Essential Golf
All About Michelle Wie

LPGA player Michelle Wie has a reputation of one of the most exciting players of the time-and towering in at 6'11, she's one of the tallest as well. It's not a shock that she is known as the Big Wiesy, but what is shocking is the fact that she turned Pro at 15 with a ten-million-dollar sponsorship package from Nike and Sony.

Essential Golf
Mexican Player Abraham Ancer, Rising Golf Star

Ranked as number 41 in the world, Abraham Ancer has worked incredibly hard to sail up the rankings and be part of the PGA TOUR. He has had some great successes and, having only turned pro 6 years ago, continues to impress with his game, skill and famous swagger.


Rainbow & Co
Gareth Thomas' Media Outing

We've all heard of Gareth Thomas - the International Rugby player whose HIV status has recently been shared most grotesquely via the tabloid media. We have to say that we are feeling very angry about his treatment and it's left us determined to share some of the positives to come out of this story.

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