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I am a Digital Media Producer actively seeking an employment opportunity under the political and business reporting helm of broadcast and digital news. After graduating from Montclair State University with a degree in Journalism and a Political Science concentration in the turbulent Spring of 2020, I finished the virtual end to my undergraduate career with one goal in sight: to work in a fast-paced newsroom that aims to convey the facts right and produce thrilling reporting.

As a bilingual Cuban-American living right outside of New York City, I am seeking a career opportunity in a team setting that emulates the diversity and intense work ethic I have grown up to know and love.

I am currently a Clip Desk Video Producer at CNBC, where I work closely with show units, producers, and the Assignment Desk for multi-platform video distribution across domestic and international bureaus.

Please find my resume below.


Digital & Broadcast Video


TAPED PRODUCED: CNBC Business News Reporter Frank Holland reports on autonomous grocery delivery by Walmart.


CheckIn: West Virginia City Councilwoman Rosemary Ketchum on LGBTQIA rights

"I think local government is really gonna see a kind of renaissance in the way people perceive it." City Councilwoman Rosemary Ketchum, Wheeling, West Virginia (Courtesy of Rosemary Ketchum)    The following is a transcript of the CheckIn interview conducted by GovSight Social Media Director Victoria Garcia and Business Strategist Anna Repp with West Virginia City Councilwoman Rosemary Ketchum on her campaign victory, the importance of grassroot efforts and the recent changes to LGBTQIA+...

Digital Writing

U.S. weaponizes overseas war on drugs as domestic coronavirus battle blazes

The Trump administration bolstered its war on drugs with foreign policy targeting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Victoria GarciaJul 3, 2020 (Petty Officer 3rd Class Erick Parsons/U.S. Navy) The U.S.'s ramped-up war on drugs and efforts to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro - amid battling COVID-19 - has yet to reach all of its longstanding goals .

Biden: President-elect of the United States

Kamala Harris is the first Indian and African American woman to be vice-president-elect. Plus insight into congressional and gubernatorial races. Victoria GarciaNov 13, 2020 Biden. (jlhervàs/Flickr) Last updated at 2:30 p.m. E.T. Mostly relying on AP projections. Read analyses of Tuesday night by our political director . Not all races included.

Rampant coronavirus among inmates shows failures of U.S. prison system

The federal prison system is anything but safe from the pandemic as the coronavirus continues to infiltrate every sector of society. COVID-19 cases across prisons are skyrocketing. Overcrowded jails - where social distancing physically isn't an option - are petri dishes for contagious illnesses.

Zoom-preme Court? SCOTUS goes long-distance amid pandemic

The Supreme Court announced it will postpone the remaining two weeks of oral arguments that were set to start in April amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It's not the first time the court has delayed oral arguments: It did so during the 1918 Spanish Influenza outbreak, resuming later that year.

The U.S. brought home 18,000 Americans. More than 30,000 are still stranded abroad.

Foreign governments have closed borders, shut down airports and banned social gatherings of any capacity in a drastic effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, leaving the State Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a flurry to bring many Americans home. Both agencies have been operating repatriation flights overseas.

Coronavirus creeps into Congress, infecting 5 representatives so far

The first one fell on March 18. Now there are five confirmed cases in Congress, where social distancing sometimes means missed votes. Republican Representative Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida tested positive for the novel coronavirus just over a week ago. Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah followed suit.

U.S. troops begin to withdraw from Afghanistan

The United States started withdrawing troops from Afghanistan to cut forces in the country from about 13,000 to 8,600 personnel, a spokesperson for the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan announced last Monday. The withdrawal was imparted by the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement signed on February 29, which set a deadline of 135 days for the U.S.

Homeward bound on Super Tuesday

As Super Tuesday inches closer, Democratic candidates have focused their respective campaigns' time, energy and resources on achieving any viable victory in the 14 battleground states. However, voters from three states specifically - Vermont, Minnesota and Massachusetts - will see their own senators on the ballots.

Oregon Republicans walk out over climate change bill, again

Oregon Republicans walked out of the state's capital Monday morning in protest of a climate change bill that would cap Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions. This is the second time in eight months Republicans have walked out of the Salem statehouse to deny the Democratic majority the chance to pass the bill.

Our 9th Democratic presidential debate preview

Tension on the ninth Democratic presidential debate stage will be nothing short of high after the impactful wins (and losses) candidates faced in the New Hampshire primary last week. Only six candidates qualified for tonight's debate at the Paris Theater in Las Vegas: Senator Bernie Sanders, South Bend Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Top 10 U.S Foreign Relations Moments of the Decade

These past ten years saw the United States bounce back from a recession, two presidential elections with two very different victors, an array of technological innovation, and a revamping of political discourse that is undoubtedly on track to shape U.S. politics in the next decade.

The Montclarion
Two University Buildings Receive Recognition for Being Environmentally Friendly - The Montclarion

Two Montclair State University buildings received "green campus" recognitions from the US Green Building Council. The School of Communication and Media building earned a US Green Building Council LEED Silver certification, and the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences (CELS) building earned a 2019 Sustainable Schools honorable mention from the US Green Building Council in New Jersey.

The Montclarion
Class Registration Proves More Difficult Than Just the Click of a Button - The Montclarion

Registering for classes should be a simple and clear routine. However, for upperclassmen rushing to graduate on time, registration week can be more stressful than any midterm or final exam. Obstacles that could be faced during the registration process include last minute pin number requirements, classes filling up within minutes and a conveniently faulty WiFi connection.

Biden Leaves Door Open for a 2020 Run

Vice President Joe Biden hinted after a Senate session that he might run for president in 2020. Biden talked to reporters about how much he enjoyed working in the Senate chamber over his career. When jokingly asked by CNN if he was running for office again, the Vice President responded "Yeah I am.

Democratic House Leader Vote Postponed

By Victoria Garcia 11/21/16 House Democrats made a decision to delay leadership elections until after Thanksgiving. Supporters of the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said it was "time for some serious soul searching in the Democratic party' after a closed door meeting .

Trump's Reluctance on Paying Taxes - the Latest Theory

By Victoria Garcia 11/3/16 Presidential nominee Donald Trump used a tax tactic in the past that implemented warning signs from tax lawyers. Trump used a tax strategy in the 90s in which tax lawyers alarmed could "raise red flags" on avoiding payment of millions of dollars in income.

What We Know About Clinton's Leaked Emails

By Victoria Garcia 10/21/16 Wikileaks' release of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman's emails offer insight into the Democratic nominee's campaign operation. The emails "reveal a buttoned-up campaign that analyzes nearly every decision, mirroring Clinton's reputation as a methodical and tactical politician," according to CNN.

Clinton and the Millennial Voter

Even after night's presidential debate, undecided voters are still deciding which candidate, Clinton or Trump, to vote for in this year's presidential election. Many American voters claim this election to be the choice between the lesser of two evils, as both presidential candidates are widely disliked among undecided voters.