Lauren Eads

Freelance journalist & copywriter

United Kingdom

Lauren Eads is an NCE/NCTJ trained journalist who started her career in local news.

In 2014 she moved to international B2B publication, The Drinks Business, as news and web editor covering the wine, beer and spirits industry. She was later promoted to deputy editor, and then managing editor. During this time she completed her WSET Level 2, 3 and Diploma in wines and spirits, judged in a number of wine competitions, and was shortlisted as ’emerging wine writer of the year’ at the 2016 Louis Roederer Wine Writer Awards.

She now works as a freelance journalist and copywriter. 

Master of Malt Blog
The art of the cooper

Good quality casks are vital to every single bottle of whisky, making the role of the cooper, the person expertly in their care and creation, absolutely essential. Distillers tend to get the glory, but behind every great distiller is a master cooper. Coopering is an ancient craft.

Master of Malt Blog
Everything you ever wanted to know about mezcal

Think mezcal is a poor man's Tequila? Think again. Yes, they are both made from agave in Mexico. But that's where the similarities end. At its heart, mezcal is simply 'cooked agave', milled, fermented and distilled, but the complexities of its production run far deeper.

The Drinks Business
Rediscovering Argentina's old vines

Argentina is home to many viticultural riches but its wealth of old vineyards, many of which date over 100 years, is perhaps its most treasured. Around a third of all Argentine vineyards are at least 40 years old, with many over 100 years, according to the Observatorio Vitivinícola Argentino.

Master of Malt
Cocktail of the Week: The Pisco Sour

This week's drink has a glamorous history. Born in Peru in the 1920s (or maybe Chile, there is some debate), it was drunk by film stars, writers and presidents alike. Our new contributor Lauren Eads takes a closer look at the Pisco Sour!

Master of Malt Blog
Shannon Tebay: an American at the American Bar

Last month the American Bar at the Savoy in London welcomed its first ever real actual American head bartender, Shannon Tebay, formerly of Death & Co. in New York. We took some time with her to find out how she's enjoying one of the most high profile jobs in the business.

The Drinks Business
New rules governing Japanese whisky production 'long overdue'

Rules to regulate the production of Japanese whisky come into force on 1 April, with producers no longer able to label malts blended with world whiskies as 'Japanese' and marking the "dawning of a new era" in the evolution of Japanese whisky.

The Drinks Business
How small producers are re-shaping Argentine wine

Big producers have been key in shaping Argentina's wine industry and growing exports worldwide. Now, the country's smaller producers too are working to be seen, creating wines of individuality and character. Now, the country's smaller producers are working to be seen, creating wines of individuality and character.