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Stephen Johns




Peter Lusabia

Freelance photographer


Erica Smith


I'm a journalist, a researcher and a comma splice slayer. I eat M&Ms in Roy G. Biv order.


anne gould

Workingwordz Media - digital content editorial services

I am a multi-media journalist ,editor and storyteller with extensive publishing experience. Currently freelance and based in Suffolk, I specialise in lifestyle and travel, editing executive glossy, Essential Suffolk as part of my portfolio. I also advise and teach media strategy and social media to national and regional businesses and help UK charities with PR. My latest passion is video - using my journalist skills as a storyteller and new technology to create features with a different sort of depth and resonance.

United Kingdom

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Janis Love

Freelance Writer


Ricardo Morris

Freelance journalist and media consultant based in Suva, Fiji

Heather E. Ronaldson

Business Desk Intern, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Soon-to-graduate journalism and English student at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis. Social media activist. Storytelling enthusiast. From Wheaton, Ill.


Leah Kaminsky-Levy

Author, Copywriter, Editor & Creative Producer

Leah Kaminsky-Levy is a content strategist, author, writer and editor from Austin, TX. She helps organizations set content strategy that drives traffic and revenue, and covers education, marketing, tech and the lifestyle sector for numerous publications and corporations. She is currently shopping her first book, a middle grade fantasy/humor novel titled The School for the Intolerably Strange, and is the founder and head writing consultant at Just Start Storytelling, a writing consultancy servicing businesses and students applying to college and graduate school. In her spare time, she draws comics, despite lacking any artistic ability.


Paul David Drabble Photographer

Freelance News & Public Relations Photographer

Paul David Drabble Editorial & PR (public relations) Photography is located in the UK City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I launched my freelance business over Fifteen years ago, after learning my trade as a staff photographer producing news images on a number of local newspapers. In the time I have been freelancing my photography assignments have taken me to Iraq, Belgium, Gibraltar and Cyprus with the British Army, providing photographs for UK based clients. I have photographed Celebrities and Royals who are or were famous, very famous or not so famous at photo-calls, events, visits, shows and concerts across the country. I have supplied pictures for advertising to the U.S. from work undertaken here in the UK. I currently provide images to a number of UK based agencies and Picture Libraries and through these outlets my photography has been reproduced in local and national publications around the world.