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Editor, producer and journalist with over 20 years of extensive experience covering major global events from international summits to conflict zones.

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Money Laundering Bulletin
Mediterranean to Caribbean - passports to paradise?

Buy a passport and arguably you’re well on the way to washing out any previous reputational stains. The European Commission is pushing to end the practice, with action against Cyprus and Malta that could end up in court, but Caribbean jurisdictions remain keen on the revenue stream. Michael Kosmides, Brenda Dionisi, Gemma Handy and Keith Nuthall report.

Money Laundering Bulletin
Held to account - regulation of cryptocurrency [Video]

Virtual currencies pose a serious money laundering risk as long as they can be exchanged anonymously. Carol Van Cleef, CEO of cryptocurrency and blockchain consultancy, the Luminous Group, and a practising lawyer, spoke to Michael Kosmides about developments in the sector and how well regulation is keeping up.

The art of disguise

The global art trade's exposure to abuse by money launderers is to come under scrutiny as European Union (EU) countries start adopting the Fifth EU Money Laundering Directive (EU 2018/843 - 5MLD), which brings dealing in cultural artefacts under AML regulation.

Biohacks & implanted tech - new threats within

Are biohacking and implanted technologies the new frontier in cyber fraud? That was the question addressed at an event organised by the Fraud Advisory Panel, an independent cross-border organisation that fights fraud, on 18 October, at Chartered Accountants’ Hall in London’s Moorgate. The event put some of the opportunities and risks linked with these developing technologies under the spotlight and provided a glimpse of what the future might hold.

Tracking the sunscreen crackdown

Regulations based on the environmental impact of certain sunscreen chemicals are starting to emerge in beach hot spots.

Money Laundering Bulletin
Beyond Brexit [Video]

The United Kingdom's scheduled departure from the European Union on 29 March 2019 is fast approaching. Committed to implement EU law during a transition period, which would include the Fifth ML Directive, how is the erstwhile member state likely to shape AML/CFT as it strikes out on a new path? John Binns of BCL Solicitors LLP in London considers possible future scenarios with Michael Kosmides.

Tobacco Journal International
Greek industry rallies against setbacks

25 Apr 2018. The economic crisis, anti-smoking legislation, increased product taxation and new tax regimes for producers are taking their toll on the Greek manufactured tobacco and leaf sectors. The industry is rallying against this series of setbacks, reports Michael Kosmides from Athens.

INTERACTION delivers action points for faster turnarounds | Jane's Airport 360

Turning aircraft around quickly on the ground is a key priority for airlines, as time spent on the ground carries a financial cost. Yet the complicated turnaround process demands close attention to detail and holistic management processes. Improving turnarounds was the focus of a European Union

Chipita coy over 'new Slovakia plant' claims

Greece-based savoury snacks specialist company Chipita has refused to confirm or deny reports it plans to build a new plant for its products in Slovakia. The company told just-food "it is interested in many markets [including Slovakia] and is constantly looking for opportunities" but added: "However, it is not in a position to make any specific announcement at this moment."


The Greek cosmetics market is still smaller than before the start of the country’s economic crisis, but international interest in Greek beauty has thrown a lifeline to local brands. Michael Kosmides writes

Money Laundering Bulletin
Fintech - held on the launchpad [Video]

Fintech is in a bind - promising new ways to move money and allocate capital, injecting fresh thinking and impetus into a market-place long dominated by large institutions, the innovators struggle to open and keep bank accounts. Is it ML/CF and fraud risk or regulation not fit for purpose or misread that is frustrating an industry revolution?

How Greece's accountants are coping with change

This article was first published in the November/December 2015 China edition of Accounting and Business magazine. The latest twist in the ongoing political and economic crisis in Greece has seen the country impose capital controls before eventually agreeing to a new set of reforms and austerity measures in return for a new controversial multibillion euro loan.

Green subsidies cleared

The European Court of Justice has ruled that individual member states' green energy subsidies are legal - even if they skew cross-border electricity sales. Michael Kosmides reports. Green energy support schemes across the European Union have survived a tough and potentially damaging legal challenge at the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which has ruled such subsidies legal, even if they skew cross-border electricity sales.

Better late than out - Turkey tackles terrorist finance

Financial Action Task Force patience was running on empty when Ankara finally passed terrorist financing legislation. One crisis averted, perhaps, but Paul Cochrane, in Beirut, and Michael Kosmides, in Athens, find that other deficiencies persist.

Greek business leader upset at Sprider collapse

The leader of Greece's business community has told just-style that the collapse of the Sprider Stores chain highlights why the Greek government needs "to restart growth". Georgios Karanikas, general secretary of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (NCHC), told just-style that the "bankruptcy and eventual closure of Sprider is another sign of the dire circumstances [of] the commercial enterprises of the country..."

Accounting & Business International
GrExit Grief

What would be the effects of a Greek exit from the eurozone for accountants and Greece’s trading partners?

Accounting & Business
May 2013
Root Causes

News analysis on the Cyprus crisis

Fraud Intelligence
Corruption still rules, says acquitted Greek editor

The acquittal of Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis over privacy/data protection charges after publishing a list of 2,059 Greeks suspected of tax evasion with Swiss bank accounts brought into the forefront numerous questions about corruption and transparency in Greece.

Accounting & Business International
In The Eye Of The Storm

With the European Commission calling for a rewrite of Greece's Code of Books and Records, accountants and auditors are set to stay at the centre of the country's debt crisis

Estates Gazette Special Edition
Athens Olympic Legacy

Looking at what went wrong with the legacy from the 2004 games in Athens

Greek journalist: Government needs to 'renegotiate' bailout terms

Greek journalist Michael Kosmides said the Greek people would not put up with another five or ten years of austerity cuts after pro-bailout party New Democracy won the election. Mr Kosmides told Mark Austin the government needed to renegotiate the bailout terms.

Μιχ. Κοσμίδης: Η ελληνική κρίση από... βρετανική σκοπιά

Της Κατερίνας Τζαβάρα Οι Αμερικανοί χρηματιστές Ντάρεν Γουίλιαμς και Ντένις Σεν προέβλεπαν από τον Οκτώβριο ότι θα γίνουν πρόωρες εκλογές στην Ελλάδα και μιλούσαν για υψηλό βαθμό ανησυχίας στις αγορές. (Interview to Greek news website)

Industrial Minerals
Rare Earth Elements Potential in Greece and Nordic Countries

Experts participating in the European Geosciences Union’s annual meeting in Vienna last week have urged policy makers to address the problem of EU rare earth shortages by exploiting rare earths reserves in Nordic countries and Greece to improve Europe’s domestic supplies.

Global Meat News
Efforts to contain impact of US mad cow disease

The United States government has told GlobalMeatNews that there should be no reason why countries should ban its beef imports following the discovery of its first BSE case in six years, in California.

Caribbean rum producers get EU subsidy

The Caribbean rum industry will receive a multi-million Euro boost after the European Commission signed three financial agreements with the Caribbean Forum of African, Caribbean and Pacific States, identifying the sector as a priority for assistance.

ECJ ruling leaves intermediary scrap metal dealers unprotected

Intermediary dealers of scrap metal have been dealt a blow by a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on March 29, which declared intermediaries arranging scrap shipments have to disclose the names of waste sources to buyers even if suppliers want to remain anonymous.

Heavy fine for PepsiCo's snack arm in Greece

The Hellenic Competition Commission fined PepsiCo-owned Tasty Foods, a company producing and distributing snacks in Greece under the Lay's brand, for operating "without giving a thought to competition".

Athens fights EU on farmer payments

Greece has appealed at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) against a European Commission order that it return almost EUR425m of EU subsidies.