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Lacey McLaughlin

A copywriter who creates community

Location icon United States

I help female-focused brands and businesses connect with their audiences by creating engaging content.

Sushi Sake - Miami Sushi Restaurant
Website for Miami Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Sake is Miami's favorite Sushi bar where passion meets flavor. Visit one of our 14 locations through out South Florida.

Yogi Yuli
My Story - Yogi Yuli

I was terrified of going to a yoga studio and practicing in front of anyone. My inner critic told me I didn't have the right body type for yoga and I would be singled out or ridiculed. But eventually I found an instructor who helped me overcome my deep insecurities about moving my body.

Dr. Delicia MD

After learning about a medical student's suicide in her own academic community in 2017, Dr. Delicia Haynes decided to break her silence and speak out about overcoming depression as a medical student.

Client Work
Press Kit for Miami Singer/Songwriter Keba

A Trinidad-born artist with rhythm in her blood, Keba’s soul-flavored songs are an exploration of becoming a self-made American woman. Her playful yet powerful lyrics are an anthem of empowerment and inner strength. Reminiscent of classic artists like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan, Keba’s voice has captivated audiences around the world. Her songs are a sensual fusion of Pop, R&B and Soul, accented with exotic rhythms and cinematic climaxes. Her lyrics combine raw...

Lilian Santini Online Marketing
Lilian Santini Online Marketing

Communication goes beyond words. A dynamic visual brand, clear message and strong online presence equals a bigger impact. I'm Lilian and I help language professionals and companies strengthen their marketing so they can open doors and unite cultures around the world.

Client Work
Press Kit for the Networking Maverick

Growing up, Lauren lived in nearly 20 different cities across the country as her father’s career in hotel management required her family to move frequently. These experiences helped Lauren become adaptable and outgoing in new and unfamiliar settings, which she attributes to her success as a networker. It was during this time that Lauren also attended her first networking events and even participated in business events for some of the largest global brands from around the world. One of...

Client Work
Nurses Travel Network Sponsor Deck

I wrote all the content for an event brand for women seeking corporate partnerships. This required: writing a bio about the founder, researching target demographics, defining sponsorship tiers and the marketing value proposition.

Client Work
Bio - Lauren Faith Dawson

I wrote this bio for Lauren Faith Dawson is a Miami-based Fine Artist who explores themes of femininity, womanhood, and motherhood.

VIE Magazine
A Cajun Roadtrip

Visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras each year makes me feel like I have left the country and entered a world where anything goes. But the throngs of beadthrowers, crowds and nonstop fun can require a bit of a recovery period afterwards.
Your guide to New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach has long been a popular spot for locals but recently this quaint and eclectic beach town has caught on with an influx of visitors who have put it on the map as a weekend hot spot.

Washington Post
Matthew washes away sand dunes, dreams along strip of Florida coast

Hurricane Matthew reduced Florida's scenic Atlantic Coast Highway - the economic lifeline of the state's small beach towns - to an impassable pile of concrete and asphalt rubble after the powerful storm surge washed away sand dunes and earth supporting the roadway.
Marineland offers chance to get up-close to magnificent dolphins

Lilly the dolphin struck a pose, lifting her tail and flippers, and appearing almost as excited as the group of visitors who arrived for their play date with her at Marineland. A 60-minute dolphin immersion program, called the Marine Dolphin Adventure, allows visitors to learn about the mammals and interact with them while swimming in a 1.3 million gallon saltwater tank.
Your Guide to Craft Cocktails

Craft cocktails aren't just drinks, they are an experience, says mixologist Richard Kitt, owner of the craft cocktail bar The Joint in Daytona Beach. And locals now have more options for sipping classic libations as area restaurants and bars offer handcrafted cocktails with ingredients made from scratch.

Kids Having Kids

Ollie Jackson's baby, Lauryn, sleepily rubs her eyes as she sits on her 19-year-old father's lap during a football game at Newell Field in Jackson. As Callaway and Lanier High School football teams battle each other, several bubbly teenage girls gather around and lavish his daughter with attention.

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