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Patrick Hobbs

Design Editor, principle photographer

I am responsible for the overall visual design of the print edition of The Cluster, Mercer University's student newspaper. I design graphics, visual aids and advertisements for the paper. I am an award-winning principal photographer for The Cluster. This Portfolio serves primarily to show my capabilities as a writer.

Nathan Joshua Velayudhan

Journalist | Content Strategy | SEO | Creative

SEO Analyst @ iProspect; freelance journalist @ Gizmag; former Content Editor @ Auto Express magazine. Postgraduate: Magazine Journalism at Cardiff School of Journalism

United Kingdom

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Rachel Davidson

Student at Santa Clara University

Aspiring journalist, blogger, social media wiz and college senior. I've been told that I'm too curious for my own good; I love asking questions and finding answers. My free time is spent running, swimming, and training for mountain climbs around the West Coast. I'm fiercely loyal to my friends and pride myself on my independence and ability to work under pressure, in unideal situations, and - if I must - through the night.

Sarah Jayne Gaviola Kipling

Creative writer and literary editor

An NCTJ-accredited multimedia journalist, Sarah Jayne Kipling has written for The Evening Chronicle, The Journal, The Sunday Sun, The Northern Echo and The Teesdale Mercury. She has worked as a sub-editor for The North West Evening Mail and currently edits and proofreads literary manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction) and academic journal submissions in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Stephanie Caramelli

Copywriter, Content Marketing, Social Media Strategist

Emmy Award-winning journalist with 20+ years of experience writing news at major market television stations. Deadline-driven online marketing copywriter, social media strategist and content creator who specializes in capturing the unique tone and voice of the client to develop their brand messaging. Email: [email protected]

Polly Grice

Student Journalist

Researcher at Absolute Publishing who enjoys writing on a range of topics. See below for online clippings, please contact me to see examples of work in print.

United Kingdom

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Nick Patterson's work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines including BirminghamWatch, Weld:Birmingham's Newspaper*, The Birmingham Times, Southern Living, Coastal Living, This Old House, History Magazine, Southern Automotive Alliance*, Lakeside Living magazine, the Birmingham Post-Herald, and in books including his own Birmingham Foot Soldiers: Voices from the Civil Rights Movement. With a background in writing, editing, digital content creation, public relations, teaching and consulting, he works (in 2021) as managing editor at Starnes Media, a newspaper and marketing company in Birmingham, Alabama. Also see *Due to circumstances beyond my control, Weld clippings are no longer available, and Southern Automotive clippings may be relocated on the SAAM website.

Balolas Carvalho

Journalist; Writer; Content Creator; Producer

Portuguese journalist, writer and producer focused on Human Rights, Environment and International Affairs. Highly interested in exploring consciousness, travelling into the depths of the human heart, I'm a lover of nature and all its creatures. A human being in progress that assumes privilege as a responsibility. With a bag full of curiosity and enthusiasm about the world, my biggest passions are connecting people and holding space for magic to happen. I intend to contribute to a world sustained in empathy, compassion and freedom. I believe in the power of community and dream about a revolutionary way of being, more politically aware, sustainable and connected. A believer in the transformative power of storytelling, I perceive words as ancient keys to liberation. Highly adaptative, used to explore reality and its rawness, always ready to hit the road. For three years, I've been producing an independent documentary in Palestine, "Bukra", focused on the different forms of peaceful resistance to the Israeli occupation in the Jenin refugee camp. Throughout 2021 I lived in Berlin and worked as a correspondent journalist for the European awarded Luxembourg-based newspaper Contacto, collaborated with the investigative journalism project Setenta e Quatro and dived into the beauty of creation through independent filmmaking, event production and creative writing. The Journey: Studied Journalism and Communication Sciences. After four years of experience as a freelance reporter for different publications and online media, among them, P3, from Público, moved to Boa Vista, Cape Verde, in Africa. There directed and restructured a Community Radio for seven months and worked as a stringer journalist for "Bloomberg". Back in Portugal, began my master studies in International Affairs, while working for two startups in Los Angeles as a communications manager. In February 2017 joined the team of Jornal i as a reporter focused on Human Rights, Environment, and Alternative Lifestyles. Reported from 12 countries, created the weekly segment "Generation I", dedicated to the study of the Millennial generation in Portugal and travelled through the Balkans for 31 days by bus and train. In the realms of event production, I contributed with projects such as Waking Life Festival, NLP Academy, Enara Fest, Primal Gathering, Cultivation Berlin, among others. I've produced my own gathering "Balolas Fest" and a fundraiser event in Lisbon "Yala", that attracted 630 people for a day of music, art and talks about Palestine. I've started my journalism path some years ago, so please scroll down to dive into my work :)

Loren Kessell

Creative Content Associate

I am currently a social media and creative content associate for a trade association.

Lindsey Gainer

Writer / Editor

I first fell in love with writing and editing in college, where I served as the editor-in-chief of my school’s newspaper before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Journalism. Since then I have had the privilege of working in a variety of environments and with all different types of clients, from nonprofits and agencies to startups, universities, and corporations. No matter the project, I appreciate that this type of work affords me a glimpse into different worlds that I may have never been exposed to otherwise - learning and researching energizes me! I love taking what I’ve learned and turning it into useful information for a reader that will have a positive impact on their life. Interested in working together? Contact me anytime at [email protected]