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Stephanie Jones-Berry

Writing and editing.

Assistant Editor, Nursing Standard. Freelance contributor reporting for publications including The Washington Times, USA Today, The Guardian and many others.

Matthew Colfer


I am a content creator, editor, customer service professional and journalism graduate who is open to new challenges that will utilise and develop my skill set.




[email protected]

United Kingdom

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Kelly Ward

Writer & Digital Communicator

Experienced communicator and analyst with 4+ years of professional writing experience in finance, sports and politics. Currently freelancing as a graphic designer & social media content producer. For examples of finance related work, please inquire via email at [email protected]


Bruno Brito


Assessor de imprensa e analista de comunicação com experiência em Comunicação Corporativa e Gerenciamento de Relacionamento com a Imprensa. Veja alguns meus trabalhos abaixo no portfólio. Press officer and communication analyst with experience in corporate communication and press relationship management. See some of my work in my portfolio.

Mark Jansen

Writer specialising in technology, gaming, and geekery.

I'm here because I enjoy writing, and because I'm reasonably good at it. Yeah, I can write. Will I write for you? Absolutely. Let's make dreams happen. - Experienced technology and gaming writer. - Skilled in writing and editing. - Experienced with image, video, and audio editing.

United Kingdom

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Laura Piper


Journalist based in Scotland, currently employed by STV.

United Kingdom

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Kae M. Petrin

Freelance Reporter

I am a data reporter and front-end developer who writes breaking news and investigative features. I also acquire public records, analyze datasets, and build interactive data visualizations.

Margo Schafer Pelak

Versatile PR / Communications Consultant

MY BACKGROUND I began my career as a TV and print journalist and have media contacts throughout the world. As a freelancer, I've covered more than 300 news and feature articles for Chicago's largest print outlets as well as nationwide periodicals. My early career morphed, out of financial necessity, into a career in PR and communications leadership at Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations. AWARD WINNING WORK I've won PR and marketing awards for my work at the largest non-profit healthcare system in Illinois as well as for Fortune 500 corporations. At Presence Healthcare, where I spent nearly 10 years, I earned my MBA while working as Director of Public Relations and Marketing. RUNNING WITH THE BIG DOGS I've worked in a C-suite, as a trusted member of a Senior Leadership team, and I believe my business contacts and experience will serve me well in any future role. I am the kind of person who can (and does) talk with anyone, about anything. THIS SITE This site contains a small sample of my work - though my greatest asset is my brain! I would love to meet or talk by phone so I can tell you more about my goals, your goals for your organization, and how we might find a way to accomplish something together. MY MISSION IN LIFE I've figured out my mission, though parts of it I knew early on, and parts I've recently discovered: I'm meant to use my writing and natural leadership abilities to educate and inform the public about news and events. It's what I love most, coupled with what I do best. Some of my other characteristics: I can take instruction. I can give it (kindly). I meet deadlines. I like grammar. I know AP format. I am punctual, thorough and organized. I do check facts. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU I can take your organization to new levels! I've done it before and can do it again. Let's work together to achieve amazing results and get impactful messages to your audience. Concerned about crisis? I'm all in! Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, but I can help you navigate through it and I can get you and your organization on the right path again. With more than 10 years of crisis communications experience, I can discreetly help you manage financial/legal issues, product recalls, disasters, corporate and personal reputation issues and sentinel events. Even better yet, I can help you preventatively plan to never have them. One day, I hope to win awards for you. Let's talk.


Bilal Ahmed Syed

Broadcast Journalist, Investigative Journalist

A journalist by profession with experience in theatre. A Monash University graduate. Someone who will go all the way for a story but will always work within the boundary of journalistic ethics and codes of practice. I believe the best stories are those that you know nothing about, purely for the reason that you are able to fully engage, understand, and write with complete curiosity and an unbiased mind.