Shelby Wax

Editor and Writer

United States

I am an experienced writer and editor who has worked across mediums to produce informative, beautiful, and engaging content. Throughout my career, I have written about diverse topics including interior design, weddings, fashion and beauty, travel, and entertainment. In my past editorial positions, I managed teams of writers, organized tentpole projects, tailored content to SEO goals, and orchestrated original photo shoots with celebrities for large features. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I am a strong advocate for awareness and equality in my work.

My past positions include:
Senior Editor at Brides
Editor at Lonny Magazine
Senior Associate Editor at Lonny Magazine
Associate Editor at Lonny Magazine
Freelance Digital Producer and Writer at Martha Stewart Weddings
Digital Editorial Intern at Martha Stewart Weddings
Editorial Intern at The Hollywood Reporter
Editorial Intern at Los Angeles Magazine
Life & Style Staff Writer at The Student Life



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5 Queer People on How They Learned the "Nail Code"

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Shelby Wax is a former Senior Editor of Brides. She covered Real Weddings and trending stories for the publication.

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Business of Home

Lonny Magazine

Why Are We So Attracted To Minimalist Branding

Scroll through an Instagram feed, and you'll most likely notice something starkly similar. There's a select choice of hues and typefaces that seem repeated all around. It feels clean and sleek, with an occasional dose of pastel. Minimalism has taken over branding and it looks like it might be her...

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter
Rose Byrne, Nick Kroll Celebrate at 'Adult Beginners' Premiere

After eight months on the festival circuit, the cast and crew of Adult Beginners will finally see their film hit theaters and iTunes on April 24. This Wednesday, stars Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne, along with the production team, hit the red carpet at the Arclight Hollywood for a night of celebration with friends.

The Hollywood Reporter
A Renaissance for Benoit Jacquot

"I was very, very young when I started to want to be a filmmaker," says French director Benoit Jacquot. "I must have been 11 or 12 years old." At 68, Jacquot has finally hit his career peak. The writer-director of 2012's critically acclaimed Farewell, My Queen premiered Diary of a Chambermaid on February 7 at the Berlin Film Festival.

The Hollywood Reporter
30 Industry Players to Follow on Instagram

If you're only following actors on Instagram, then you're doing it wrong. Writers, directors and producers also have some of the hottest accounts on the platform thanks in large part to the behind-the-scenes pics and peeks you get when you click "follow."

The Hollywood Reporter
How L.A. Concierges (Part of a Real-Life Network a la 'Grand Budapest Hotel') Cater to VIPs

This story first appeared in the Feb. 27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. The Grand Budapest Hotel's society of crossed keys - a secret fraternal order of concierges who come to the rescue of the hotel's fictional Monsieur Gustave ( Ralph Fiennes) - not only is based on an actual society of concierges, but there also are 55 members of the group in L.A.

Los Angeles Magazine

Los Angeles Magazine
L.A. Archetype: Psychic - Los Angeles Magazine

Photograph by Christina Gandolfo L.A. Life and Style Clairvoyant Naha Armády is a crystal baller ➻ "I get a lot of clients who are not mystical or spiritual-left-brained lawyers and accountants. And because it's L.A., I have tons of industry people. Creative types are naturally into what I do."

Los Angeles Magazine
L.A. Archetype: Waxer - Los Angeles Magazine

L.A. Life and Style For Alexis Benveniste, getting into sticky situations is all in a day's work "Clients have to get into compromising positions for Brazilian waxes. Yoga poses are good-I do baddha konasana, which is soles of the feet together, with knees out.

Los Angeles Magazine
#DrivingSelfies: Instagram's Most Dangerous Hashtag - Los Angeles Magazine

drivingselfie Why duck faces don't belong behind the wheel Imagine driving down PCH just as the sun is just beginning to set. As you look out at the beautiful scenery, that primal millennial urge takes hold and you whip out your cell phone. A simple Snapchat won't hurt anybody right?

The Student Life

The Student Life
PCMA Assistant Director Steve Comba Showcases Arboretum With Claremont Museum of Art

Steve Comba has been a familiar face at the Claremont consortium since 1986, not only as a graduate student and Pomona College Museum of Art (PCMA) assistant director and registrar, but also as an artist. From April 26 to July 13, Comba will be showing his art piece Arboretum with the Claremont Museum of Art, an organization that he helped establish nearly a decade ago.

The Student Life
Tennis Legend Billie Jean King Speaks on Sexism at CMC Athenaeum

At the conclusion of Billie Jean King's talk at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, speakers blasted "Philadelphia Freedom," a song Elton John wrote for her, as she lobbed autographed tennis balls out to the audience. The entire crowd-which filled the Athenaeum to its maximum capacity-was on their feet cheering as King left the stage.

The Student Life
Pomona Theater Department Presents Molière's Tartuffe, or The Impostor

Actors boil with rage, collapse into tears, put on airs of seduction, and jump about the stage while wearing ridiculously extravagant wigs and 17th-century garb in the Pomona College theater department's production of Molière's Tartuffe, or The Impostor, which opened yesterday and will show through March 9.

The Student Life
5C Students Step Up Disability Awareness Efforts

"Disability forces us into the places we don't want to go," said Mia Mingus, an organizer and educator who spoke about disability justice and transformative justice at Pitzer College on Feb. 7. Mingus' observation was directed not only to those with disabilities, but also to everyone who comes in contact with disabilities.

The Student Life
Screenwriter Douglas Day Stewart Gives Provocative Athenaeum Speech

Douglas Day Stewart CM '62 could have a movie made about his dynamic and tumultuous life story. But there would be no need: The famous screenwriter has already written four movies that draw on his personal experiences, along with several other scripts' worth of unpublished material.

The Student Life
Mixed Media #sweetjane Opens at PCMA and Pitzer, Explores the Wake of Steubenville

The newest installment of the Project Series at the Pomona College Museum of Art (PCMA), contemporary artist Andrea Bowers' #sweetjane, breaks both artistic and spatial boundaries. Bowers investigates and comments on the Steubenville rape case in an exhibit that spans two campuses, with half the collection located at Pitzer College's Nichols Gallery and the other on display at PCMA.

Pomona Musical Krunk Fu Battle Battle Dances Around Questionable Script

Krunk Fu Battle Battle is so ridiculous that strobe lights go off and actors begin seizing whenever the title is uttered. The Pomona College Theatre Department musical, directed by Pomona professor Joyce Lu, is a smorgasbord of cheese, pop, breakdancing, and racial stereotypes.

The Student Life
Theater Department Performance Stands and Delivers

This weekend, the Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance brought the uplifting true story Stand and Deliver to the stage. Pomona theater professor Alma Martinez directed a cast of 20 in the ensemble piece about an inspiring teacher who led struggling students at the East Los Angeles Garfield High School to pass the AP Calculus exam.

The Student Life
American Activist Art Exhibition is Approachable and Provocative

Art and Activism in the U.S., a showcase of art that has influenced change in America, opened in the Pomona College Museum of Art ramp gallery Jan. 22. Frances Pohl, the Dr. Mary Ann Vanderzyl Reynolds '56 Professor in the Humanities and Art History, was the sole curator of the exhibit, which is comprised of pieces from the museum's permanent collection that were made within the last 90 years.